Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Binance Coin

Technical analysis and other news about BNB

Binance Lawyers Claim Gensler Offered to be Company Advisor 10 h 51 min ago
Solana leads top-ten losses while BTC maintains 26k CryptoSlate wMarket Update 11 h 3 min ago
Hold on So Gensler claims BUSD and BNB are securities in their lawsuit while the CFTC claims they are commodities in their ongoing lawsuit filed only weeks ago And Gensler claims regulations are clear 11 h 14 min ago
Crypto com vs Coinbase Which One is Right for Your Investment Portfolio 12 h 15 min ago
Binance s Counsel SEC Chair Gensler Offered To Serve As An Informal Advisor In 2019 12 h 46 min ago
Binance US Removes Selected Trading Pairs Amid SEC Allegations 14 h 3 min ago
Bitcoin Live News What Next For BTC Price Ahead Of Next Week s High-Impact News 14 h 48 min ago
Binance Lawyers Claim SEC Chair Gensler Offered to Advise Crypto Company in 2019 16 h 0 min ago
Binance US removes 100 advanced trading pairs amid SEC scrutiny 28 h 25 min ago
Binance experiences minor Bitcoin outflows despite SEC lawsuit fears 29 h 24 min ago
Robinhood Scrutinizing Tokens Designated as Securities by SEC 31 h 17 min ago
Bitcoin briefly recaptures 27k in mixed market performance CryptoSlate wMarket Update 34 h 50 min ago
BinaryX And AiGC Labs Partner Up For The First-Ever AI-Powered VR Game On The Metaverse 35 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Whale Reveals His Secret To Finding 100x Gems Like Avorak AI 35 h 47 min ago
Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton Exposes Political Nexus Senator To Blame For Ripple-SEC Battle 35 h 48 min ago
Bitcoin investors seem indifferent on potential Binance asset freeze 37 h 28 min ago
Jim Cramer Labels SEC Lawsuit a Major Setback for Binance 38 h 55 min ago
Robinhood Reviews Crypto Offering amid SEC s Recent Crackdown 38 h 56 min ago
BinaryX and AiGC Labs Developing First AI-Powered Virtual Reality Game on the Metaverse 40 h 10 min ago
BinaryX and AiGC Labs Developing First AI-Powered Virtual Reality Game on the Metaverse 42 h 45 min ago
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