Tron with sentiment reversal on 29th December is up around 270% since then

We track millions of social media posts and use machine learning to determine sentiment for 200+ of cryptocurrencies in real-time. Below is real-time sentiment of tweets mentioning Tron over the last period.  We often look for any extremes in hourly sentiment because often sentiment is ahead of price. As you can see the hourly sentiment of Tron made a major sentiment reversal on 29th December. As we have already posted in other such cases in the past this means a major bullish signal and indeed Tron has rallied since for a gain of more than 270%. 

Note also (see picture below) that at around same time there was also a spike in tweets mentions of Tron which is another confirming indicator.

Tweets mentions is also like sentiment often ahead of the price and you can start using sentiment and tweets mentions data like this to improve your cryptocurrency trading by using our platform

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