Since closing the sentiment gap, Bitcoin outperformed Ethereum by around 15 percentage points

As we have wrote in our past blog posts we use our comparison analytics for relative selections of coins. We are using it especially for relative allocations between major cryptocurrencies. In this blog post we revisit the relative allocation between Bitcoin and Ethereum as there were recent changes that warrant a revision.

In our previous blog post on this topic we wrote about an outperformance of 40 percentage points of Ethereum since it opened a sentiment gap on Bitcoin on 9th January:

Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin by 40 percentage points since opening a gap in sentiment – use of comparison tools in BittsAnalytics

Around a week ago there was  sharp reversal in this sentiment dynamic and Bitcoin after a few days  again closed the sentiment gap with Ethereum on 14th February. See the chart below. Since this closing of the gap Bitcoin outperformed Ethereum by 15 percentage points confirming that the sentiment comparisons can be powerful trading signals for relative selections.

The use of sentiment analytics for relative selections is just one of many ways you can improve your cryptocurrency trading with our BittsAnalytics platform. You can find more examples here: or you can start using BittsAnalytics platform by becoming our user:

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