Cryptocurrencies historical data - crypto data download available as csv / API

BittsAnalytics is one of the premier and oldest providers of cryptocurrency historical data for the crypto market. We offer a wide range of historical data sets, from social media sentiment, social mentions, cryptocurrency news to technical analysis data. Our data sets are available for 300+ top cryptocurrencies.

For full access and more information about our historical data sets please check out our API Endpoints.

For small samples of our data sets check our links below.

By BittsAnalytics

June, 2023

After new highs reached by crypto market in the 2021, the crypto investors need additional data sources and tools to be competitive.

We offer our clients historical data for 300+ top cryptocurrencies that include:

  • real-time pricing data
  • hourly/daily social media sentiment
  • hourly/daily number of social media mentions
  • crypto fear and greed index
  • news (with sentiment classification)
  • support and resistance levels
  • trendlines
  • historical bull and bear markets

You can get samples of this data for each coin by clicking on the links in our table.

Links to samples of our historical crypto data

Cryptocurrency Daily social mentions Hourly social mentions Hourly social sentiment Daily social sentiment Most frequent words in positive / negative posts Cryptocurrency news Support, resistance levels Bull and bear markets
Bitcoin download bitcoin daily mentions download bitcoin hourly mentions download bitcoin daily sentiment download bitcoin hourly sentiment download bitcoin positive words download bitcoin news download bitcoin support resistance download bitcoin bull bear
Ethereum download ethereum daily mentions download ethereum hourly mentions download ethereum daily sentiment download ethereum hourly sentiment download ethereum positive words download ethereum news download ethereum support resistance download ethereum bull bear
Binance Coin download binance coin daily mentions download binance coin hourly mentions download binance coin daily sentiment download binance coin hourly sentiment download binance coin positive words download binance coin news download binance coin support resistance download binance coin bull bear
Tether download tether daily mentions download tether hourly mentions download tether daily sentiment download tether hourly sentiment download tether positive words download tether news download tether support resistance download tether bull bear
Solana download solana daily mentions download solana hourly mentions download solana daily sentiment download solana hourly sentiment download solana positive words download solana news download solana support resistance download solana bull bear
USD Coin download usd coin daily mentions download usd coin hourly mentions download usd coin daily sentiment download usd coin hourly sentiment download usd coin positive words download usd coin news download usd coin support resistance download usd coin bull bear
Cardano download cardano daily mentions download cardano hourly mentions download cardano daily sentiment download cardano hourly sentiment download cardano positive words download cardano news download cardano support resistance download cardano bull bear
Ripple download ripple daily mentions download ripple hourly mentions download ripple daily sentiment download ripple hourly sentiment download ripple positive words download ripple news download ripple support resistance download ripple bull bear
Polkadot download polkadot daily mentions download polkadot hourly mentions download polkadot daily sentiment download polkadot hourly sentiment download polkadot positive words download polkadot news download polkadot support resistance download polkadot bull bear
Dogecoin download dogecoin daily mentions download dogecoin hourly mentions download dogecoin daily sentiment download dogecoin hourly sentiment download dogecoin positive words download dogecoin news download dogecoin support resistance download dogecoin bull bear
Terra download terra daily mentions download terra hourly mentions download terra daily sentiment download terra hourly sentiment download terra positive words download terra news download terra support resistance download terra bull bear
SHIBA INU download shiba inu daily mentions download shiba inu hourly mentions download shiba inu daily sentiment download shiba inu hourly sentiment download shiba inu positive words download shiba inu news download shiba inu support resistance download shiba inu bull bear download daily mentions download hourly mentions download daily sentiment download hourly sentiment download positive words download news download support resistance download bull bear
BinanceUSD download binanceusd daily mentions download binanceusd hourly mentions download binanceusd daily sentiment download binanceusd hourly sentiment download binanceusd positive words download binanceusd news download binanceusd support resistance download binanceusd bull bear
Matic Network download matic network daily mentions download matic network hourly mentions download matic network daily sentiment download matic network hourly sentiment download matic network positive words download matic network news download matic network support resistance download matic network bull bear
Wrapped Bitcoin download wrapped bitcoin daily mentions download wrapped bitcoin hourly mentions download wrapped bitcoin daily sentiment download wrapped bitcoin hourly sentiment download wrapped bitcoin positive words download wrapped bitcoin news download wrapped bitcoin support resistance download wrapped bitcoin bull bear
Litecoin download litecoin daily mentions download litecoin hourly mentions download litecoin daily sentiment download litecoin hourly sentiment download litecoin positive words download litecoin news download litecoin support resistance download litecoin bull bear
Dai download dai daily mentions download dai hourly mentions download dai daily sentiment download dai hourly sentiment download dai positive words download dai news download dai support resistance download dai bull bear
Algorand download algorand daily mentions download algorand hourly mentions download algorand daily sentiment download algorand hourly sentiment download algorand positive words download algorand news download algorand support resistance download algorand bull bear
Tron download tron daily mentions download tron hourly mentions download tron daily sentiment download tron hourly sentiment download tron positive words download tron news download tron support resistance download tron bull bear
Bitcoin Cash download bitcoin cash daily mentions download bitcoin cash hourly mentions download bitcoin cash daily sentiment download bitcoin cash hourly sentiment download bitcoin cash positive words download bitcoin cash news download bitcoin cash support resistance download bitcoin cash bull bear
OKB download okb daily mentions download okb hourly mentions download okb daily sentiment download okb hourly sentiment download okb positive words download okb news download okb support resistance download okb bull bear
Uniswap download uniswap daily mentions download uniswap hourly mentions download uniswap daily sentiment download uniswap hourly sentiment download uniswap positive words download uniswap news download uniswap support resistance download uniswap bull bear
Cosmos download cosmos daily mentions download cosmos hourly mentions download cosmos daily sentiment download cosmos hourly sentiment download cosmos positive words download cosmos news download cosmos support resistance download cosmos bull bear
Stellar Lumens download stellar lumens daily mentions download stellar lumens hourly mentions download stellar lumens daily sentiment download stellar lumens hourly sentiment download stellar lumens positive words download stellar lumens news download stellar lumens support resistance download stellar lumens bull bear
FTX token download ftx token daily mentions download ftx token hourly mentions download ftx token daily sentiment download ftx token hourly sentiment download ftx token positive words download ftx token news download ftx token support resistance download ftx token bull bear
VETVechain download vetvechain daily mentions download vetvechain hourly mentions download vetvechain daily sentiment download vetvechain hourly sentiment download vetvechain positive words download vetvechain news download vetvechain support resistance download vetvechain bull bear
NEAR Protocol download near protocol daily mentions download near protocol hourly mentions download near protocol daily sentiment download near protocol hourly sentiment download near protocol positive words download near protocol news download near protocol support resistance download near protocol bull bear
Filecoin download filecoin daily mentions download filecoin hourly mentions download filecoin daily sentiment download filecoin hourly sentiment download filecoin positive words download filecoin news download filecoin support resistance download filecoin bull bear
Elrond download elrond daily mentions download elrond hourly mentions download elrond daily sentiment download elrond hourly sentiment download elrond positive words download elrond news download elrond support resistance download elrond bull bear
Ethereum Classic download ethereum classic daily mentions download ethereum classic hourly mentions download ethereum classic daily sentiment download ethereum classic hourly sentiment download ethereum classic positive words download ethereum classic news download ethereum classic support resistance download ethereum classic bull bear
Decentraland download decentraland daily mentions download decentraland hourly mentions download decentraland daily sentiment download decentraland hourly sentiment download decentraland positive words download decentraland news download decentraland support resistance download decentraland bull bear
Hedera download hedera daily mentions download hedera hourly mentions download hedera daily sentiment download hedera hourly sentiment download hedera positive words download hedera news download hedera support resistance download hedera bull bear
Theta Token download theta token daily mentions download theta token hourly mentions download theta token daily sentiment download theta token hourly sentiment download theta token positive words download theta token news download theta token support resistance download theta token bull bear
Tezos download tezos daily mentions download tezos hourly mentions download tezos daily sentiment download tezos hourly sentiment download tezos positive words download tezos news download tezos support resistance download tezos bull bear
UnusSEDLEO download unussedleo daily mentions download unussedleo hourly mentions download unussedleo daily sentiment download unussedleo hourly sentiment download unussedleo positive words download unussedleo news download unussedleo support resistance download unussedleo bull bear
Fantom download fantom daily mentions download fantom hourly mentions download fantom daily sentiment download fantom hourly sentiment download fantom positive words download fantom news download fantom support resistance download fantom bull bear
Monero download monero daily mentions download monero hourly mentions download monero daily sentiment download monero hourly sentiment download monero positive words download monero news download monero support resistance download monero bull bear
The Graph download the graph daily mentions download the graph hourly mentions download the graph daily sentiment download the graph hourly sentiment download the graph positive words download the graph news download the graph support resistance download the graph bull bear
EOS download eos daily mentions download eos hourly mentions download eos daily sentiment download eos hourly sentiment download eos positive words download eos news download eos support resistance download eos bull bear
IOTA download iota daily mentions download iota hourly mentions download iota daily sentiment download iota hourly sentiment download iota positive words download iota news download iota support resistance download iota bull bear
BitTorrent download bittorrent daily mentions download bittorrent hourly mentions download bittorrent daily sentiment download bittorrent hourly sentiment download bittorrent positive words download bittorrent news download bittorrent support resistance download bittorrent bull bear
Loopring download loopring daily mentions download loopring hourly mentions download loopring daily sentiment download loopring hourly sentiment download loopring positive words download loopring news download loopring support resistance download loopring bull bear
PancakeSwap download pancakeswap daily mentions download pancakeswap hourly mentions download pancakeswap daily sentiment download pancakeswap hourly sentiment download pancakeswap positive words download pancakeswap news download pancakeswap support resistance download pancakeswap bull bear
Kusama download kusama daily mentions download kusama hourly mentions download kusama daily sentiment download kusama hourly sentiment download kusama positive words download kusama news download kusama support resistance download kusama bull bear
Quant download quant daily mentions download quant hourly mentions download quant daily sentiment download quant hourly sentiment download quant positive words download quant news download quant support resistance download quant bull bear
Bitcoin SV download bitcoin sv daily mentions download bitcoin sv hourly mentions download bitcoin sv daily sentiment download bitcoin sv hourly sentiment download bitcoin sv positive words download bitcoin sv news download bitcoin sv support resistance download bitcoin sv bull bear
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Aave download aave daily mentions download aave hourly mentions download aave daily sentiment download aave hourly sentiment download aave positive words download aave news download aave support resistance download aave bull bear
Maker download maker daily mentions download maker hourly mentions download maker daily sentiment download maker hourly sentiment download maker positive words download maker news download maker support resistance download maker bull bear
Harmony download harmony daily mentions download harmony hourly mentions download harmony daily sentiment download harmony hourly sentiment download harmony positive words download harmony news download harmony support resistance download harmony bull bear
Zcash download zcash daily mentions download zcash hourly mentions download zcash daily sentiment download zcash hourly sentiment download zcash positive words download zcash news download zcash support resistance download zcash bull bear
Theta Fuel download theta fuel daily mentions download theta fuel hourly mentions download theta fuel daily sentiment download theta fuel hourly sentiment download theta fuel positive words download theta fuel news download theta fuel support resistance download theta fuel bull bear
Arweave download arweave daily mentions download arweave hourly mentions download arweave daily sentiment download arweave hourly sentiment download arweave positive words download arweave news download arweave support resistance download arweave bull bear
NEO download neo daily mentions download neo hourly mentions download neo daily sentiment download neo hourly sentiment download neo positive words download neo news download neo support resistance download neo bull bear
Revain download revain daily mentions download revain hourly mentions download revain daily sentiment download revain hourly sentiment download revain positive words download revain news download revain support resistance download revain bull bear
Celsius download celsius daily mentions download celsius hourly mentions download celsius daily sentiment download celsius hourly sentiment download celsius positive words download celsius news download celsius support resistance download celsius bull bear
Basic Attention Token download basic attention token daily mentions download basic attention token hourly mentions download basic attention token daily sentiment download basic attention token hourly sentiment download basic attention token positive words download basic attention token news download basic attention token support resistance download basic attention token bull bear
KuCoin Shares download kucoin shares daily mentions download kucoin shares hourly mentions download kucoin shares daily sentiment download kucoin shares hourly sentiment download kucoin shares positive words download kucoin shares news download kucoin shares support resistance download kucoin shares bull bear
Huobi Token download huobi token daily mentions download huobi token hourly mentions download huobi token daily sentiment download huobi token hourly sentiment download huobi token positive words download huobi token news download huobi token support resistance download huobi token bull bear
Waves download waves daily mentions download waves hourly mentions download waves daily sentiment download waves hourly sentiment download waves positive words download waves news download waves support resistance download waves bull bear
Chiliz download chiliz daily mentions download chiliz hourly mentions download chiliz daily sentiment download chiliz hourly sentiment download chiliz positive words download chiliz news download chiliz support resistance download chiliz bull bear
Dash download dash daily mentions download dash hourly mentions download dash daily sentiment download dash hourly sentiment download dash positive words download dash news download dash support resistance download dash bull bear
Nexo download nexo daily mentions download nexo hourly mentions download nexo daily sentiment download nexo hourly sentiment download nexo positive words download nexo news download nexo support resistance download nexo bull bear
Celo download celo daily mentions download celo hourly mentions download celo daily sentiment download celo hourly sentiment download celo positive words download celo news download celo support resistance download celo bull bear
TrueUSD download trueusd daily mentions download trueusd hourly mentions download trueusd daily sentiment download trueusd hourly sentiment download trueusd positive words download trueusd news download trueusd support resistance download trueusd bull bear
SushiSwap download sushiswap daily mentions download sushiswap hourly mentions download sushiswap daily sentiment download sushiswap hourly sentiment download sushiswap positive words download sushiswap news download sushiswap support resistance download sushiswap bull bear
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Synthetix download synthetix daily mentions download synthetix hourly mentions download synthetix daily sentiment download synthetix hourly sentiment download synthetix positive words download synthetix news download synthetix support resistance download synthetix bull bear
Qtum download qtum daily mentions download qtum hourly mentions download qtum daily sentiment download qtum hourly sentiment download qtum positive words download qtum news download qtum support resistance download qtum bull bear
Paxos Standard Token download paxos standard token daily mentions download paxos standard token hourly mentions download paxos standard token daily sentiment download paxos standard token hourly sentiment download paxos standard token positive words download paxos standard token news download paxos standard token support resistance download paxos standard token bull bear
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Ravencoin download ravencoin daily mentions download ravencoin hourly mentions download ravencoin daily sentiment download ravencoin hourly sentiment download ravencoin positive words download ravencoin news download ravencoin support resistance download ravencoin bull bear
OmiseGo download omisego daily mentions download omisego hourly mentions download omisego daily sentiment download omisego hourly sentiment download omisego positive words download omisego news download omisego support resistance download omisego bull bear
Ankr download ankr daily mentions download ankr hourly mentions download ankr daily sentiment download ankr hourly sentiment download ankr positive words download ankr news download ankr support resistance download ankr bull bear
Zilliqa download zilliqa daily mentions download zilliqa hourly mentions download zilliqa daily sentiment download zilliqa hourly sentiment download zilliqa positive words download zilliqa news download zilliqa support resistance download zilliqa bull bear
Siacoin download siacoin daily mentions download siacoin hourly mentions download siacoin daily sentiment download siacoin hourly sentiment download siacoin positive words download siacoin news download siacoin support resistance download siacoin bull bear
renBTC download renbtc daily mentions download renbtc hourly mentions download renbtc daily sentiment download renbtc hourly sentiment download renbtc positive words download renbtc news download renbtc support resistance download renbtc bull bear
ICON download icon daily mentions download icon hourly mentions download icon daily sentiment download icon hourly sentiment download icon positive words download icon news download icon support resistance download icon bull bear
Nano download nano daily mentions download nano hourly mentions download nano daily sentiment download nano hourly sentiment download nano positive words download nano news download nano support resistance download nano bull bear
Fei Protocol download fei protocol daily mentions download fei protocol hourly mentions download fei protocol daily sentiment download fei protocol hourly sentiment download fei protocol positive words download fei protocol news download fei protocol support resistance download fei protocol bull bear
Audius download audius daily mentions download audius hourly mentions download audius daily sentiment download audius hourly sentiment download audius positive words download audius news download audius support resistance download audius bull bear
Bancor download bancor daily mentions download bancor hourly mentions download bancor daily sentiment download bancor hourly sentiment download bancor positive words download bancor news download bancor support resistance download bancor bull bear
Bitcoin Gold download bitcoin gold daily mentions download bitcoin gold hourly mentions download bitcoin gold daily sentiment download bitcoin gold hourly sentiment download bitcoin gold positive words download bitcoin gold news download bitcoin gold support resistance download bitcoin gold bull bear
ZenCash download zencash daily mentions download zencash hourly mentions download zencash daily sentiment download zencash hourly sentiment download zencash positive words download zencash news download zencash support resistance download zencash bull bear
Gnosis download gnosis daily mentions download gnosis hourly mentions download gnosis daily sentiment download gnosis hourly sentiment download gnosis positive words download gnosis news download gnosis support resistance download gnosis bull bear download daily mentions download hourly mentions download daily sentiment download hourly sentiment download positive words download news download support resistance download bull bear
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Telcoin download telcoin daily mentions download telcoin hourly mentions download telcoin daily sentiment download telcoin hourly sentiment download telcoin positive words download telcoin news download telcoin support resistance download telcoin bull bear
0x download 0x daily mentions download 0x hourly mentions download 0x daily sentiment download 0x hourly sentiment download 0x positive words download 0x news download 0x support resistance download 0x bull bear
Secret download secret daily mentions download secret hourly mentions download secret daily sentiment download secret hourly sentiment download secret positive words download secret news download secret support resistance download secret bull bear
SwissBorg download swissborg daily mentions download swissborg hourly mentions download swissborg daily sentiment download swissborg hourly sentiment download swissborg positive words download swissborg news download swissborg support resistance download swissborg bull bear

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Social media historical data - why do we need insights from social media?

The crypto market is fast, volatile, and highly fragmented. And when it comes to understanding the social media landscape of this new asset class, it can seem downright overwhelming. That's where social media listening comes in.

We use it to track all postings on social media platforms to find out what people are posting about individual cryptocurrencies. We collect this data non-stop and process millions of social media posts each day.

From this social media data we determine:

  • how many times is each cryptocurrency mentioned in social media posts
  • average sentiment (positive or negative) of social posts in which each coin is mentioned (we use state-of-the-art machine learning model to compute sentiment of posts)
  • what are the most frequent words/topics mentioned in positive or negative sentiment posts that mention each cryptocurrency. This allows our users to see which topics/news are positively / negatively impacting the price of each coin

Why can social media listening help?

Social media listening can help you, because the price of coins is often intertwined with what is happenning and being talked about on the social media. Check out the chart below and see how there was years of disinterest in Dogecoin on social media, followed by spikes in social media mentions along with price surge:

Social media mentions of Bitcoin - historical data

We offer historical data on social mentions for all cryptocurrencies, for both hourly and daily latency. You can see the number of daily mentions of Bitcoin and BTC in social media posts in the following chart. You can note how large price jumps or crashes are often happening at the same time as surges in social media activity.

Sample of daily social media mentions for Bitcoin:

Symbol Date Number of social media mentions (daily)
BTC 2023-06-01680
BTC 2023-05-31672
BTC 2023-05-30193
BTC 2023-05-29347
BTC 2023-05-28460
BTC 2023-05-27523
BTC 2023-05-2686
BTC 2023-05-25195
BTC 2023-05-24278
BTC 2023-05-23152
BTC 2023-05-22331
BTC 2023-05-2162
BTC 2023-05-20181
BTC 2023-05-19273
BTC 2023-05-18511

Download a sample of historical data for social media mentions on daily basis by clicking on the button below:

Get sample csv (daily social mentions) Get sample csv (hourly social mentions)

You can get more daily data and data on hourly basis by subscribing to one of our plans.

Historical sentiment data of Bitcoin

Although social mentions tells us about the surge of interest in given cryptocurrency, it does not tell us what is the actual current opinion of the crypto community towards given coin - is it positive or negative? We determine this by computing sentiment of the millions of posts that we collect each day, and from this compute the average sentiment of individual coins. See example chart for sentiment of Bitcoin:

See a sample of historical daily sentiment for Bitcoin:

Symbol Date Social media sentiment (daily)
BTC 2023-06-010.23529
BTC 2023-05-310.23214
BTC 2023-05-300.25389
BTC 2023-05-290.31412
BTC 2023-05-280.14783
BTC 2023-05-270.30019
BTC 2023-05-260.18605
BTC 2023-05-250.11795
BTC 2023-05-240.30216
BTC 2023-05-230.27632
BTC 2023-05-220.46224
BTC 2023-05-21-0.03226
BTC 2023-05-200.34807
BTC 2023-05-190.29670
BTC 2023-05-180.33072

Download a sample of historical data for daily social sentiment by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (daily sentiment) Get sample csv (hourly sentiment)

You can get more daily data and data on hourly basis by subscribing to one of our plans.

Historical data for most frequent topics mentioned in positive and negative posts about cryptocurrencies

An important insight in better understanding of the crypto market is knowing the themes and topics that are positively and negatively affecting the price of individual cryptocurrencies.

We are one of the few platforms that provide you with this detailed data on each cryptocurrency.

Here is a sample of words that are most frequently found in positive sentiment social posts about Bitcoin and BTC in given hour:

usdt, buy, trading, new, trade, bullish, loan, top, long, crypto, past, traders, eth, today, time, best, join, weekly, get, group, next, year, last, day, one, our, week, like, okx, hours, m, live, 🔹, cryptocurrency, since, still, coming, amount, *, futures, pairs, community, strength, bull, chart, margin, big, algo, win, data,

A sample of words that are most frequently found in negative sentiment social posts Bitcoin and BTC:

you, nft, see, the, bitcoin, t, would, btc, s, what, market, price, from, usd, going, nfts, block, this, short, think, ethereum, people, transferred, 🚀, it, don, missed, gold, bearish, first, know, said, money, after, spot, sold, signal, change, pump, ordinals, around, even, sell, right, ago, they, that, may, could, idea,

The chart showing a wider group of words:

Download a sample of words by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (words)

You can get more data like this by subscribing to one of our plans.

Historical cryptocurrency news data about individual coins

Cryptocurrency news have a high impact on cryptocurrency prices, we are providing historical data about cryptocurrency news for each coin. For each news item, we compute sentiment polarity.

Here is an example of recent, sentiment annotated news about Bitcoin:

News Published
Looking Into The Role Credit Unions Can Play In Bitcoin Adoption
2 h 30 min ago
Blockchain Could Fire Up Business Development and Growth
3 h 35 min ago
1k invested into the Top Ten Cryptos in January 2021 - Month 28 UP 95
4 h 20 min ago
Bringing Web3 To Everyone A Crypto Wallet As Your Gateway To Web3
4 h 21 min ago
Alchemy Pay teams up with Mastercard for NFT Checkout
5 h 14 min ago
Top 3 Must-Have Cryptos To Buy Now For Your Portfolio June 2023
5 h 17 min ago
Cryptocurrency Stock News Public Bitcoin Miner SATO Technologies Corp TSXV SATO Releases May 2023 Bitcoin Mining Operational Update and Provides Updates for AI and HPC Deployments
5 h 31 min ago
Tell us a fact about one of your favorite cryptocurrency
5 h 34 min ago
Energy Web Unveils new initiative to Rate bitcoin miners based on clean energy usage
5 h 42 min ago
Solana SOL Price Might Drop 30 In Coming Days Analyst Maps Low Levels
5 h 47 min ago
XRP Price Prediction for June 2023 XRP Price at 1 or 0 20
5 h 54 min ago
Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Trying to Send a Message
6 h 2 min ago
How a frog-themed token shapes Ethereum gas fees in 2023
6 h 2 min ago
ETH Breaks 1900 Litecoin and HedgeUp Increase Holders and Trading Volume
6 h 27 min ago
Bitcoin Miners Stock Up On Bitcoin Bullish Breakout On The Horizon
6 h 28 min ago
AI vs Bitcoin Novogratz s Warning Signals Massive Market Shake-Up
6 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin Millionaire Found Dead in Arkansas Weeks After Mysterious Disappearance
6 h 35 min ago
Marathon Digital increased its production by 77 to 1 245 BTC in May
6 h 42 min ago
Crypto price predictions Sui Jasmy Avalanche AVAX
7 h 11 min ago
Hong Kong Stock Market Takes Lead in Asia-Pacific Market Rally
7 h 12 min ago
Coinbase Derivatives Exchange to Roll Out Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures Trading on June 5
7 h 15 min ago
U S unemployment rate comes in at 3 7 Bitcoin holds 27K
7 h 29 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction For June 2023 Here s What Traders Can Expect
7 h 49 min ago
Coinbase Derivatives Exchange unveils Bitcoin and Ethereum futures
8 h 1 min ago
Don t Miss the Train InQubeta QUBE Sets the Pace as Hedera and Litecoin Fall Behind
8 h 14 min ago
Breaking Barriers How Bitcoin Can Transform The Real Estate Industry
8 h 17 min ago
OKX Proposes Industry-First BRC-30 Token Standard to Enable Bitcoin and BRC-20 Token Staking
8 h 20 min ago
Bitcoin recaptures 27 000 following market reprieve CryptoSlate wMarket Update
8 h 31 min ago

Download a sample of historical news items for the coin by clicking on the button below :

Get sample csv (news items)

You can get historical cryptocurrency news data starting years back by subscribing to one of our plans.

BittsAnalytics is a premium provider of historical data for the crypto market. Our data include social media sentiment, social buzz, fear and greed index, cryptocurrency news, technical analysis and other types of datasets that will help you decide if Bitcoin and other coins are a good investment.

Historical Data of BittsAnalyticsCrypto Fear and Greed Index

The BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index captures positive and negative emotions of traders, investors and other persons interested in the cryptocurrency market. It is based on determination of sentiment polarity of social media posts that are published about Bitcoin, Altcoins, Defi coins and other cryptomedia.

Over 1 million posts are processed and analysed each by machine learning models to compute our Crypto Fear and Greed Index.

BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index is a product intended for investors, analysts, traders and other persons interested in cryptocurrency market. It is designed to help make decisions with regards to both long-term and mid-term trading as well as making short-term trading decisions.

See historical chart of BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index:

Download a sample of historical BittsAnalytics Crypto Fear & Greed Index by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of Fear & Greed Index

You can get full historical Crypto Fear & Greed Index data by subscribing to one of our plans.

Bitcoin support and resistance levels - historical data

Using trading data, we compute potential support and resistance levels for all cryptocurrencies, current chart for Bitcoin:

See current support resistance levels data for Bitcoin:

Symbol Start of level (USD) End of level (USD) Strength of level
BTC 15623.715777.6930.024296563969986
BTC 15777.69315931.6860.039860778360827
BTC 15931.68616085.6790.037518485418966
BTC 16085.67916239.6720.12874693410433
BTC 16239.67216393.6650.060343161135432
BTC 16393.66516547.6580.30569211896295
BTC 16547.65816701.6510.59519759870049
BTC 16701.65116855.6440.78813763603224
BTC 16855.64417009.6370.57731320343344
BTC 17009.63717163.630.30640354601176
BTC 17163.6317317.6230.28002675421632
BTC 17317.62317471.6160.18110275413636
BTC 17471.61617625.6090.081824330663838
BTC 17625.60917779.6020.090578577765816
BTC 17779.60217933.5950.092182271539473
BTC 17933.59518087.5880.01329904839759
BTC 18087.58818241.5810.07462538651866
BTC 18241.58118395.5740.036603302841566
BTC 18395.57418549.5670.061107584179818
BTC 18549.56718703.560.02932761376767
BTC 18703.5618857.5530.059878083645229
BTC 18857.55319011.5460.073350659329672
BTC 19011.54619165.5390.35031002518162
BTC 19165.53919319.5320.31196943949216
BTC 19319.53219473.5250.19758958067746
BTC 19473.52519627.5180.17024044470941
BTC 19627.51819781.5110.062714669435735
BTC 19781.51119935.5040.082188313362569
BTC 19935.50420089.4970.16174234494395
BTC 20089.49720243.490.25655152832062
BTC 20243.4920397.4830.2964923842986
BTC 20397.48320551.4760.29466614089639
BTC 20551.47620705.4690.52236931978351
BTC 20705.46920859.4620.72962760027302
BTC 20859.46221013.4550.46023135281564
BTC 21013.45521167.4480.20283300361949
BTC 21167.44821321.4411
BTC 21321.44121475.4340.18721933359822
BTC 21475.43421629.4270.049014680340934
BTC 21629.42721783.420.2393920163296
BTC 21783.4221937.4130.17871794285461
BTC 21937.41322091.4060.094133884873792
BTC 22091.40622245.3990.13765142096521
BTC 22245.39922399.3920.19415925241989
BTC 22399.39222553.3850.15115335267481
BTC 22553.38522707.3780.17335458473843
BTC 22707.37822861.3710.26628584703319
BTC 22861.37123015.3640.46467436369862
BTC 23015.36423169.3570.45097225186669
BTC 23169.35723323.350.2826978463085
BTC 23323.3523477.3430.29491797979095
BTC 23477.34323631.3360.17028006672684
BTC 23631.33623785.3290.21094963297143
BTC 23785.32923939.3220.1988245226749
BTC 23939.32224093.3150.10955257645961
BTC 24093.31524247.3080.10793400442695
BTC 24247.30824401.3010.15204796796613
BTC 24401.30124555.2940.22514698028008
BTC 24555.29424709.2870.27667223230984
BTC 24709.28724863.280.18368907362964
BTC 24863.2825017.2730.17427326257416
BTC 25017.27325171.2660.066751521530419
BTC 25171.26625325.2590
BTC 25325.25925479.2520.001120219208422
BTC 25479.25225633.2450.0012476307738658
BTC 25633.24525787.2380.0036308502396362
BTC 25787.23825941.2310.028519856297547
BTC 25941.23126095.2240.019006438803438
BTC 26095.22426249.2170.02909419044746
BTC 26249.21726403.210.054081210402041
BTC 26403.2126557.2030.037265219993797
BTC 26557.20326711.1960.052321623151763
BTC 26711.19626865.1890.14953823278343
BTC 26865.18927019.1820.1384802683069
BTC 27019.18227173.1750.12218983018668
BTC 27173.17527327.1680.15172081951528
BTC 27327.16827481.1610.23050053362329
BTC 27481.16127635.1540.22126539866339
BTC 27635.15427789.1470.19673239712717
BTC 27789.14727943.140.21875665870511
BTC 27943.1428097.1330.24828918403003
BTC 28097.13328251.1260.24638161520883
BTC 28251.12628405.1190.23444376568211
BTC 28405.11928559.1120.14973651122114
BTC 28559.11228713.1050.088927338255685
BTC 28713.10528867.0980.0622106840103
BTC 28867.09829021.0910.095533020140217
BTC 29021.09129175.0840.065433709017755
BTC 29175.08429329.0770.10651057133498
BTC 29329.07729483.070.093262770460254
BTC 29483.0729637.0630.044925756770475
BTC 29637.06329791.0560.02506851438891
BTC 29791.05629945.0490.032982806552065
BTC 29945.04930099.0420.057986654795388
BTC 30099.04230253.0350.070256287455573
BTC 30253.03530407.0280.087157916665139
BTC 30407.02830561.0210.040856773179867
BTC 30561.02130715.0140.0023078911301885
BTC 30715.01430869.0070.018459653432014

Download a sample of historical support and resistance levels by clicking on the button below :

Get sample Support/Resistance levels for Bitcoin

Historical trend lines data

Another technical analysis approach is chart patterns detection. We use machine learning models to detect chart patterns, see below the chart showing trendlines for Bitcoin:

See current trendlines data for Bitcoin:

Symbol Date - start Price - start (USD) Date - end Price - end (USD)
BTC 2023-03-29 00:00:00275622023-06-02 00:00:0026064.045454545456
BTC 2023-04-28 00:00:00295152023-06-02 00:00:0028994.375

Download sample of all trendlines data by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of today's trendlines

Bull and bear markets historical data for cryptocurrencies

Bull market refers to a market condition in which prevailing prices move upward with strong positive momentum. This is usually accompanied by the widespread investor confidence and represented by a strong trend in upward moving averages. Bull market conditions are usually followed by a Bear market and vice versa.

We define a bull market as appreciation of price by more than 30% and bear market a period when the prices fall by more than 30%.

We determine historical bull and bear markets for all cryptocurencies, see example chart below for Bitcoin:

Historical bull and bear markets of Bitcoin:

Symbol Start Date End Date Start Price End Price Return
btc 2013-04-282013-04-29135.3141.960.049223946784922
btc 2013-04-292013-05-03141.9691.01-0.35890391659622
btc 2013-05-032013-05-2691.01134.60.47895835622459
btc 2013-05-262013-07-06134.667.809-0.49621842496285
btc 2013-07-062013-11-3067.8091127.4515.626848943356
btc 2013-11-302013-12-181127.45559.36-0.50387156858397
btc 2013-12-182014-01-06559.36936.380.67402030892449
btc 2014-01-062014-02-25936.38489.31-0.47744505435827
btc 2014-02-252014-03-04489.316750.3794935725818
btc 2014-03-042014-04-10675360.8407-0.46542118518519
btc 2014-04-102014-06-03360.8407667.36830.84948177963295
btc 2014-06-032015-01-14667.3683172.1479-0.74204962986705
btc 2015-01-142017-06-11172.14793013.713816.506538273194
btc 2017-06-112017-07-163013.71381927.0990656212-0.36055671058704
btc 2017-07-162017-09-011927.09906562124863.19304868411.523582277342
btc 2017-09-012017-09-144863.19304868413100.668154704-0.36242133025275
btc 2017-09-142017-12-163100.66815470419665.3949272425.3423088012198
btc 2017-12-162018-02-0619665.3949272426852.0527005149-0.65156800939588
btc 2018-02-062018-03-066852.052700514911526.4209302910.68218509606974
btc 2018-03-062018-04-0711526.4209302916628.7544558563-0.42490782733464
btc 2018-04-072018-05-066628.75445585639766.24448548890.47331516810986
btc 2018-05-062018-06-299766.24448548895879.9889744064-0.39792732169022
btc 2018-06-292018-07-255879.98897440648422.37392335150.43237920343238
btc 2018-07-252018-12-158422.37392335153216.6271499079-0.61808544963912
btc 2018-12-152019-06-273216.627149907912996.1243427893.040295544717
btc 2019-06-272019-12-1812996.1243427896627.1625145531-0.49006624284644
btc 2019-12-182020-02-136627.162514553110328.8975658360.55857013362119
btc 2020-02-132020-03-1710328.8975658365032.5013514877-0.51277458998789
btc 2020-03-172021-04-145032.501351487763576.67604104811.633215890196
btc 2021-04-142021-07-2163576.67604104829971.903783612-0.52857076446934
BTC 2021-07-212021-11-0929971.90378361267617.0155448621.2560133661524

Download historical bull and bear markets data for Bitcoin by clicking on the button below :

Get csv of bull and bear markets

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Bitcoin quick facts

Website Total supply Available supply Is minable? Proof type Algorithm Explorer 18880343 18880343 1 PoW SHA256

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