EOS up 25% in a day after encountering weak BittsBands

We are using deep learning on vast sets of different data to assess where could be possible price bands of resistance for cryptocurrencies. For more detailed explanation of BittsBands please see e.g. our blog post:

Our deep learned BittsBands have proven excellent for trading in recent Bitcoin price developments


In this blog post we discuss EOS BittsBands. As you can see in the BittsBands chart below EOS was approaching prices ranges with very weak BittsBands above 12 USD. That means a high probability of rapid rise of EOS and this is indeed what happened next with the price now over 15 USD for a quick 25% return in around a day.


If you want to include these deep learned analysis in your cryptocurrency trading you can find it at our BittsAnalytics platform: www.bittsanalytics.com.. Platform also has a lot of other advanced data such as social media analytics and  chart patterns automatically detected with AI as well as sophisticated analytical tools.

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