Siacoin rallies after real-time sentiment jump for a return of 20+%

BittsAnalytics platform offers real-time social media analytics for cryptocurrencies – determining number of social media mentions as well as sentiment on an hourly basis. This allows assessing both the current buzz about the cryptocurrency as well as its sentiment (positive or negative). Sentiment is determined by applying machine learning models on texts of social media posts.

In this post we focus on Siacoin as another case study of application of sentiment analytics for profitable trading. A few days ago it had a big jump in sentiment, see our tweet from that time:

Siacoin proceeded to make a quick return of over +20% after the sentiment signal. Real-time social media analytics tools are available as part of our advanced subscription, you can find more information at:

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Siacoin surged in hourly sentiment yesterday, since then up more than 120%

We track millions of social media posts and use machine learning to determine sentiment for 200+ of cryptocurrencies in real-time. Below is real-time sentiment of tweets mentioning Siacoin over the last few days.  The hourly sentiment of Siacoin surged yesterday, 5th January 3am UTC time. As we have already posted in other such cases in the past this means a major bullish signal for the price and since then the price of Siacoin has surged by more than +120%. Sentiment is often ahead of the price and you can read about many similar examples in our blog posts.

Check also tweets mentions of Siacoin in recent days which jumped by a third already in the days before:


Tweets mentions is also like sentiment often ahead of the price and you can start using sentiment and tweets mentions data like this to improve your cryptocurrency trading by using our platform