Support and Resistance Levels for Litecoin - Based on Price and Trading Volume

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We compute support and resistance levels by taking into account: 1) how long has the security price been in certain range, 2) how much trading volume has been realized in this range. The higher is the product of both factors for given price range - level, the stronger is the level (reflected in the colour intensity on the chart).

Potential support and resistance levels (ordered by distance from the current price)

  Current price: 95.370
Level type Level price range Distance of current price to the middle of the level Strength
Support level 94.8-95.30.369
Support level 94.2-94.80.968
Support level 93.7-94.21.487
Support level 93.1-93.72.080
Support level 92.6-93.12.580
Support level 92.0-92.63.193
Support level 91.5-92.03.682
Support level 90.9-91.54.288
Support level 90.4-90.94.777
Support level 89.8-90.45.377
Support level 89.3-89.85.887
Support level 88.7-89.36.481
Support level 88.2-88.76.978
Support level 87.6-88.27.4100
Support level 87.1-87.68.075
Support level 77.8-78.317.361
Support level 77.2-77.817.965
Support level 76.7-77.218.474
Support level 76.2-76.718.972

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Trendlines for

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Trendline alerts - check out cryptocurrencies which are currently near or are already breaking a major trendline

Symbol Company Name
BTC    Bitcoin trendline alert
ETH    Ethereum trendline alert
BNB    Binance Coin trendline alert
ADA    Cardano trendline alert
MATIC    Matic Network trendline alert
AVAX    trendline alert
WBTC    Wrapped Bitcoin trendline alert
LEO    UnusSEDLEO trendline alert
ATOM    Cosmos trendline alert
OKB    OKB trendline alert
XMR    Monero trendline alert
ETC    Ethereum Classic trendline alert
BCH    Bitcoin Cash trendline alert
QNT    Quant trendline alert
ALGO    Algorand trendline alert
EGLD    Elrond trendline alert
FTM    Fantom trendline alert
MANA    Decentraland trendline alert
XTZ    Tezos trendline alert
KCS    KuCoin Shares trendline alert
INJ    Injective Protocol trendline alert
GT    Gatechain Token trendline alert
HT    Huobi Token trendline alert
DASH    Dash trendline alert
NEXO    Nexo trendline alert
NXM    NXM trendline alert
1INCH    1inch trendline alert
ENJ    Enjin Coin trendline alert
BAT    Basic Attention Token trendline alert
AMPL    Ampleforth trendline alert
ZEC    Zcash trendline alert
CELO    Celo trendline alert
SXP    Swipe trendline alert
LUNA    Terra trendline alert
DCR    Decred trendline alert
ICX    ICON trendline alert
BTG    Bitcoin Gold trendline alert
GLM    Golem trendline alert
ZRX    0x trendline alert
AVA trendline alert
WAN    Wanchain trendline alert
CNX    Cryptonex trendline alert
SFP    SafePal trendline alert
ELF    aelf trendline alert
KMD    Komodo trendline alert
HIVE    Hive trendline alert
TRIBE    Tribe trendline alert
STEEM    Steem trendline alert
SNT    Status trendline alert
CHSB    SwissBorg trendline alert
POLY    Polymath trendline alert
KEEP    Keep Network trendline alert
RIF    RSK Infrastructure Framework trendline alert
STORJ    Storj trendline alert
RLC    iExec RLC trendline alert
MONA    MonaCoin trendline alert
FEI    Fei Protocol trendline alert
GAS    Gas trendline alert
ARDR    Ardor trendline alert
GRS    trendline alert
PIVX    trendline alert
DGD    trendline alert
NXS    trendline alert
AE    trendline alert
RDN    trendline alert
WICC    trendline alert
VTC    trendline alert
SKY    trendline alert
NEBL    trendline alert
GAME    trendline alert
FCT    trendline alert
ETP    trendline alert
HPB    trendline alert
TRUE    trendline alert
BLOCK    trendline alert
TKN    trendline alert
ENG    trendline alert
VIA    trendline alert
PLU    trendline alert
WINGS    trendline alert
IOC    trendline alert
CPX    trendline alert
CRW    trendline alert
LUN    trendline alert

Current Stats of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Price 24hr %change Social Buzz Momentum Sentiment Momentum Marketcap (mil. USD) Historical Data Support/Resistance Investment
   Bitcoin Sentiment Indicator $27271.00 1.3 -17.1 -2.5 527264.9 Technical Analysis Bitcoin Bitcoin resistance levelsBitcoin price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Ethereum Sentiment Indicator $1910.73 2.1 -149.8 29.5 229498.5 Technical Analysis Ethereum Ethereum resistance levelsEthereum price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Tether Sentiment Indicator $1.00 0.1 -170.2 56.0 83328.8 Technical Analysis Tether Tether resistance levelsTether price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Binance Coin Sentiment Indicator $308.29 1.0 -22.4 3.9 48629.7 Technical Analysis Binance Coin Binance Coin resistance levelsBinance Coin price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   USD Coin Sentiment Indicator $1.00 0.3 256.1 62.2 28938.3 Technical Analysis USD Coin USD Coin resistance levelsUSD Coin price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Ripple Sentiment Indicator $0.526 3.1 79.0 35.3 27303.7 Technical Analysis Ripple Ripple resistance levelsRipple price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Cardano Sentiment Indicator $0.380 3.7 206.9 66.4 13273.3 Technical Analysis Cardano Cardano resistance levelsCardano price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Dogecoin Sentiment Indicator $0.0733 1.8 1011.4 92.9 10212.4 Technical Analysis Dogecoin Dogecoin resistance levelsDogecoin price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Solana Sentiment Indicator $21.34 3.0 391.8 134.3 8440.2 Technical Analysis Solana Solana resistance levelsSolana price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Matic Network Sentiment Indicator $0.901 0.7 837.1 79.6 8350.7 Technical Analysis Matic Network Matic Network resistance levelsMatic Network price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Litecoin Sentiment Indicator $95.37 0.5 -70.3 50.6 6940.9 Technical Analysis Litecoin Litecoin resistance levelsLitecoin price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Tron Sentiment Indicator $0.0769 2.3 9.8 40.8 6928.5 Technical Analysis Tron Tron resistance levelsTron price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Polkadot Sentiment Indicator $5.26 0.6 28.1 70.7 6508.4 Technical Analysis Polkadot Polkadot resistance levelsPolkadot price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   BinanceUSD Sentiment Indicator $1.00 0.3 -8.1 35.1 5161.0 Technical Analysis BinanceUSD BinanceUSD resistance levelsBinanceUSD price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   SHIBA INU Sentiment Indicator $0.00000861 1.1 1060.8 48.1 5047.0 Technical Analysis SHIBA INU SHIBA INU resistance levelsSHIBA INU price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Dai Sentiment Indicator $1.00 0.3 -26.8 51.6 4592.2 Technical Analysis Dai Dai resistance levelsDai price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Wrapped Bitcoin Sentiment Indicator $27314.00 1.2 -47.4 33.9 4263.1 Technical Analysis Wrapped Bitcoin Wrapped Bitcoin resistance levelsWrapped Bitcoin price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Uniswap Sentiment Indicator $5.09 1.4 -14.5 75.6 3837.0 Technical Analysis Uniswap Uniswap resistance levelsUniswap price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   UnusSEDLEO Sentiment Indicator $3.60 0.3 -22.4 0.6 3343.4 Technical Analysis UnusSEDLEO UnusSEDLEO resistance levelsUnusSEDLEO price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Cosmos Sentiment Indicator $10.66 2.8 -90.6 77.9 3112.8 Technical Analysis Cosmos Cosmos resistance levelsCosmos price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   OKB Sentiment Indicator $46.36 1.1 1380.4 42.9 2778.0 Technical Analysis OKB OKB resistance levelsOKB price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Monero Sentiment Indicator $146.02 -1.5 772.7 14.4 2648.4 Technical Analysis Monero Monero resistance levelsMonero price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Ethereum Classic Sentiment Indicator $18.17 1.7 59.7 97.4 2567.7 Technical Analysis Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic resistance levelsEthereum Classic price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Stellar Lumens Sentiment Indicator $0.0923 0.8 442.2 52.8 2473.1 Technical Analysis Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens resistance levelsStellar Lumens price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Bitcoin Cash Sentiment Indicator $114.95 1.5 599.7 11.8 2229.2 Technical Analysis Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash resistance levelsBitcoin Cash price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Filecoin Sentiment Indicator $4.96 5.1 -63.8 108.4 2120.1 Technical Analysis Filecoin Filecoin resistance levelsFilecoin price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   TrueUSD Sentiment Indicator $1.00 0.3 -9.3 28.5 2040.5 Technical Analysis TrueUSD TrueUSD resistance levelsTrueUSD price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Quant Sentiment Indicator $119.01 3.3 247.6 73.6 1726.1 Technical Analysis Quant Quant resistance levelsQuant price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Hedera Sentiment Indicator $0.0511 0.3 -13.2 -40.4 1609.9 Technical Analysis Hedera Hedera resistance levelsHedera price prediction for 2021,2025,2030 Sentiment Indicator $0.0594 0.9 -33.4 75.3 1549.9 Technical Analysis resistance price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   NEAR Protocol Sentiment Indicator $1.61 2.6 -81.8 61.5 1465.1 Technical Analysis NEAR Protocol NEAR Protocol resistance levelsNEAR Protocol price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   VETVechain Sentiment Indicator $0.0200 -0.2 -107.1 176.0 1451.3 Technical Analysis VETVechain VETVechain resistance levelsVETVechain price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   The Graph Sentiment Indicator $0.132 0.7 -0.7 78.5 1182.0 Technical Analysis The Graph The Graph resistance levelsThe Graph price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Algorand Sentiment Indicator $0.153 3.0 -63.4 80.7 1109.2 Technical Analysis Algorand Algorand resistance levelsAlgorand price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   EOS Sentiment Indicator $0.908 2.0 64.9 34.5 1006.2 Technical Analysis EOS EOS resistance levelsEOS price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Elrond Sentiment Indicator $37.47 1.4 35.3 49.9 955.2 Technical Analysis Elrond Elrond resistance levelsElrond price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Paxos Standard Token Sentiment Indicator $0.997 1.7 -26.5 35.8 942.4 Technical Analysis Paxos Standard Token Paxos Standard Token resistance levelsPaxos Standard Token price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Aave Sentiment Indicator $64.41 2.2 26.5 105.3 928.8 Technical Analysis Aave Aave resistance levelsAave price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Fantom Sentiment Indicator $0.323 2.6 -38.1 60.6 900.2 Technical Analysis Fantom Fantom resistance levelsFantom price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Decentraland Sentiment Indicator $0.487 2.5 -62.9 133.9 888.5 Technical Analysis Decentraland Decentraland resistance levelsDecentraland price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Theta Token Sentiment Indicator $0.856 1.5 -96.4 98.7 858.2 Technical Analysis Theta Token Theta Token resistance levelsTheta Token price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Tezos Sentiment Indicator $0.906 1.4 -6.4 41.7 847.4 Technical Analysis Tezos Tezos resistance levelsTezos price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Synthetix Sentiment Indicator $2.40 2.6 -31.6 61.7 764.1 Technical Analysis Synthetix Synthetix resistance levelsSynthetix price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Nano Sentiment Indicator $5.74 1.2 -20.6 78.7 759.7 Technical Analysis Nano Nano resistance levelsNano price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   NEO Sentiment Indicator $10.34 1.3 -32.1 95.2 729.3 Technical Analysis NEO NEO resistance levelsNEO price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   KuCoin Shares Sentiment Indicator $7.40 0.1 -4.6 30.1 715.7 Technical Analysis KuCoin Shares KuCoin Shares resistance levelsKuCoin Shares price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Injective Protocol Sentiment Indicator $8.02 8.5 438.6 33.5 640.5 Technical Analysis Injective Protocol Injective Protocol resistance levelsInjective Protocol price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Bitcoin SV Sentiment Indicator $32.84 1.4 118.7 54.6 632.0 Technical Analysis Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV resistance levelsBitcoin SV price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
   Gatechain Token Sentiment Indicator $4.39 2.1 -3.8 -0.9 609.4 Technical Analysis Gatechain Token Gatechain Token resistance levelsGatechain Token price prediction for 2021,2025,2030
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