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Why Another Wave Up For Altcoins Is Probable According To BTC Dominance 2 h 9 min ago
MicroStrategy Pledges to Add More Bitcoin to Corporate Balance Sheet 3 h 1 min ago
Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Predicts Bitcoin and Ethereum Could Soar by Year-End 3 h 17 min ago
Why Bitcoin Will Take Over The World With Eric Yakes 3 h 41 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC Breached 40K Will it climb to 50K next 3 h 49 min ago
The Infrastructure Bill Shows Why Bitcoiners Need To Be Politically Active 4 h 6 min ago
42T custodian State Street becomes latest to offer crypto-services to private clients 4 h 39 min ago
Six Reasons To Withdraw Your Bitcoin From Exchanges 4 h 51 min ago
Robinhood Raises Almost 2 Billion in IPO Falls Short of Expected 35 Billion Valuation 5 h 9 min ago
Interview Crypto Damus On Successfully Combining Bitcoin TA With Financial Astrology 6 h 12 min ago
XRP retreats from its bullish momentum as bears come in strong 6 h 29 min ago
US Marshals Service Hires Custodian for Seized Cryptocurrencies Over 185K BTC Confiscated Sold so Far 6 h 39 min ago
An Open Letter To My Children Energy And Bitcoin 7 h 26 min ago
Crypto Market Dominance of Bitcoin Reaches 48 7 h 35 min ago
A question of profits To HODL MATIC or exit the market 7 h 39 min ago
Israeli Draft Bill Aims To Force Investors To Report Bitcoin Holdings Above 61K 7 h 58 min ago
Easy-Money Policy Continues Fed Plans to Keep Purchasing Assets Interest Rates to Stay Near Zero 8 h 9 min ago
8 Green Candles Here s What Happened The Last Time In Bitcoin 8 h 9 min ago
Survey Singapore Is a True Leader When It Comes to Crypto 8 h 9 min ago
BTC USD Orbiting 40000 Figure Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 30 July 2021 BTC 8 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Wallet Basics 8 h 15 min ago
Greenidge Generation To Repurpose Old Coal Ash Landfill Into A New Solar Farm 8 h 25 min ago
BnkToTheFuture partners Celsius and First Digital Trust to launch digital asset retirement 8 h 38 min ago
Neither in nor out Why Bitcoin s near-term price action depends on this 8 h 39 min ago
Q2 2021 XRP Markets Report 8 h 39 min ago
Erik Voorhees calls out toxic Bitcoin maxis for disgusting behavior 8 h 39 min ago
Compass Mining To Offer U S Clients Tax-Efficient Bitcoin Mining 9 h 16 min ago
New Jersey s Order Against Blockfi Extended Vermont Issues Notice to Crypto Lender 9 h 38 min ago
Survey 85 Of Bitcoiners Care About An Exchange Funding Bitcoin Development 9 h 54 min ago
Bitcoin s ripple effect on Chainlink Will it last 10 h 9 min ago
How to Use Crypto Derivatives to Hedge Against Market Volatility 10 h 9 min ago
Crypto Whales Suddenly Move 2 740 000 000 in Bitcoin Within Minutes 10 h 21 min ago
On Curbing Market Manipulation Sen Warren Tells Why She s Skeptical Of Bitcoin As An Inflation Hedge 10 h 22 min ago
Privacy possession in crypto The story of non-custodial protocols 10 h 26 min ago
Bonus program from Remitano Exchange for Pakistan users 10 h 39 min ago
PayPal to Launch Bitcoin Trading in UK 10 h 44 min ago
Bit Mining to Deploy Another 2 500 Bitcoin Miners in Kazakhstan 11 h 9 min ago
Institutional interest in Bitcoin is on the rise BTC may test 50 000 Let the Insto Fomo commence 11 h 34 min ago
Bitcoin Miner Genesis Digital Assets Raises 125M 11 h 54 min ago
Ripple Has Been In Talks With Central Banks For Quite A While Senior RippleNet Executive 12 h 12 min ago
Bitcoin Is Set To Ignite Its Best Season Ever And Here s What To Expect 12 h 21 min ago
Bitcoin Futures mutual funds are a go but why not an ETF 12 h 32 min ago
DeFi Liquidity Pool A Guide to Liquidity Pool Token 12 h 43 min ago
First US Bitcoin ETF Approval Likely By End Of 2021 BNY Mellon s Slavin Shares Outlook For ETF Run 12 h 50 min ago
The Growing Financialization Of Bitcoin 13 h 6 min ago
PayPal to Expand Bitcoin Buying to UK Says Wallet Withdrawals in Progress 13 h 9 min ago
Polygon Ready To Explode MATIC Price Poised For A 30 Upswing 13 h 14 min ago
Bitcoin and Ethereum Flash Sell Signals After Major Gains 13 h 16 min ago
Ripple chairman Chris Larsen has a warning for Dogecoin DOGE holders 13 h 27 min ago
EURST A stablecoin offering stability and transparency in the highly volatile crypto market 13 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin firms Lolli and Genesis Digital Assets see more funding 13 h 54 min ago
Blockfolio Has Officially Rebranded To FTX As Final Step Of Acquisition 14 h 2 min ago
New Jersey Extended The Deadline For BlockFi Report 14 h 8 min ago
Elon Musk Hints Tesla Owns About 42K Bitcoins 14 h 9 min ago
US Senators propose crypto tax to raise 28BN for infrastructure 14 h 10 min ago
Bitcoin to Break The Major Resistance Ahead Of It Altcoins Show Mixed Reactions while XRP and LUNA Outperform 14 h 10 min ago
Reversible Transactions in DeFi How Kirobo is Making Them Possible 14 h 24 min ago
Bitcoin records largest single-day Exchange outflow in 1-year as BTC price breach 40K 14 h 34 min ago
Assessing the impact of Cardano failing to make this move 14 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin-Rewarding App Lolli Raises 10 Million in Series A Funding 14 h 52 min ago
Bitcoin Price Records Retracement as Bulls Get Rejected at 40 000 Support Zone 15 h 4 min ago
ECN Dapp Launching in The Global Market Be one Step Ahead in The Crypto Adventure 15 h 9 min ago
Senator Warren claims CBDCs could be useful to the unbanked 15 h 12 min ago
Bitcoin Price Analysis Price Consolidation Stirring Rejection at Key Support Level 15 h 14 min ago
Bitcoin s Social and Trading Volumes Hit a 5-Week High as Address Activity Surge to a 3-Week High 15 h 19 min ago
Crypto Payment Option Makes Services More Affordable Zimbabwe Music Studio Director 15 h 39 min ago
Tron price analysis TRX bulls showing uncertainty around 0 060 15 h 39 min ago
Turning fees into assets the more you trade the more money you have 15 h 42 min ago
Jerome Powell Is Wrong Cryptocurrencies Were Made for Payments 15 h 54 min ago
TABOO Set to Launch First-Ever NFT Collectibles for Supermodels 16 h 2 min ago
Horizon Kinetics Bets on Bitcoin as Inflation Bites 16 h 10 min ago
Africa Records the Largest Bitcoin P2P Volume Growth 16 h 21 min ago
Bitcoin insider confirms Bitcoin does not give a shit about Amazon 16 h 30 min ago
EOS Price Analysis Bullish On Close Above 4 16 h 40 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum hash rate recover as Chinese miners redeploy overseas 16 h 45 min ago
Bitcoin When can we expect a potential Golden Cross 17 h 3 min ago
These crypto analysts say Ethereum could reach 4 500 by 2022 Here s why 17 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Rewards Firm Lolli Raises 10M in Funding Led by Acrew Capital Social Media Moguls 17 h 39 min ago
In consideration of this cycle approaching its ATH a few lessons i learned 2014 2017 Or how not to burn your money 17 h 44 min ago
5 Best Meme Coins For Quick Profits July 2021 Week 4 17 h 52 min ago
5 Best Gaming Crypto Coins For High Returns July 2021 Week 4 17 h 52 min ago
Bitcoin BTC USD Price Features Straight-Line Bullish Trend 17 h 52 min ago
Buy or Short Robinhood at IPO Learning from the Coinbase IPO 17 h 52 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Remains Above 40 000 17 h 52 min ago
Here s When The Details on Hinman s Deposition Will Be Out How Will XRP Price Be Impacted 18 h 5 min ago
Genesis Digital Assets Raises 125M to Expand Bitcoin Mining Business 18 h 24 min ago
Litecoin LTC Price Analysis More Upsides Likely Above 140 18 h 41 min ago
Bitcoin Price Stood Bullish 8 Days Straight A Dump-Week May Be Waiting Ahead 19 h 6 min ago
Bitrue Aims to Democratize Token Listing Rights by Opening Voting Power to Users 19 h 9 min ago
TA Ethereum ETH Topside Bias Vulnerable If It Struggles Below 2 3K 20 h 0 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for July 28 2021 20 h 22 min ago
Russian Time Capsule to Facilitate Inheritance of Crypto Assets 20 h 39 min ago
Vermont Joins 3 States On BlockFi Regulatory Action 21 h 3 min ago
It s amazing how people get soooo concerned about the waste from Bitcoin then turn around and watch the Olympics where they build massive structure they use for a few weeks then rot forever 21 h 22 min ago
TA Bitcoin Eyes Key Upside Break Why Bulls Remain In Control 22 h 1 min ago
El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as official currency on Sep 7 2021 22 h 3 min ago
Crypto Exchange Binance Plans to Be Regulated Financial Institution Seeks CEO With Strong Compliance Background 22 h 9 min ago
Mine Your Own Bitcoin Why Not 22 h 35 min ago
Staking vs Yield Farming What s the best way to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies 22 h 41 min ago
Bitcoin News today 29 07 2021 22 h 54 min ago
Bitcoin mining becoming cleaner and more decentralized 22 h 56 min ago
Bitcoin BTC Price Prediction BTC USD Surges Ahead as Bitcoin Revisits 40 000 22 h 58 min ago
5 Best Cryptocurrency To Buy At Cheap Prices July 2021 Week 4 22 h 58 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 29 07 2021 22 h 59 min ago
Stonercats clog Ethereum shadowy super coders Bitcoin is 40k - A Crypto Market Update 23 h 9 min ago
Mike Novogratz Says Institutions Are Buying Bitcoin Politicians Need More Crypto Education 24 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin went to 58 000 the last time this price action happened It s back 24 h 9 min ago
Elon Musk s Pump And Dump Comment Is Dangerous For The Crypto Market Jordan Belfort Avers 24 h 30 min ago
Hands-On With TradingView All Time Highs Bitcoin Stock Tarot Cards 25 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin traders need to know about this very bullish thing 25 h 9 min ago
Fast Money s Brian Kelly Remains Bullish On Bitcoin Here s Why 26 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin analyst talks about the opportunity in the current market 26 h 9 min ago
Ripple and SBI Collaborate to Launch On-Demand Liquidity in Japan XRP Surges 26 h 9 min ago
Gold Bug Peter Schiff Has Never Been More Confident That Bitcoin Is A Bubble Poised To Pop 27 h 11 min ago
Bitcoin shopping rewards platform Lolli closes 10 million Series A funding round 27 h 46 min ago
Elon Musk Refers to Dogecoin as Money on Twitter 28 h 8 min ago
Survey Shows 3 out of 4 Sports Fans Are Skeptical About the Longevity of NFT Investments 28 h 9 min ago
Will Ethereum ETH break the 1800-defensive region 28 h 19 min ago
Kazakhstan Plans To Enable Banks To Process Crypto Purchases 28 h 27 min ago
Ready To Run Bitcoin Forms Best Performing Bull Market Bottoming Pattern 29 h 9 min ago
Small BTC HODLers Are Pulling Huge Force 12-Year Trend Reveals Bitcoin s Next Phase 29 h 19 min ago
Bitcoin Going to the Moon if It Retakes Key Area Says Crypto Analyst 29 h 19 min ago
Binance Coin BNB embraces the bull despite minimal buying activity 29 h 24 min ago
Bitcoin Breaks Through 40 000 29 h 28 min ago
Ethereum Is Edging Out Bitcoin In More Ways Than One At An Alarming Rate 29 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin just hit 40 420 69 according to CMC 29 h 46 min ago
LUXXFOLIO Begins Active Bitcoin Mining Operation 29 h 47 min ago
Bitcoin com Founder Roger Ver Donates 1000 Laptops Copies of Economics in One Lesson to Students in Antigua 29 h 54 min ago
Bitcoin will most likely never die but I believe ETH is a better investment 30 h 2 min ago
Paypal Plans to Study Transactions That Fund Extremism Anti-Government Groups 30 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Bullish Signal BTC Exchange Reserve Plummets 30 h 9 min ago
Survey There Are Still So Few Americans Investing in Bitcoin 30 h 9 min ago
Roger Huang on how Bitcoin could one day be the world s reserve currency 30 h 9 min ago
The Truth Behind Bitcoin s Opposition 30 h 22 min ago
Financial Protestants How The Bitcoin Revolution Resembles The Reformation 31 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin XRP and Cardano Price Analysis July 28 31 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Indicators Point to Possible Inevitable Break Above 40K Resistance 31 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Hovering Below 40 000 Ahead of Fed Meeting 31 h 17 min ago
Seetee Invests In Bitcoin Lightning Company Breez 31 h 29 min ago
Bitcoin Is The Bull Run Making A Comeback 31 h 32 min ago
South Korea Proposes Law Allowing Direct Seizure and Sale of Crypto Assets to Pay Overdue Taxes 31 h 39 min ago
How dusting attacks can REALLY hurt you 31 h 55 min ago
Swapping all my BTC for ETH 32 h 5 min ago
Amazon Hints at Bitcoin Acceptance Currency Shoots Up 32 h 9 min ago
BTC USD Technical Sentiment Remains Constructive Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 29 July 2021 BTC 32 h 9 min ago
We re Creating New Rules for the Crypto Market Anti Danilevski Kick Ecosystem CEO and Founder 32 h 14 min ago
Your Financial Data Is Not Private Bitcoin Can Fix That 32 h 21 min ago
Bitcoin Price Shrugs Off Escalating Regulatory Attention To Revisit 40 000 For Second Time In Two Days 32 h 35 min ago
Genesis Digital Assets Raises 125 Million To Expand Bitcoin Mining Operations 32 h 37 min ago
Over 13 8K Bitcoin Moved From Binance After Price Hits 40K 32 h 39 min ago
End of an era Binance s CZ to possibly step down amidst regulatory tensions 33 h 8 min ago
1 BILLION Worth of BTC from Coinbase 33 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin This has led to a higher probability of market dumps 33 h 9 min ago
First U S Bitcoin Mutual Fund Launched By 60 Billion Fund Manager 33 h 12 min ago
Bitcoin Optech 159 Stack Exchange And Taproot 33 h 17 min ago
Morningstar Portfolio Manager ADA is One Of The Big Three Coins 33 h 20 min ago
US Senator Says Cryptocurrencies Put Americans Hard-Earned Money at Risk 33 h 29 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for July 27 2021 33 h 33 min ago
Bitcoin Whales Transfer over 1 Billion Worth of BTC from Coinbase 33 h 45 min ago
Big just sold If you re timing the market It s time 34 h 2 min ago
Binance Vows To Seek Licensing Approval And Increase KYC Compliance With Regulators Globally 34 h 23 min ago
Cryptocurrency Firm Genesis Digital Assets Raises 125 Million 34 h 33 min ago
Escrow Company Issues First-Ever Bitcoin-Backed Real Estate Loan 34 h 34 min ago
GNBT and CURA Sign an MOU to Build a Global Gene Platform 34 h 43 min ago
Luxor Technologies Announces New Crypto Mining Stock Index 35 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum which asset will cross this benchmark first in the next 2 weeks 35 h 8 min ago
Relief Fund Has a Difficult Time Cashing Out the 1B Worth of SHIB Vitalik Buterin Donated 35 h 9 min ago
Over 54 of Bitcoin in circulation hasn t moved for 12 months 35 h 15 min ago
Dvision Network Bringing a New NFT Experience on Enjin Blockchain Network 36 h 9 min ago
How profitable is Ethereum in the current market 36 h 9 min ago
Lolli Closes 10M Series A Funding Round Led By Logan Paul Chantel Jeffries and Sway House Creators 36 h 9 min ago
As Bitcoin and Ethereum Springs Forth Chinese Stocks See Biggest Slump In Years 36 h 19 min ago
Gauging Institutional Interest Around Bitcoin 36 h 22 min ago
Guide - Best Way to Buy Any Coin Better than DCA 36 h 32 min ago
U S Senator Says Cryptocurrencies Puts The System At The Whims Of Some Shadowy Faceless Group Of Super-Coders And Miners 36 h 37 min ago
Where to buy Splinterlands SPS up over 100 after private token sale 36 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin Continues to Test Resistance Despite Negative Sentiment 36 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin Price Has Huge Potential To Hit 100K But These May Not Allow 36 h 40 min ago
Where to buy Huobi Token HT rallies 15 despite China crackdown 36 h 43 min ago
Where to buy XRP good news for Ripple leads to 17 daily climb 36 h 48 min ago
7 Billion Investment Firm Horizon Kinetics Grows Bitcoin Exposure 36 h 52 min ago
FTX s Sam Bankman-Fried Takes Shot At Bitcoin And Ethereum Claims They Are The Biggest Energy Guzzlers 36 h 55 min ago
Analyst on Bitcoin This is a very strong sign of 37 h 9 min ago
Digital Euro to Handle Almost Unlimited Payments Estonian Central Bank Says After Test 37 h 9 min ago
US Lawmakers Strive To Avoid Surveillance With The Digital Dollar 37 h 20 min ago
BTC Returned To 40 000 As Regulators Renew Their Attention To Crypto 37 h 43 min ago
UK Fintech News Round-up The Latest Stories 28 07 38 h 8 min ago
A Golden Cross is Underway for Bitcoin Price Here s when it s set to happen 38 h 18 min ago
Ether Trading Volume Rate Hire than Bitcoin s in H1 2021 38 h 23 min ago
US-based Bitcoin Mining Firm Stronghold Files for 100 Million IPO 38 h 34 min ago
ADA price analysis When Is The Big Awaited Breakout Coming For Cardano 38 h 45 min ago
Crypto exchange Huobi s China-based entity set for dissolution 38 h 49 min ago
Morningstar analyst pegs Cardano ADA as one of the big three cryptocurrencies 39 h 9 min ago
FTX spends 1M on carbon offsets and becomes carbon neutral 39 h 29 min ago
Litecoin price analysis uptrend has bulls trying to break 140 39 h 46 min ago
8 straight green days for Bitcoin for the first time in more than 2 years 40 h 6 min ago
Nigerian Central Bank Stops Forex Sales to Bureaus de Change Operators Accused of Feeding Black Market 40 h 39 min ago
Tron TRX Price Analysis Bulls Eye Surge Above 0 065 40 h 41 min ago
DigitalFlyer and Community Business Token Breaking Barriers and Transforming Communities 40 h 46 min ago
Twitter and Amazon to integrate crypto payments 40 h 52 min ago
Crypto can protect you against currency debasement 41 h 4 min ago
Bitcoin Price Eyes a Bullish Breakout This level is the Deciding Factor 41 h 27 min ago
Binance limits daily withdrawals to 2 000 for basic accounts amid regulatory woes 41 h 29 min ago
Long-Term Bitcoin Holders Accumulate Heavily as Daily Active Addresses go Through the Roof 41 h 33 min ago
Iran Raises Alarm Over Potential Influx of Miners From China 42 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC Signaling Fresh Rally Above 40K 42 h 41 min ago
Bitcoin Price Hits 40k Mike Mcglone says BTC Price is Likely to Visit the 60k levels 43 h 3 min ago
Unique Addresses Tethered to Ethereum Defi Apps Climb Past 3 Million 43 h 38 min ago
FTX CEO Faces Backlash For Bitcoin And Ethereum Energy Comments 43 h 49 min ago
TA Ethereum Prints Bullish Pattern Why Close Above 2 300 Is Crucial 44 h 0 min ago
XRP Price Prediction XRP USD Market Hovers at 0 60 44 h 31 min ago
Update To The Constituents Of BNC Liquid Index Series 28th July 2021 45 h 9 min ago
Kenyan Farmers Pivot to Cryptocurrency as Popularity of Community Currencies Grows 45 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin Could Surge to 51 000 After Surging Past Key Indicator Says Technical Analyst 45 h 49 min ago
Elizabeth Warren slanders Bitcoin developers calling them a shadowy faceless group of super coders 45 h 55 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Can Potentially Solve the Scalability Issues of BTC Network 45 h 57 min ago
TA Bitcoin Resumes Rally Why BTC Could Accelerate Above 40K 46 h 1 min ago
Kazakhstan Expand Its Bitcoin Mining to Global Market And Enable Users To Open Bank Accounts for 46 h 16 min ago
Top 12 Satoshi Nakamoto Quotes 46 h 18 min ago
Bitcoin News today 28 07 2021 46 h 34 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 28 07 2021 46 h 39 min ago
Augur Price Prediction 46 h 40 min ago
We are officially back to 40K USD 46 h 54 min ago
IMF Warns Against Adopting Crypto Assets Like Bitcoin as Legal Tender 47 h 9 min ago
What happened to the Bitcoin investors from 2011 Are any still lurking on this sub like elder gods 48 h 7 min ago
Is this a sure-shot sign of a Bitcoin bull market 48 h 9 min ago
Senator Warren Urges Treasury Secretary Yellen to Urgently Adopt Policy to Mitigate Cryptocurrencies Risks 48 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin Short Squeeze Revives Trading Volume And Volatility 48 h 48 min ago
Cardano ADA Could Help Form Big Three of Mainstream Cryptos Morningstar Analyst 48 h 49 min ago
Is this the right time to enter Bitcoin derivatives market 49 h 9 min ago
A Comprehensive Analysis On Why Bitcoin s Bull Run Isn t Over 49 h 19 min ago
Ethereum Reorgs Extremely Unlikely After POS Merge Research Paper 49 h 28 min ago
Mastercard Launches Global Program to Help Cryptocurrency Startups Scale Their Innovations 50 h 9 min ago
Understanding Bitcoin profitability in the current market 50 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin To Reach New All-Time Highs Market Strategist 50 h 9 min ago
1 Bitcoin Will Be Worth 1 000 000 in Under 10 Years Says Digital Assets Data CEO 50 h 26 min ago
The 100 richest Monero addresses 50 h 45 min ago
Survey Says Institutional Investors Are Still Bullish On Bitcoin 51 h 8 min ago
After El Salvador warning IMF says accepting Bitcoin as national currency is a step too far 51 h 9 min ago
MATIC Filecoin and Solana Price Analysis July 27 51 h 9 min ago
Guy loses Life Savings 42 000 Shorting Bitcoin 51 h 14 min ago
Bitcoin More Likely to Move to 60 000 Than Drop Further Says Bloomberg Analyst 51 h 19 min ago
Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos 51 h 25 min ago
Fireblocks Custody Company Raises 310 Million Reaches 2 Billion Valuation 51 h 39 min ago
Senators are beginning to warm up to crypto after realizing that crypto has alot of real-world utility 51 h 53 min ago
Analyst Who Predicted Latest Market Surge Reckons Bitcoin Will Eventually Tank Again 51 h 54 min ago
Online Broker Thomas Peterffy Has Become a Crypto Owner 52 h 9 min ago
The Impending Dangers of China s Digital Yuan And Why it Poses Zero Threat to Bitcoin 52 h 30 min ago
Who Just Moved 2 Of Bitcoin s Total Supply Worth over 15 Billion 52 h 35 min ago
The Ominous Ethereum Comparison That Will Leave Bulls Petrified 52 h 48 min ago
Ethereum traders can cash in by making this move 53 h 8 min ago
The NBA s Cleveland Cavaliers to Collaborate With Blockchain Firm Socios com 53 h 9 min ago
What Will A Bitcoin ETF Mean For Adoption 53 h 49 min ago
I don t give a damn what regulators try to do Privacy is a fundamental human right and people too easily forget that Crypto wasn t created to play nice with the corrupt oligarchs 54 h 6 min ago
Crowded Bitcoin Shorts Leads To Largest Recorded Squeeze In History 54 h 9 min ago
South Korea Rejects Foreign Crypto Exchanges from Its Turf 54 h 9 min ago
What part of Bitcoin as national currency is a step too far 54 h 9 min ago
Tesla reports Bitcoin-related impairment of 23 million after BTC tumbled 40 in 2021 54 h 9 min ago
The 10000 richest Bitcoin wallets 54 h 10 min ago
Utah Oil Producer Is Using Otherwise Wasted Gas To Mine Bitcoin 54 h 19 min ago
Stacks AMM Revealed Native Bitcoin Swaps Executed With Proof-of-Transfer Protocol 54 h 38 min ago
Here s the best case scenario for Bitcoin this week 55 h 7 min ago
New Report from eToro The TIE Highlights the Importance of Investor Sentiment 55 h 8 min ago
How This Monero Bug Could Impact User Privacy 55 h 9 min ago
Taleb Vs Taleb A Question Of Time Lindy And Portfolios 55 h 9 min ago
The staggering collective stupidity it takes to lose a billion dollars on shorting Bitcoin shows me economics as an institution still hasn t caught up to crypto 55 h 19 min ago
Tesla Reported 23M Impairment From Its BTC Holdings 55 h 31 min ago
Beware Numerous hints of some regulatory measures coming up tomorrow 55 h 34 min ago
Huobi Filed To Dissolve Its Chinese Entity Due To Regulatory Crackdown 55 h 40 min ago
Why Aren t More Bitcoin Miners Setting Up Shop In Canada 55 h 42 min ago
People Should Have Exposure to Bitcoin Manager of Billions 55 h 55 min ago
Goldman Sachs Submits DeFi And Blockchain Equity ETF Application To The SEC 55 h 58 min ago
Bitcoin Making the most of this bull run 56 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Price Drops 1 000 In 12 Hours After Amazon Dispels Bitcoin Integration Rumors 56 h 9 min ago
Goldman Sachs Files Defi ETF Application 56 h 9 min ago
Gallup Poll Bitcoin Ownership in America Has Spiked Heavily Over 3 Years 56 h 9 min ago
BTC USD Looking to Conclude July on a Positive Note Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 28 July 2021 BTC 56 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Files For Nasdaq IPO 56 h 12 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Trades Close to 40 000 Level 56 h 37 min ago
Aave Price Up 18 25 to 326 97 Where to Buy AAVE 56 h 37 min ago
Best DeFi Crypto Coins And Tokens July 2021 Week 4 56 h 37 min ago
Litecoin Price Prediction LTC USD Breaks Above 140 Resistance 56 h 37 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Returns to 40 000 56 h 37 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction BCH USD Trade Upsurges Relatively 56 h 37 min ago
Where to buy OKExChain coin OKT surges 50 56 h 39 min ago
Crusoe Energy Seeking Loan To Expand Bitcoin Mining Operations 56 h 43 min ago
How Do Reviewers Rate a Bitcoin Casino 56 h 49 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for July 26 2021 56 h 56 min ago
Ark Invest Sells Chinese Stocks Buys Bitcoin 57 h 19 min ago
Orion Pool Users to Gain Access To Trading Swapping Staking Voting From A Single Dashboard 57 h 27 min ago
Solteir Mining To Power Operations With Solar Energy In Partnership With OPTEC 57 h 33 min ago
Brazilian Burger King Customers Can Now Purchase Meat-Flavored Dog Biscuits With Dogecoin 57 h 39 min ago
Crypto Market Pump Sees Bitcoin BTC Top 40K For the First Time Since June 57 h 54 min ago
Longing Bitcoin Cash at this zone can bag you profits 58 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin s Vicious Plunge In Q2 Cost Tesla 23 Million But It s Better Than Some Expected 58 h 11 min ago
New Hampshire Resident Sues The IRS For Collecting Crypto Data 58 h 13 min ago
Kaseya Denied Paying Off The BTC Ransom Worth 70 Million 58 h 19 min ago
Is The Prevailing Rally A Fakeout or Real BTC Rally Why Recent 50 Tanking Explains The Former 58 h 20 min ago
Dogecoin DOGE drops after amassing massive gains 58 h 24 min ago
Inside El Salvador s plans of Volcano mining 58 h 54 min ago
Comprehensive Guide to Crypto Debt Cards 59 h 2 min ago
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Parameter Set to Increase for the First Time in 8 Weeks 59 h 9 min ago
This new relationship is developing between Bitcoin and Coinbase s COIN 59 h 9 min ago
Where to buy CO2 join the Collective for 130 gains 59 h 34 min ago
Enter the Multiverse where to buy AI as it surges 40 59 h 36 min ago
Where to buy Wall Street Games WSG charts 235 rally 59 h 38 min ago
A Best Buying Opportunity For Cardano Litecoin Price 59 h 58 min ago
The top 50 Cryptocurrencies each explained with one sentence the updated version 59 h 59 min ago
Kirobo s P2P Swap Button Enables Crypto Market s First Slippage-Free Direct Token Swaps 60 h 9 min ago
Cardano traders could long the alt here 60 h 9 min ago
Goldman Sachs Bogus DeFi ETF Enrages Crypto Twitter 60 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin crypto market falters after Amazon denies rumors 60 h 9 min ago
Several resources and websites to help you DYOR 60 h 13 min ago
This Is When Bitcoin Price May Rally High To Hit 100K 60 h 13 min ago
Blockchain may be boring but it s an incredibly disruptive tech 60 h 38 min ago
Bitcoin Price Surges On Massive Short Squeeze 60 h 39 min ago
Despite Volatile Quarter For BTC Price Invictus Bitcoin Emphasis Garners Investor Returns 60 h 39 min ago
Banks in Kazakhstan to Open Accounts for Registered Crypto Exchanges 60 h 39 min ago
Why these Bitcoin metrics remain a cause for concern 61 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin s Rally to 40 000 Triggers Over 1 000 000 000 in Liquidations 61 h 24 min ago
Goldman Sachs Filed For A DeFi ETF That Looks More Traditional 61 h 26 min ago
Kazakhstan Opens Up Bank Accounts For Cryptocurrencies 61 h 39 min ago
Remember when Bitcoin was 5 61 h 50 min ago
Cardano s ADA recovery fails to reveal directional intentions 61 h 53 min ago
Bitcoin Owner Moves 9 500 BTC to an Unknown Wallet 61 h 56 min ago
This Week in Fintech TFT Bi-Weekly News Roundup 27 07 62 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Recoils After Amazon Flatly Denies Cryptocurrency Support Speculation 62 h 12 min ago
Young Singaporeans are keen on crypto adoption Survey 62 h 14 min ago
ADA Price holds up well Cardano Blockchain On To Big Ups in Next 2 Months 62 h 15 min ago

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