Over 170% cumulative return of Verge from sentiment and mentions analytics signals over the last ten days

We track millions of social media posts and use machine learning to determine sentiment of cryptocurrencies in real-time. Hourly sentiment can provide opportunities for profit especially in turbulent times like the last week. One signal we look for are surges in either hourly sentiment or tweets mentions like seen in the chart below for Verge which we regard as bullish signals (when occurring in a consolidating or downward price trend):

As you can see there was a sentiment and mentions surge (signal 1) and (signal 2) and sentiment surge (signal 3). We plotted these signals on the price chart of Verge:

As you can see after the first and third signal, price rallies were especially big. The total compounded return from these signals was around 170% and occurring in time when most other cryptocurrencies actually fell. If you want to improve your trading in cryptocurrencies you can start using our platform BittsAnalytics – just subscribe at www.bittsanalytics.com.

Verge with sentiment surge on 14th December – since then up more than 700%

We track millions of social media posts and use machine learning to determine sentiment for 200+ of cryptocurrencies in real-time. Below is real-time sentiment of tweets mentioning Verge around the mid December. The hourly sentiment of Verge surged on 14 December – 10pm UTC time.

See also our tweet from that period:


As we have already posted in other such cases in the past this means a major bullish signal for the price and indeed the price of Verge has since then rallied by almost 700%. The other important factor to look for is the tweets mentions, as you can see it began to surge for Verge around the same time and was an important indicator as well.

You can start using both sentiment and tweets mentions data for 200+ main cryptocurrencies like this by subscribing to our platform at www.bittsanalytics.com. Get better data and be ahead of others.