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BittsAnalytics is one of the premier providers of cryptocurrency historical data for the crypto market. We offer a wide range of historical data sets, from social media sentiment, social mentions, cryptocurrency news to technical analysis data. Our data sets are available for Ethereum cryptocurrency and hundreds of other top cryptocurrencies.

By BittsAnalytics

January, 2022

After new highs reached by crypto market in the 2021, the crypto investors need additional data sources and tools to be competitive.

We offer our clients a wide range of historical data for Ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies:

  • real-time pricing data
  • hourly/daily social media sentiment
  • hourly/daily number of social media mentions
  • crypto fear and greed index
  • news (with sentiment classification)
  • support and resistance levels
  • trendlines
  • historical bull and bear markets

You can get samples of this data by checking out links below to 10+ free historical data sets for Ethereum .

Social media historical data for Ethereum - why do we need insights from social media?

Social listening is the monitoring of social media platforms to find out what people are posting about individual cryptocurrencies. We collect this data non-stop and process millions of social media posts each day.

From this social media data we determine:

  • number of times Ethereum or ETH is mentioned in social media posts
  • sentiment (positive or negative) of social posts in which Ethereum or ETH is mentioned (we use state-of-the-art machine learning model to compute sentiment of posts)
  • what are the most frequent words/topics mentioned in positive or negative sentiment posts that mention Ethereum or ETH. This allows our users to see which topics/news are positively / negatively impacting the price of Ethereum

Why can tracker of crypto social media mentions help?

Tracking of social media mentions helps, because the price of coins is often intertwined with activity on social media. See in the chart below how there was years of disinterest in Dogecoin on social media, followed by spikes in social media mentions along with price rise:

Social media mentions of Ethereum - historical data

We provide our users with historical data on social mentions of Ethereum, for both hourly and daily latency. You can see the number of daily mentions of Ethereum and ETH in social media posts in the following chart. Note how large price increases or decreases are often happening together with surges in social media activity.

Here is a sample of daily social media mentions for Ethereum:

Symbol Date Number of social media mentions (daily)
ETH 2022-01-2090371
ETH 2022-01-1983879
ETH 2022-01-1887927
ETH 2022-01-17123689
ETH 2022-01-1693152
ETH 2022-01-1580826
ETH 2022-01-1485960
ETH 2022-01-1378398
ETH 2022-01-1274566
ETH 2022-01-1167806
ETH 2022-01-1066111
ETH 2022-01-0964986
ETH 2022-01-0870020
ETH 2022-01-0777863
ETH 2022-01-0670754

Download a sample of historical data for social media mentions on daily basis by clicking on the button below:

Get sample csv (daily social mentions) Get sample csv (hourly social mentions)

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Historical sentiment data of Ethereum

Social mentions tells us a lot about interest in given coin, but what is the attitude of community and investors towards the cryptocurrency - is it positive or negative? This is captured by another set of alternative data that we provide - social media sentiment, see example chart for sentiment of Ethereum and ETH:

See a sample of historical daily sentiment for Ethereum:

Symbol Date Social media sentiment (daily)
ETH 2022-01-200.04279
ETH 2022-01-19-0.06864
ETH 2022-01-180.01175
ETH 2022-01-17-0.00038
ETH 2022-01-16-0.09291
ETH 2022-01-15-0.35472
ETH 2022-01-14-0.36380
ETH 2022-01-13-0.16849
ETH 2022-01-12-0.17578
ETH 2022-01-11-0.23592
ETH 2022-01-10-0.10848
ETH 2022-01-09-0.15707
ETH 2022-01-08-0.22074
ETH 2022-01-07-0.24363
ETH 2022-01-06-0.13153

Download a sample of historical data for daily social sentiment by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (daily sentiment) Get sample csv (hourly sentiment)

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Historical data for most frequent topics mentioned in positive and negative posts about Ethereum and ETH

An important part of better understanding the crypto market is knowing the themes and topics that are positively and negatively affecting the price of individual cryptocurrencies.

We are one of the few platforms that provide you with this detailed data on each cryptocurrency.

Here is a sample of words that are most frequently found in positive sentiment social posts about Ethereum and ETH in given hour:

new, btc, usd, available, collection, buy, crypto, like, the, back, top, coming, listed, ❤, next, s, chart, 🚀, moon, long, bought, volume, brighter, twist, side, lines, projects, good, bitcoin, today, life, let, art, colors, fade, last, change, best, huge, sea, daily, work, support, made, another, really, now, rewards, help, near,

A sample of words that are most frequently found in negative sentiment social posts Ethereum and ETH:

drop, low, follow, nft, eth, this, 🔥, check, address, send, price, market, get, you, ethereum, nfts, wallet, first, people, opensea, one, i, metis, free, sell, take, christmas, out, everyone, all, t, flying, cap, nftcommunity, person, and, swapped, signals, gem, they, sold, sale, don, m, random, short, products, current, item, place,

The chart showing a wider group of words:

Download a sample of words by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (words)

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Historical cryptocurrency news data about Ethereum and ETH

Cryptocurrency news have a high impact on cryptocurrency prices, we are providing historical data about cryptocurrency news for each coin. For each news item, we compute sentiment polarity.

Here is an example of recent, sentiment annotated news about Ethereum:

News Published
Ethereum Price Prediction ETH USD Approaches 2500 Support
2 h 2 min ago
Opera s new launch Web3 Crypto Broswer Is All Set For Your Device
2 h 11 min ago
Cardano Backed Metaverse Project Pavia s Land Price Skyrockets
3 h 13 min ago
Five good reasons to be bullish even tho everything s crashing right now
3 h 20 min ago
Cardano-based Ravendex Launches 10 000 Unique Pixelated NFT Collection
5 h 6 min ago
Unbanked Are Traditional Financial Markets the Future for Crypto
5 h 11 min ago
Investor Optimism Is At An All-Time High Despite SEC Rejecting Every Bitcoin Spot ETF
5 h 16 min ago
Heroes of Mavia Concludes 5 5 Million Seed Round
5 h 29 min ago
Mozilla Says No to Crypto Donations
6 h 11 min ago
El Salvador Readies Launch Of Cheap Bitcoin-Backed Loans For Small Businesses
7 h 38 min ago
These Are the Crypto Economy s 10 Most Expensive Assets per Unit in 2022
7 h 41 min ago
Solana Price Prediction After a Great Rise Now the Downhill
7 h 44 min ago
200 Billion Exits The Market As Bitcoin Plummets To A Multi-Month Low
8 h 11 min ago
Ethereum Price Crash below 3K THIS is where Ether price is heading towards
8 h 17 min ago
Twitter to combat copying of NFT images through a new feature
8 h 40 min ago
Heroes Of Mavia Lands 5 5 Million In Funding For Its P2E MMO Strategy Game
8 h 47 min ago
Polygon Spurs Its Ecosystem As It Delegates 90 Million MATIC Tokens to Bitfinex For Staking
8 h 52 min ago
Bears Winning in Crypto Market Bitcoin and Ethereum Drops Over 7 in 24 Hours
9 h 46 min ago
Polkadex Seeks Community Backing To Nab Coveted Polkadot Parachain Slot
10 h 8 min ago
Hoo AMM Pool Launched New Access to Increase User Yields
10 h 11 min ago
New York City mayor to receive BTC and ETH as salary through Coinbase
10 h 16 min ago
Why Should Crypto Exchanges Outsource Compliance to the Experts
10 h 57 min ago
5 DEX Coins to Buy for High Profits January 2022
11 h 14 min ago
We can officially stop looking at 5 minute charts or 1 hour charts or 1 day charts cause it will take weeks or months to recover
11 h 25 min ago
Bitcoin Falls Beneath 40K Dragging Crypto Economy Below 2 Trillion
11 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum Suffer as Financial Markets Slide
12 h 26 min ago
Introducing Kingdom Quest A New Multi-Game Metaverse That Runs on a Single Token
12 h 42 min ago
MDEX Transitions Into Metaverse NFT And DAO As It Celebrates One-Year Anniversary
12 h 43 min ago
This Is Why Ethereum Price Will Not Fall Under 2 7k ETH Bulls Eye For 100 Upswing
12 h 49 min ago
These 5 Cryptocurrency Could See Price Boom This Weekend Where to Buy
13 h 53 min ago
Will The Current Crypto Crash Leave Top-Tier Altcoins In Jeopardy Is An Alt Crash By 50 Programmed
13 h 53 min ago
Top 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Crashed Today Will 36k Be The Threshold To BTC s Fall
14 h 12 min ago
Was 2021 the best year for Cryptos
14 h 29 min ago
NowMeta is Looking to Carve Out its Own Path in the Metaverse
14 h 50 min ago
BTC Risks Crashing Below 35k As Russia Threatens To Completely Ban Bitcoin
14 h 50 min ago
Tom Brady s Autograph NFT Agency Gets 170 Million in Series B Funding Round
15 h 11 min ago
Bitcoin Plummeted By 11 5 In 12 Hours Here s How To Profit in Bear Market
16 h 7 min ago
Over 3 in 4 Wealth Managers Have a More Positive Outlook on Cryptocurrencies Since 2020
16 h 10 min ago
Security Tokens What They Are and How to Invest in 2022
16 h 11 min ago
Bitcoin Crash To Get Severe BTC Price Going To Correct Below 35k
16 h 14 min ago
Terra Announces Non-Profit Luna Foundation Guard
16 h 29 min ago
Bitcoin Crashes Below 40 000 What s Going On
16 h 30 min ago
NYC Mayor to Receive 1st Paycheck in Crypto Converted via Coinbase
(source: https://Blockchain.News/news/nyc-mayor-adams-to-receive-pay-in-crypto-converted-via-coinbase)
16 h 42 min ago
Ethereum in Extremely OverSold Analyst Predict a Strong Bounce In Coming Days
17 h 20 min ago
Crypto Market Tanks Again Dogecoin DOGE and Shiba Inu SHIB To Struggle Hard In Coming Days
18 h 25 min ago
TA Ethereum Nosedives Indicators Show Signs of Larger Downtrend
19 h 3 min ago
Fill your bags now Last chance to get BTC over 40k
21 h 19 min ago
What Does Shilling Mean in Cryptocurrency
21 h 32 min ago
Twitter officially introduces NFT profile picture support
21 h 34 min ago
Ethereum News today 21 01 2022
21 h 52 min ago
JPMorgan Ethereum Losing Ground to Other Crypto in NFT Market Due to High Transaction Fees Congestion
23 h 12 min ago
Bitcoin Price Crash Near 40K Did the CBDC Talk Affect Crypto Prices
23 h 39 min ago
Why Smart Contracts For Bitcoin Really Means Buy My Altcoin
24 h 12 min ago
Celebrities got SUED because of EthereumMax Pump and Dump But Why
24 h 36 min ago
Mad Money s Jim Cramer Warns About Dogecoin Says DOGE Is a Security SEC Will Regulate
25 h 11 min ago
I Only Hold 1 Bitcoin Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal Reveals
25 h 11 min ago
Chiliz Price Prediction 2022 Will CHZ Price Hit 1
25 h 32 min ago
Top Reasons Why THETA Is On The Verge Of a Breakout
25 h 42 min ago
ETH Price Entered Accumulation Zone Can ETH HODLERS Expect Bullish 2022 For Ethereum
25 h 57 min ago
7 of the Best ERC-20 Compatible Wallets
26 h 6 min ago
Yield App Launches V2 and It s More Than Just a New Look
26 h 12 min ago
Australian Football League Bags 25 Million Sponsorship Deal With Crypto com
26 h 27 min ago
UST This latest initiative by Terra s ecosystem is reshaping algorithmic stablecoins
26 h 41 min ago
Stablecoin Shakeup USD Coin Overtakes Tether on Ethereum
29 h 11 min ago
The Mynt Introduces Limited Edition Collection NFT On The Tezos Blockchain
29 h 16 min ago
Nexo Partners with Bakkt For Ethereum and Bitcoin Custody
29 h 57 min ago
ADA Ecosystem Sees Huge Boost As First Decentralized Exchange On Cardano Finally Goes Live
31 h 4 min ago
Ethereum Fee Averages Remain Above 30 Despite 35 Drop Price Pump Incoming
31 h 11 min ago
Crypto com Hack Could Be Worth Double The Initial Reported Amount
31 h 22 min ago
Altcoins Like THETA SUSHI XTZ Are Gearing Up For 20 Upswing What Will the Top 10 Cryptos Do Now
31 h 25 min ago
Polkadot DOT Price to Retest 20 Before Massive Upswing To 65 Buy Opportunity on Horizon
32 h 13 min ago
A Glimpse Into the Crypto Growth Curve And 2022 Trends That Will Define the Future
32 h 27 min ago
Chainalysis exposes simple malware stealing millions in crypto
32 h 30 min ago
NYC mayor Eric Adams receives first paycheck in the form of BTC and ETH
32 h 46 min ago
5 Top NFT Cryptocurrency to Invest in Now January 2022
33 h 6 min ago
What Is Klaytn KLAY Is There A Big Profit in Klaytn
33 h 8 min ago
Crypto com Reveals 483 Accounts Compromised in Recent Hack 34 Million in Bitcoin Ether Stolen
33 h 11 min ago
Solana gains momentum as NFT sales volume hits 1B should Ethereum be worried
33 h 41 min ago
Cardano price to reach all-time highs hit Bitcoin and Ether
33 h 52 min ago
Polygon Network hosts Swarm Markets GmbH s New DeFi Platform
34 h 11 min ago
Approximately 34 Million In BTC ETH Now Washed Off Crypto com Exchange Vows To Tackle Loopholes Reimburse Victims
34 h 47 min ago
Gavin Wood Seeks More Developers To Design the Future of Polkadot
34 h 57 min ago
Ethereum Classic broke out of a long-term downtrend here s where you can buy in
35 h 42 min ago
Is Polygon s MATIC Poised To Witness A Correction Of 30 Prior To An AltSeason
35 h 45 min ago

Download a sample of historical news items for the coin by clicking on the button below :

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Historical Data of BittsAnalyticsCrypto Fear and Greed Index

The BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index captures positive and negative emotions of traders, investors and other persons interested in the cryptocurrency market. It is based on determination of sentiment polarity of social media posts that are published about Bitcoin, Altcoins, Defi coins and other cryptomedia.

Over 1 million posts are processed and analysed each by machine learning models to compute our Crypto Fear and Greed Index.

BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index is a product intended for investors, analysts, traders and other persons interested in cryptocurrency market. It is designed to help make decisions with regards to both long-term and mid-term trading as well as making short-term trading decisions.

See historical chart of BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index:

Download a sample of historical BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of Fear & Greed Index

You can get full historical Crypto Fear & Greed Index data by subscribing to one of our plans.

Ethereum support and resistance levels - historical data

Using trading data, we compute potential support and resistance levels for all cryptocurrencies, current chart for Ethereum:

See current support resistance levels data for Ethereum:

Symbol Start of level (USD) End of level (USD) Strength of level
ETH 1727.99593601651759.38437665630.045956353377481
ETH 1759.38437665631790.77281729620.10821551197466
ETH 1790.77281729621822.1612579360.10624282486135
ETH 1822.1612579361853.54969857580.17399505613883
ETH 1853.54969857581884.93813921570.26962841073126
ETH 1884.93813921571916.32657985550.33508023578686
ETH 1916.32657985551947.71502049540.31829200113156
ETH 1947.71502049541979.10346113520.38404061355123
ETH 1979.10346113522010.4919017750.44514946836081
ETH 2010.4919017752041.88034241490.26788577414172
ETH 2041.88034241492073.26878305470.12244256340308
ETH 2073.26878305472104.65722369450.28607555209148
ETH 2104.65722369452136.04566433440.59588882046298
ETH 2136.04566433442167.43410497420.45459765654145
ETH 2167.43410497422198.8225456140.31138144176005
ETH 2198.8225456142230.21098625390.42275804755839
ETH 2230.21098625392261.59942689370.33749898104999
ETH 2261.59942689372292.98786753350.22191646746666
ETH 2292.98786753352324.37630817340.38261361508624
ETH 2324.37630817342355.76474881320.39968117972879
ETH 2355.76474881322387.1531894530.224008775413
ETH 2387.1531894532418.54163009290.26447667722026
ETH 2418.54163009292449.93007073270.27191666358916
ETH 2449.93007073272481.31851137250.34745512692027
ETH 2481.31851137252512.70695201240.36848063759483
ETH 2512.70695201242544.09539265220.3805050835439
ETH 2544.09539265222575.48383329210.29716794374869
ETH 2575.48383329212606.87227393190.31410373851288
ETH 2606.87227393192638.26071457170.10871369439699
ETH 2638.26071457172669.64915521160.012369051024345
ETH 2669.64915521162701.03759585140
ETH 2701.03759585142732.42603649120.040071443236855
ETH 2732.42603649122763.81447713110.019714374108374
ETH 2763.81447713112795.20291777090.08562232310724
ETH 2795.20291777092826.59135841070.087012828258354
ETH 2826.59135841072857.97979905060.12982365079432
ETH 2857.97979905062889.36823969040.2529681356069
ETH 2889.36823969042920.75668033020.31735221057735
ETH 2920.75668033022952.14512097010.39119124917957
ETH 2952.14512097012983.53356160990.24523035917781
ETH 2983.53356160993014.92200224970.30515344866043
ETH 3014.92200224973046.31044288960.39515016955707
ETH 3046.31044288963077.69888352940.41235126608326
ETH 3077.69888352943109.08732416920.46541160922331
ETH 3109.08732416923140.47576480910.75737595905926
ETH 3140.47576480913171.86420544890.5466133617474
ETH 3171.86420544893203.25264608870.35553338064356
ETH 3203.25264608873234.64108672860.61826796082401
ETH 3234.64108672863266.02952736840.57575047854085
ETH 3266.02952736843297.41796800830.5045220586629
ETH 3297.41796800833328.80640864810.47707138920262
ETH 3328.80640864813360.19484928790.41742627888337
ETH 3360.19484928793391.58328992780.41768263212122
ETH 3391.58328992783422.97173056760.50816554385993
ETH 3422.97173056763454.36017120740.51384004707245
ETH 3454.36017120743485.74861184730.3669797724217
ETH 3485.74861184733517.13705248710.36013793609508
ETH 3517.13705248713548.52549312690.42350113282918
ETH 3548.52549312693579.91393376680.3098000534649
ETH 3579.91393376683611.30237440660.44979852342082
ETH 3611.30237440663642.69081504640.22626245714326
ETH 3642.69081504643674.07925568630.1016267675171
ETH 3674.07925568633705.46769632610.048382052947063
ETH 3705.46769632613736.85613696590.28320820992399
ETH 3736.85613696593768.24457760580.47549831568009
ETH 3768.24457760583799.63301824560.61680426001713
ETH 3799.63301824563831.02145888540.7337431078449
ETH 3831.02145888543862.40989952530.47603198598231
ETH 3862.40989952533893.79834016510.48267558320428
ETH 3893.79834016513925.1867808050.4622690705309
ETH 3925.1867808053956.57522144480.54692592971348
ETH 3956.57522144483987.96366208460.51484808894263
ETH 3987.96366208464019.35210272450.61572259885809
ETH 4019.35210272454050.74054336431
ETH 4050.74054336434082.12898400410.82465111162026
ETH 4082.12898400414113.5174246440.82903996210271
ETH 4113.5174246444144.90586528380.77775898270085
ETH 4144.90586528384176.29430592360.71624882441657
ETH 4176.29430592364207.68274656350.48152120192525
ETH 4207.68274656354239.07118720330.56793707219439
ETH 4239.07118720334270.45962784310.44875535846824
ETH 4270.45962784314301.8480684830.50150822144359
ETH 4301.8480684834333.23650912280.7267347717472
ETH 4333.23650912284364.62494976260.66785482559244
ETH 4364.62494976264396.01339040250.41504116111779
ETH 4396.01339040254427.40183104230.30734244921039
ETH 4427.40183104234458.79027168210.19286471359236
ETH 4458.79027168214490.1787123220.17876130162146
ETH 4490.1787123224521.56715296180.43553580844241
ETH 4521.56715296184552.95559360170.34165190639621
ETH 4552.95559360174584.34403424150.36097028195112
ETH 4584.34403424154615.73247488130.31650185539612
ETH 4615.73247488134647.12091552120.31945542714003
ETH 4647.12091552124678.5093561610.2457852849666
ETH 4678.5093561614709.89779680080.19477158968092
ETH 4709.89779680084741.28623744070.35381135003321
ETH 4741.28623744074772.67467808050.27075196127256
ETH 4772.67467808054804.06311872030.14777537780899
ETH 4804.06311872034835.45155936020.086155664157103

Download a sample of historical support and resistance levels by clicking on the button below :

Get sample Support/Resistance levels for Ethereum

Ethereum historical trend lines

Another technical analysis approach is chart patterns detection. We use machine learning models to detect chart patterns, see below the chart showing trendlines for Ethereum:

See current trendlines data for Ethereum:

Symbol Date - start Price - start (USD) Date - end Price - end (USD)
ETH 2021-11-28 00:00:004072.62022-01-21 00:00:002645.830000000002
ETH 2021-12-16 00:00:004018.322022-01-21 00:00:004408.874999999998

Download sample of all trendlines data by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of today's trendlines

Bull and bear markets of Ethereum

Bull market refers to a market condition in which prevailing prices move upward with strong positive momentum. This is usually accompanied by the widespread investor confidence and represented by a strong trend in upward moving averages. Bull market conditions are usually followed by a Bear market and vice versa.

We define a bull market as appreciation of price by more than 30% and bear market a period when the prices fall by more than 30%.

Ethereum has gone through a number of bull and bear markets in the past, see chart below:

Historical bull and bear markets Ethereum:

Symbol Start Date End Date Start Price End Price Return
eth 2015-08-072015-08-102.831620.687585709083810
eth 2015-08-072015-08-072.831622.831620
eth 2015-08-102015-08-140.687585709083811.82597489135561.6556324065965
eth 2015-08-142015-10-201.82597489135560.43297859903125-0.76287812002179
eth 2015-10-202016-02-110.432978599031256.005000308112712.869046464533
eth 2016-02-112016-02-176.00500030811273.7440224707402-0.37651585701301
eth 2016-02-172016-03-133.744022470740214.8935997845782.977967520487
eth 2016-03-132016-04-2814.8935997845787.2502160052258-0.51319921912141
eth 2016-04-282016-06-167.250216005225820.509400413761.8287985349646
eth 2016-06-162016-07-0720.5094004137610.098931265626-0.50759500219954
eth 2016-07-072016-07-2310.09893126562614.3897253427220.42487605512277
eth 2016-07-232016-08-0214.3897253427228.352592747839-0.41954467170815
eth 2016-08-022016-09-208.35259274783914.3080465816590.71300660927843
eth 2016-09-202016-12-0514.3080465816596.8156092220871-0.52365201055302
eth 2016-12-052017-06-126.8156092220871398.4307850845957.458572389012
eth 2017-06-122017-07-16398.43078508459156.46899162899-0.60728689276415
eth 2017-07-162017-09-01156.46899162899386.343057000941.4691349575321
eth 2017-09-012017-09-14386.34305700094214.3117136335-0.44528131216558
eth 2017-09-142018-01-13214.31171363351448.18008613425.7573538635914
eth 2018-01-132018-02-061448.1800861342684.31333972667-0.52746668299148
eth 2018-02-062018-02-18684.31333972667964.276507910730.40911546207163
eth 2018-02-182018-04-07964.27650791073369.91389766932-0.61638192506546
eth 2018-04-072018-05-06369.91389766932807.067329163731.1817707694919
eth 2018-05-062018-12-15807.0673291637383.785962356545-0.89618466845466
eth 2018-12-152019-06-2783.785962356545337.340957809813.0262228698202
eth 2019-06-272019-12-18337.34095780981121.77010729001-0.63902957980377
eth 2019-12-182020-02-15121.77010729001284.231891474121.3341680302309
eth 2020-02-152020-03-13284.23189147412110.59789783084-0.61088849932624
eth 2020-03-132021-05-12110.597897830844182.790285752336.819799180542
eth 2021-05-122021-05-244182.79028575232120.0373745099-0.49315236249559
eth 2021-05-242021-05-272120.03737450992882.4834076240.3596380150092
eth 2021-05-272021-07-212882.4834076241794.9734251868-0.37728230440487

Download historical bull and bear markets data for Ethereum by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of bull and bear markets

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Ethereum quick facts

Website Total supply Available supply Is minable? Proof type Algorithm Explorer 118445950.874 118445950.874 1 PoW Ethash

Links to historical data and reports for other cryptocurrencies

Historical data Price 24hr %change Bull market report Bear market report
Bitcoin history csv download $36326.00 -11.2 160.5 3.4 692855.0 Is BTC a good long-term investment
Ethereum history csv download $2553.72 -15.6 151.8 -126.4 306644.5 Is ETH a good long-term investment
Tether history csv download $0.999 -0.0 85.6 -183.8 78144.8 Is USDT a good long-term investment
Binance Coin history csv download $382.14 -13.8 -16.3 73.9 64653.9 Is BNB a good long-term investment
USD Coin history csv download $1.000 -0.0 406.4 34.5 42732.8 Is USDC a good long-term investment
Cardano history csv download $1.12 -11.8 -81.9 -64.1 36368.2 Is ADA a good long-term investment
Solana history csv download $111.61 -13.8 20.3 -30.5 35070.0 Is SOL a good long-term investment
Ripple history csv download $0.635 -12.3 -48.0 -19.8 30525.6 Is XRP a good long-term investment
Terra history csv download $64.36 -16.5 64.8 -84.2 26040.1 Is LUNA a good long-term investment
Polkadot history csv download $19.52 -15.9 35.8 -60.3 21173.7 Is DOT a good long-term investment
Dogecoin history csv download $0.142 -9.3 -58.2 -9.9 18923.1 Is DOGE a good long-term investment
BinanceUSD history csv download $0.996 -0.3 -6.5 167.9 14253.6 Is BUSD a good long-term investment
SHIBA INU history csv download $0.0000221 -16.9 91.8 -91.5 12212.9 Is SHIB a good long-term investment
Matic Network history csv download $1.70 -13.7 -33.0 -43.4 11716.1 Is MATIC a good long-term investment
Cosmos history csv download $34.32 -12.9 -41.8 -117.1 9853.4 Is ATOM a good long-term investment
Wrapped Bitcoin history csv download $36352.00 -11.1 99.2 2.5 9632.5 Is WBTC a good long-term investment history csv download $0.363 -17.4 -10.5 -145.8 9182.7 Is CRO a good long-term investment
Dai history csv download $0.363 0.0 29.9 41.0 9166.6 Is DAI a good long-term investment
NEAR Protocol history csv download $13.11 -14.9 -28.9 31.7 8145.6 Is NEAR a good long-term investment
Litecoin history csv download $113.67 -13.7 -44.5 -3.3 7981.4 Is LTC a good long-term investment
Algorand history csv download $1.03 -13.5 -6.6 25.9 6752.1 Is ALGO a good long-term investment
Tron history csv download $0.0607 -10.7 -90.6 46.7 6222.1 Is TRX a good long-term investment
Bitcoin Cash history csv download $314.37 -12.6 -64.3 -52.3 5984.3 Is BCH a good long-term investment
Fantom history csv download $2.27 -16.9 -77.3 -48.5 5792.5 Is FTM a good long-term investment
Uniswap history csv download $12.62 -13.4 -36.5 -64.5 5772.3 Is UNI a good long-term investment
OKB history csv download $21.32 -14.5 -11.5 -70.8 5629.1 Is OKB a good long-term investment
FTX token history csv download $38.24 -15.7 -31.0 -169.4 5297.0 Is FTT a good long-term investment
Stellar Lumens history csv download $0.202 -13.6 -24.1 -67.1 5075.8 Is XLM a good long-term investment
Hedera history csv download $0.234 -11.0 -64.7 -76.1 4391.4 Is HBAR a good long-term investment
VETVechain history csv download $0.0574 -16.1 -0.7 5.2 3852.3 Is VET a good long-term investment
Ethereum Classic history csv download $25.91 -12.2 -23.4 -66.5 3448.6 Is ETC a good long-term investment
Theta Token history csv download $3.39 -18.7 7.3 -26.6 3409.9 Is THETA a good long-term investment
Filecoin history csv download $21.78 -17.3 10.1 -84.3 3314.2 Is FIL a good long-term investment
UnusSEDLEO history csv download $3.53 -4.9 -13.3 103.8 3308.8 Is LEO a good long-term investment
Monero history csv download $171.38 -10.0 -17.8 -36.3 3115.8 Is XMR a good long-term investment
Decentraland history csv download $2.23 -16.2 -37.6 -31.8 2967.3 Is MANA a good long-term investment
Tezos history csv download $3.33 -10.7 6.9 -61.0 2924.3 Is XTZ a good long-term investment
Elrond history csv download $137.34 -18.5 -17.4 76.5 2825.7 Is EGLD a good long-term investment
BitTorrent history csv download $0.00270 -1.3 -39.3 18.0 2510.7 Is BTT a good long-term investment
Harmony history csv download $0.214 -18.7 -61.3 -61.2 2491.6 Is ONE a good long-term investment
IOTA history csv download $0.856 -16.1 -22.1 -7.8 2389.6 Is MIOTA a good long-term investment
PancakeSwap history csv download $8.90 -14.0 -12.1 -77.4 2350.9 Is CAKE a good long-term investment
EOS history csv download $2.35 -11.3 -34.4 -8.3 2333.0 Is EOS a good long-term investment
Aave history csv download $169.64 -15.4 -43.7 -40.2 2302.5 Is AAVE a good long-term investment
The Graph history csv download $0.433 -14.3 -30.5 -118.8 2279.6 Is GRT a good long-term investment
Kusama history csv download $212.20 -11.9 -76.4 -18.9 1920.9 Is KSM a good long-term investment
Theta Fuel history csv download $0.156 -15.7 26.8 131.1 1886.2 Is TFUEL a good long-term investment
Bitcoin SV history csv download $95.09 -9.2 132.9 -43.5 1818.1 Is BSV a good long-term investment
Revain history csv download $0.0197 -7.7 -27.3 63.1 1675.8 Is REV a good long-term investment
Maker history csv download $1786.77 -6.3 -46.4 -150.4 1621.2 Is MKR a good long-term investment
Enjin Coin history csv download $1.73 -18.8 -56.5 -139.9 1620.9 Is ENJ a good long-term investment
Arweave history csv download $31.65 -20.6 -26.4 -16.1 1573.6 Is AR a good long-term investment
Quant history csv download $113.53 -15.4 -3.9 -214.1 1512.6 Is QNT a good long-term investment
Huobi Token history csv download $9.12 -6.5 0.6 179.6 1433.4 Is HT a good long-term investment
TrueUSD history csv download $0.994 -0.6 34.7 -79.3 1419.1 Is TUSD a good long-term investment
NEO history csv download $19.52 -14.9 -38.5 -183.2 1389.1 Is NEO a good long-term investment
Celo history csv download $3.54 -13.5 -24.2 -104.4 1373.3 Is CELO a good long-term investment
KuCoin Shares history csv download $16.74 -14.2 -22.6 293.2 1285.8 Is KCS a good long-term investment
Zcash history csv download $102.65 -14.9 -8.1 -33.0 1241.6 Is ZEC a good long-term investment
Basic Attention Token history csv download $0.805 -12.4 -20.7 -15.8 1212.6 Is BAT a good long-term investment
Dash history csv download $105.48 -13.4 -38.4 -152.5 1117.7 Is DASH a good long-term investment
Celsius history csv download $2.62 -14.9 -17.0 84.9 1111.3 Is CEL a good long-term investment
Loopring history csv download $0.864 -19.2 -25.5 17.1 1083.2 Is LRC a good long-term investment
Waves history csv download $10.68 -16.6 -9.7 81.2 1072.4 Is WAVES a good long-term investment
Nexo history csv download $1.89 -14.5 -64.0 -138.0 1061.3 Is NEXO a good long-term investment
Chiliz history csv download $0.197 -16.7 -37.4 -69.9 1054.4 Is CHZ a good long-term investment
Secret history csv download $6.19 -20.6 -63.9 68.7 995.8 Is SCRT a good long-term investment
Gatechain Token history csv download $6.22 -11.7 -2.3 -18.0 984.4 Is GT a good long-term investment
SushiSwap history csv download $4.90 -16.7 -19.2 -95.9 953.4 Is SUSHI a good long-term investment
Paxos Standard Token history csv download $0.997 1.7 3.3 62.9 942.4 Is PAX a good long-term investment history csv download $25628.00 -18.6 -23.0 -80.9 921.7 Is YFI a good long-term investment
Compound history csv download $138.59 -14.8 -55.1 8.1 883.5 Is COMP a good long-term investment
NEM history csv download $0.0966 -12.9 4.8 -85.9 872.0 Is XEM a good long-term investment
1inch history csv download $1.83 -10.7 -41.0 -249.0 858.7 Is 1INCH a good long-term investment
Synthetix history csv download $4.16 -13.0 -11.3 -98.9 835.9 Is SNX a good long-term investment
Fei Protocol history csv download $0.982 -1.8 -23.3 14.9 824.6 Is FEI a good long-term investment
IoTeX history csv download $0.0852 -15.7 -20.1 43.3 811.6 Is IOTX a good long-term investment
Nano history csv download $5.74 1.2 -46.3 -97.6 759.7 Is NANO a good long-term investment
Decred history csv download $53.74 -19.1 -53.0 -45.9 739.3 Is DCR a good long-term investment
Ravencoin history csv download $0.0679 -15.2 -99.2 88.0 713.4 Is RVN a good long-term investment
Zilliqa history csv download $0.0486 -15.7 -74.9 -132.8 675.2 Is ZIL a good long-term investment
renBTC history csv download $36378.00 -11.0 -1.4 31.2 667.3 Is RENBTC a good long-term investment
OmiseGo history csv download $4.68 -11.2 -14.8 -116.1 660.2 Is OMG a good long-term investment
SysCoin history csv download $1.02 -8.9 -16.1 -24.8 655.5 Is SYS a good long-term investment
Qtum history csv download $6.13 -13.7 -0.7 -86.3 644.0 Is QTUM a good long-term investment
Livepeer history csv download $24.62 -19.2 -13.2 -94.7 614.2 Is LPT a good long-term investment
Ankr history csv download $0.0726 -12.2 -16.2 -108.1 597.4 Is ANKR a good long-term investment
Bancor history csv download $2.46 -12.8 19.0 -149.0 595.5 Is BNT a good long-term investment
NXM history csv download $85.85 -15.0 -6.9 83.6 594.0 Is NXM a good long-term investment
Velas history csv download $0.263 -15.5 -31.2 -124.8 581.1 Is VLX a good long-term investment
WAX history csv download $0.294 -16.6 -35.7 12.4 568.3 Is WAXP a good long-term investment history csv download $3.80 -7.8 -56.5 -176.1 561.6 Is KAVA a good long-term investment
Bitcoin Gold history csv download $30.24 -12.7 -53.3 -31.8 532.2 Is BTG a good long-term investment
ICON history csv download $0.754 -15.2 -73.0 -132.1 532.1 Is ICX a good long-term investment
IOStoken history csv download $0.0229 -12.7 -47.2 -95.1 527.0 Is IOST a good long-term investment
Siacoin history csv download $0.0105 -14.5 -38.6 -102.2 526.5 Is SC a good long-term investment
Gnosis history csv download $279.90 -17.0 -28.6 -107.4 524.9 Is GNO a good long-term investment
SwissBorg history csv download $0.550 -4.8 7.8 -79.6 524.2 Is CHSB a good long-term investment
Audius history csv download $0.994 -16.5 41.2 -62.7 513.3 Is AUDIO a good long-term investment

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