Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Cardano

Technical analysis and other news about ADA

New Ethereum-to-Cardano Bridge Will Provide NFT Creators Eco-friendly Options 2 h 6 min ago
Swarm of Alternative Crypto Assets Outpace Bitcoin s Gains by Double Digits This Week 4 h 35 min ago
Where will all the new buyers come from The next wave of adoption might come from unlikely players 6 h 52 min ago
Will Cardano push past this phase to see greener pastures 7 h 5 min ago
The Crypto Exchanges Endeavoring To Deliver Stability Regulation Real-World Use For Digital Assets 12 h 11 min ago
Cardano Polkadot Tron Price Analysis 25 October 12 h 35 min ago
Stratis Completes Token Swap Guns for Enterprise Blockchain Crown 12 h 48 min ago
Stratis Completes Token Burn Cements One Year of Progress 14 h 24 min ago
ALGO HOT LTC REEF And FET Price Are On the Verge Of Breakout 16 h 18 min ago
A lot of people are bullish now with BTC returning to its record price And now I m even more eager to HODL more BTC and stake loan on my other coins Now is the time to go full FOMO with crypto 17 h 39 min ago
African Blockchain Enthusiast Launches Expedition That Seeks to Highlight East Africa s Potential 27 h 36 min ago
1 000 invested in top 2 cryptos since 01-Jan-2020 is worth 18 953 today In comparison top 10 cryptos 9 365 NASDAQ 1 673 Dow Jones 1 246 Apple 1 980 Gold 1 174 28 h 7 min ago
Solana Threatens To Flip Tether And Cardano After Soaring By An Impressive 30 In One Week 28 h 16 min ago
Cardano Shiba Inu Solana Price Analysis 24 October 29 h 5 min ago
Crypto Weekly Roundup ADA On A Brink Of Highly Anticipated Impulsive Breakthrough 34 h 6 min ago
The terrifying of Totaly Supply of Cryptocurrencies Currently Owned by the Top 100 Addresses Do you know what who you re investing in 34 h 21 min ago
I sold all my ADA for ATOM 35 h 1 min ago
IOTA Steps Into Ethereum and Cardano s Territory With Launch Of Beta Smart Contracts 37 h 19 min ago
Shiba Inu To Enter Top 10 Crypto SHIB Price Surged More Than 50 37 h 25 min ago
Crypto Weekly Roundup Bitcoin ETFs Polkadot Parachains Facebook Novi And More 38 h 31 min ago
Shiba Inu makes me hate myself Crypto and others who actually bought it And I don t like it 39 h 24 min ago
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