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BittsAnalytics is one of the premier providers of cryptocurrency historical data for the crypto market. We offer a wide range of historical data sets, from social media sentiment, social mentions, cryptocurrency news to technical analysis data. Our data sets are available for Ampleforth cryptocurrency and hundreds of other top cryptocurrencies.

By BittsAnalytics

December, 2022

After new highs reached by crypto market in the 2021, the crypto investors need additional data sources and tools to be competitive.

We offer our clients a wide range of historical data for Ampleforth and all other cryptocurrencies:

  • real-time pricing data
  • hourly/daily social media sentiment
  • hourly/daily number of social media mentions
  • crypto fear and greed index
  • news (with sentiment classification)
  • support and resistance levels
  • trendlines
  • historical bull and bear markets

You can get samples of this data by checking out links below to 10+ free historical data sets for Ampleforth .

Social media historical data for Ampleforth - why do we need insights from social media?

Social listening is the monitoring of social media platforms to find out what people are posting about individual cryptocurrencies. We collect this data non-stop and process millions of social media posts each day.

From this social media data we determine:

  • number of times Ampleforth or AMPL is mentioned in social media posts
  • sentiment (positive or negative) of social posts in which Ampleforth or AMPL is mentioned (we use state-of-the-art machine learning model to compute sentiment of posts)
  • what are the most frequent words/topics mentioned in positive or negative sentiment posts that mention Ampleforth or AMPL. This allows our users to see which topics/news are positively / negatively impacting the price of Ampleforth

Why can tracker of crypto social media mentions help?

Tracking of social media mentions helps, because the price of coins is often intertwined with activity on social media. See in the chart below how there was years of disinterest in Dogecoin on social media, followed by spikes in social media mentions along with price rise:

Social media mentions of Ampleforth - historical data

We provide our users with historical data on social mentions of Ampleforth, for both hourly and daily latency. You can see the number of daily mentions of Ampleforth and AMPL in social media posts in the following chart. Note how large price increases or decreases are often happening together with surges in social media activity.

Here is a sample of daily social media mentions for Ampleforth:

Symbol Date Number of social media mentions (daily)
AMPL 2022-12-0246
AMPL 2022-12-0125
AMPL 2022-11-3022
AMPL 2022-11-2932
AMPL 2022-11-288
AMPL 2022-11-2713
AMPL 2022-11-2617
AMPL 2022-11-2529
AMPL 2022-11-2482
AMPL 2022-11-2328
AMPL 2022-11-2220
AMPL 2022-11-2115
AMPL 2022-11-2012
AMPL 2022-11-1923
AMPL 2022-11-1829

Download a sample of historical data for social media mentions on daily basis by clicking on the button below:

Get sample csv (daily social mentions) Get sample csv (hourly social mentions)

You can get more daily data and data on hourly basis by subscribing to one of our plans.

Historical sentiment data of Ampleforth

Social mentions tells us a lot about interest in given coin, but what is the attitude of community and investors towards the cryptocurrency - is it positive or negative? This is captured by another set of alternative data that we provide - social media sentiment, see example chart for sentiment of Ampleforth and AMPL:

See a sample of historical daily sentiment for Ampleforth:

Symbol Date Social media sentiment (daily)
AMPL 2022-12-020.95026
AMPL 2022-12-010.33722
AMPL 2022-11-300.58395
AMPL 2022-11-29-0.17220
AMPL 2022-11-280.13253
AMPL 2022-11-270.24212
AMPL 2022-11-260.42098
AMPL 2022-11-250.09000
AMPL 2022-11-24-0.19859
AMPL 2022-11-23-0.20648
AMPL 2022-11-220.06212
AMPL 2022-11-210.13670
AMPL 2022-11-200.12062
AMPL 2022-11-190.58611
AMPL 2022-11-180.67514

Download a sample of historical data for daily social sentiment by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (daily sentiment) Get sample csv (hourly sentiment)

You can get more daily data and data on hourly basis by subscribing to one of our plans.

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Historical data for most frequent topics mentioned in positive and negative posts about Ampleforth and AMPL

An important part of better understanding the crypto market is knowing the themes and topics that are positively and negatively affecting the price of individual cryptocurrencies.

We are one of the few platforms that provide you with this detailed data on each cryptocurrency.

Here is a sample of words that are most frequently found in positive sentiment social posts about Ampleforth and AMPL in given hour:

top, last, price, btc, candlestick, outperformed, altcoins, gainers, mins, next, ready, hours, profit, gmx, ecosystem, good, factor, usd, index, week, trades, based, signal, awaiting, trading, analyst, sfp, kucoin, usdt, problems, solve, one, following, inflation, the, spot, ampl,

A sample of words that are most frequently found in negative sentiment social posts Ampleforth and AMPL:

ampl, spot, the, solve, problems, following, one, inflation, usdt, kucoin, sfp, profit, hours, gmx, ecosystem, good, factor, trades, index, based, analyst, week, usd, trading, awaiting, signal, ready, next, mins, gainers, altcoins, outperformed, candlestick, btc, price, last, top,

The chart showing a wider group of words:

Download a sample of words by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (words)

You can get more data like this by subscribing to one of our plans.

Historical cryptocurrency news data about Ampleforth and AMPL

Cryptocurrency news have a high impact on cryptocurrency prices, we are providing historical data about cryptocurrency news for each coin. For each news item, we compute sentiment polarity.

Here is an example of recent, sentiment annotated news about Ampleforth:

News Published

Download a sample of historical news items for the coin by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (news items)

You can get historical cryptocurrency news data starting years back by subscribing to one of our plans.

Historical Data of BittsAnalyticsCrypto Fear and Greed Index

The BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index captures positive and negative emotions of traders, investors and other persons interested in the cryptocurrency market. It is based on determination of sentiment polarity of social media posts that are published about Bitcoin, Altcoins, Defi coins and other cryptomedia.

Over 1 million posts are processed and analysed each by machine learning models to compute our Crypto Fear and Greed Index.

BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index is a product intended for investors, analysts, traders and other persons interested in cryptocurrency market. It is designed to help make decisions with regards to both long-term and mid-term trading as well as making short-term trading decisions.

See historical chart of BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index:

Download a sample of historical BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of Fear & Greed Index

You can get full historical Crypto Fear & Greed Index data by subscribing to one of our plans.

Ampleforth support and resistance levels - historical data

Using trading data, we compute potential support and resistance levels for all cryptocurrencies, current chart for Ampleforth:

See current support resistance levels data for Ampleforth:

Symbol Start of level (USD) End of level (USD) Strength of level

Download a sample of historical support and resistance levels by clicking on the button below :

Get sample Support/Resistance levels for Ampleforth

Ampleforth historical trend lines

Another technical analysis approach is chart patterns detection. We use machine learning models to detect chart patterns, see below the chart showing trendlines for Ampleforth:

See current trendlines data for Ampleforth:

Symbol Date - start Price - start (USD) Date - end Price - end (USD)
AMPL 2021-10-07 00:00:000.975109395328612021-12-06 00:00:000.9075782933770683

Download sample of all trendlines data by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of today's trendlines

Bull and bear markets of Ampleforth

Bull market refers to a market condition in which prevailing prices move upward with strong positive momentum. This is usually accompanied by the widespread investor confidence and represented by a strong trend in upward moving averages. Bull market conditions are usually followed by a Bear market and vice versa.

We define a bull market as appreciation of price by more than 30% and bear market a period when the prices fall by more than 30%.

Ampleforth has gone through a number of bull and bear markets in the past, see chart below:

Historical bull and bear markets Ampleforth:

Symbol Start Date End Date Start Price End Price Return
AMPL 2019-06-292019-06-301.99592730289172.08813339977480.046197121883891
AMPL 2019-06-302019-10-022.08813339977480.36755260775899-0.82398030327055
AMPL 2019-10-022019-10-120.367552607758990.694067598317380.88834899730191
AMPL 2019-10-122019-10-250.694067598317380.22662869248285-0.67347749263578
AMPL 2019-10-252020-03-050.226628692482851.70909942215516.541407945441
AMPL 2020-03-052020-03-171.70909942215510.4986517126514-0.7082371533292
AMPL 2020-03-172020-04-300.49865171265141.60942523796642.2275538158865
AMPL 2020-04-302020-05-121.60942523796640.90499625805477-0.43768978098149
AMPL 2020-05-122020-07-120.904996258054773.82505456848433.2265971095903
AMPL 2020-07-122020-07-153.82505456848431.6476177132919-0.56925641613923
AMPL 2020-07-152020-07-211.64761771329192.98951476050590.8144468443064
AMPL 2020-07-212020-07-312.98951476050590.67077905500638-0.77562276531698
AMPL 2020-07-312020-08-020.670779055006381.3752634036811.0502479816814
AMPL 2020-08-022020-08-181.3752634036810.56772736459278-0.5871864523747
AMPL 2020-08-182020-09-020.567727364592782.23356092119452.9342139563707
AMPL 2020-09-022020-09-062.23356092119450.62058893884915-0.72215266977483
AMPL 2020-09-062020-09-110.620588938849151.01192792973220.630592919701
AMPL 2020-09-112020-09-301.01192792973220.64056628800992-0.36698427902919
AMPL 2020-09-302020-12-040.640566288009921.69862860882641.6517608569499
AMPL 2020-12-042020-12-221.69862860882640.81367934494406-0.52097866436723
AMPL 2020-12-222021-02-060.813679344944061.65808564736131.037762980791
AMPL 2021-02-062021-03-011.65808564736130.77448955043738-0.53290136027055
AMPL 2021-03-012021-05-070.774489550437381.42952926810590.84576960050468
AMPL 2021-05-072021-05-241.42952926810590.54885539480166-0.61605865158053
AMPL 2021-05-242021-07-260.548855394801662.04060879982912.7179352141861
AMPL 2021-07-262021-07-302.04060879982910.8503881560765-0.58326742678572
AMPL 2021-07-302021-10-260.85038815607652.13061515317811.5054619328287
AMPL 2021-10-262021-11-192.13061515317810.77418025888947-0.63664002964839
AMPL 2021-11-192021-12-010.774180258889471.38234914071950.78556495705847
AMPL 2021-12-012022-01-111.38234914071950.70884247866944-0.48721892480759
AMPL 2022-01-112022-01-180.708842478669441.30877912236230.8463610206022

Download historical bull and bear markets data for Ampleforth by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of bull and bear markets

For more data on Ampleforth past bull and bear markets please subscribe to one of our plans.

Links to historical data and reports for other cryptocurrencies

Historical data Price 24hr %change Bull market report Bear market report
Bitcoin history csv download $16973.47 -0.4 -148.9 136.7 326750.8 Is BTC a good long-term investment
Ethereum history csv download $1271.75 -1.5 -218.8 80.7 153571.6 Is ETH a good long-term investment
Tether history csv download $1.00 0.3 -118.0 -80.9 65544.0 Is USDT a good long-term investment
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Ripple history csv download $0.396 0.9 -109.7 -23.4 19913.4 Is XRP a good long-term investment
Dogecoin history csv download $0.0998 -0.5 -74.9 -44.3 13709.7 Is DOGE a good long-term investment
Cardano history csv download $0.323 1.6 -120.4 81.0 11346.3 Is ADA a good long-term investment
Matic Network history csv download $0.925 0.1 -90.4 -41.4 8220.2 Is MATIC a good long-term investment
Polkadot history csv download $5.60 -0.4 -82.1 -60.6 6601.9 Is DOT a good long-term investment
OKB history csv download $21.99 -0.8 -40.9 21.9 5541.9 Is OKB a good long-term investment
Litecoin history csv download $76.93 0.1 -130.7 60.5 5530.0 Is LTC a good long-term investment
SHIBA INU history csv download $0.00000932 0.5 1.5 98.8 5491.6 Is SHIB a good long-term investment
Dai history csv download $1.00 0.1 -9.9 1.7 5230.8 Is DAI a good long-term investment
Tron history csv download $0.0541 -0.6 -65.4 301.7 4995.4 Is TRX a good long-term investment
Solana history csv download $13.56 -0.7 -88.7 21.5 4935.5 Is SOL a good long-term investment
Uniswap history csv download $6.23 4.2 -11.2 84.8 4696.0 Is UNI a good long-term investment
Wrapped Bitcoin history csv download $16954.85 -0.3 16.8 83.8 3566.5 Is WBTC a good long-term investment
UnusSEDLEO history csv download $3.80 0.5 -25.4 59.4 3539.9 Is LEO a good long-term investment
Cosmos history csv download $10.25 -0.9 -46.5 12.1 3001.3 Is ATOM a good long-term investment
Ethereum Classic history csv download $19.62 -0.7 -63.0 137.9 2714.7 Is ETC a good long-term investment
Monero history csv download $145.70 1.1 -117.9 -82.4 2648.6 Is XMR a good long-term investment
Stellar Lumens history csv download $0.0877 -0.3 -26.8 471.7 2259.2 Is XLM a good long-term investment
Bitcoin Cash history csv download $111.68 1.1 -0.9 36.4 2152.2 Is BCH a good long-term investment
Quant history csv download $131.34 6.3 -69.8 -1.6 1910.7 Is QNT a good long-term investment
Algorand history csv download $0.242 -1.2 -50.7 77.3 1729.9 Is ALGO a good long-term investment history csv download $0.0645 -0.8 -18.0 14.3 1632.9 Is CRO a good long-term investment
Filecoin history csv download $4.54 -0.4 -38.5 93.8 1503.5 Is FIL a good long-term investment
NEAR Protocol history csv download $1.72 -2.3 -45.7 -107.6 1431.4 Is NEAR a good long-term investment
VETVechain history csv download $0.0194 0.6 -80.5 -36.1 1411.9 Is VET a good long-term investment
Hedera history csv download $0.0484 -1.2 6.5 -49.2 1207.2 Is HBAR a good long-term investment
Elrond history csv download $43.91 0.9 -30.7 17.6 1047.9 Is EGLD a good long-term investment
EOS history csv download $0.940 0.2 -115.9 102.9 1020.1 Is EOS a good long-term investment
Paxos Standard Token history csv download $0.997 1.7 -3.1 -31.2 942.4 Is PAX a good long-term investment
Tezos history csv download $1.02 -1.8 -84.4 -69.7 931.0 Is XTZ a good long-term investment
Chiliz history csv download $0.171 3.2 -40.4 42.1 914.5 Is CHZ a good long-term investment
Theta Token history csv download $0.909 -1.4 -24.3 246.2 911.9 Is THETA a good long-term investment
Aave history csv download $64.12 -1.3 -24.3 136.7 911.7 Is AAVE a good long-term investment
Huobi Token history csv download $6.80 0.3 -31.2 39.3 891.8 Is HT a good long-term investment
TrueUSD history csv download $1.00 0.0 -8.9 19.8 816.1 Is TUSD a good long-term investment
Bitcoin SV history csv download $42.01 -0.4 -38.5 95.9 811.6 Is BSV a good long-term investment
Decentraland history csv download $0.417 0.1 -25.0 92.3 760.1 Is MANA a good long-term investment
Nano history csv download $5.74 1.2 11.0 -97.6 759.7 Is NANO a good long-term investment
BitTorrent history csv download $0.000000704425 0.1 -6.5 114.7 669.0 Is BTT a good long-term investment
PancakeSwap history csv download $4.03 1.3 -43.9 4.8 652.1 Is CAKE a good long-term investment
Fantom history csv download $0.255 3.2 -79.7 67.2 648.7 Is FTM a good long-term investment
KuCoin Shares history csv download $6.55 -1.5 -22.2 80.0 638.4 Is KCS a good long-term investment
Zcash history csv download $46.45 2.3 -47.2 15.8 605.8 Is ZEC a good long-term investment
IOTA history csv download $0.216 1.2 -3.4 31.5 600.9 Is MIOTA a good long-term investment
Maker history csv download $643.86 -0.2 -45.7 155.1 581.4 Is MKR a good long-term investment
Gatechain Token history csv download $3.64 1.1 1.6 66.9 527.9 Is GT a good long-term investment
Dash history csv download $45.24 -0.0 -3.9 57.5 499.7 Is DASH a good long-term investment
NEO history csv download $6.98 1.0 103.3 130.6 492.9 Is NEO a good long-term investment
The Graph history csv download $0.0653 0.7 -36.1 -5.3 483.7 Is GRT a good long-term investment
Arweave history csv download $9.36 -1.2 11.2 -2.5 469.3 Is AR a good long-term investment
Synthetix history csv download $1.75 1.7 -35.6 192.6 421.6 Is SNX a good long-term investment
Ethos history csv download $4.11 3.7 132.5 -93.1 401.6 Is ETHOS a good long-term investment
Iconomi history csv download $3.79 44.6 0.6 -11.0 375.3 Is ICN a good long-term investment
Nexo history csv download $0.652 1.3 -21.7 12.6 366.9 Is NEXO a good long-term investment
Basic Attention Token history csv download $0.235 -0.5 -40.8 93.3 350.8 Is BAT a good long-term investment
Zilliqa history csv download $0.0231 -0.2 -26.2 167.9 350.2 Is ZIL a good long-term investment
BTMX history csv download $0.467 0.5 238.4 -21.4 347.0 Is BTMX a good long-term investment
Badger DAO history csv download $34.64 2.8 1.9 -373.9 344.4 Is BADGER a good long-term investment
NKN history csv download $0.524 -1.0 250.3 138.6 342.4 Is NKN a good long-term investment history csv download $0.990 -1.6 20.5 89.7 335.6 Is KAVA a good long-term investment
1inch history csv download $0.501 -1.2 -44.9 16.0 333.4 Is 1INCH a good long-term investment
Loopring history csv download $0.260 0.8 -26.9 46.1 325.0 Is LRC a good long-term investment
Orchid history csv download $0.530 -3.1 277.8 215.9 314.8 Is OXT a good long-term investment
Electroneum history csv download $0.0175 -11.3 90.6 141.1 313.6 Is ETN a good long-term investment
Decred history csv download $21.40 0.1 10.6 23.4 311.9 Is DCR a good long-term investment
Enjin Coin history csv download $0.310 -0.3 62.8 14.6 311.0 Is ENJ a good long-term investment
NEM history csv download $0.0335 1.3 25.6 83.9 302.3 Is XEM a good long-term investment
Verge history csv download $0.0180 0.3 -46.1 -30.7 296.3 Is XVG a good long-term investment
Bitcoin Diamond history csv download $1.56 -4.9 204.0 -70.9 293.9 Is BCD a good long-term investment
Ampleforth history csv download $1.01 17.1 169.2 517.3 289.4 Is AMPL a good long-term investment
Celo history csv download $0.601 3.1 -10.8 131.3 288.6 Is CELO a good long-term investment
Augur history csv download $25.82 -1.7 -26.1 235.8 284.1 Is REP a good long-term investment
Terra history csv download $1.66 -0.6 -90.5 0.5 281.3 Is LUNA a good long-term investment
Alpha Finance Lab history csv download $0.627 -0.1 -23.4 -50.1 280.5 Is ALPHA a good long-term investment
Theta Fuel history csv download $0.0468 -0.6 -54.6 -21.0 279.0 Is TFUEL a good long-term investment
NXM history csv download $41.06 -1.2 477.0 -26.5 278.2 Is NXM a good long-term investment
SUN history csv download $0.0252 -2.0 3.6 -107.6 273.3 Is SUN a good long-term investment
Kusama history csv download $30.22 -0.5 -131.9 69.2 272.0 Is KSM a good long-term investment
Bitcoin Gold history csv download $15.35 -0.8 41.2 93.0 269.3 Is BTG a good long-term investment
MaidSafeCoin history csv download $0.592 1.6 186.1 -3.6 269.1 Is MAID a good long-term investment
SushiSwap history csv download $1.39 2.2 -32.3 -25.2 268.7 Is SUSHI a good long-term investment
Ravencoin history csv download $0.0223 0.0 -41.8 -51.7 266.1 Is RVN a good long-term investment
Mirror Protocol history csv download $1.36 -14.5 -44.7 -107.7 265.6 Is MIR a good long-term investment
Compound history csv download $37.82 -0.7 -8.5 -37.1 259.3 Is COMP a good long-term investment
FTX token history csv download $1.88 -22.0 -19.7 59.0 253.9 Is FTT a good long-term investment
Unibright history csv download $1.42 -18.4 -9.5 4.2 244.1 Is UBT a good long-term investment
Waves history csv download $2.39 -0.8 -49.4 62.8 239.5 Is WAVES a good long-term investment
Gnosis history csv download $91.97 -0.8 24.1 -104.4 237.4 Is GNO a good long-term investment
Balancer history csv download $6.16 -1.8 1.2 -204.4 234.1 Is BAL a good long-term investment
Qtum history csv download $2.24 -0.4 27.7 56.2 234.0 Is QTUM a good long-term investment
SwissBorg history csv download $0.242 -0.7 -4.1 45.3 230.5 Is CHSB a good long-term investment
Golem history csv download $0.224 -3.0 1.1 -13.8 224.5 Is GLM a good long-term investment
Celsius history csv download $0.526 -1.6 38.5 313.6 222.9 Is CEL a good long-term investment

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