Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Bitcoin

Technical analysis and other news about BTC

To Understand The Bitcoin Ark You Must Understand The Fiat Flood 2 h 13 min ago
El Salvador Disables Bitcoin Price On Chivo App To Stop Scalpers 2 h 57 min ago
Cardano Loses 3rd Spot On Crypto Top 10 Why It May Drop Even More 3 h 43 min ago
Bitcoin ETFs go live - Bullish for Bitcoin 3 h 43 min ago
What Elon Musk Got Wrong About The Bitcoin Block Size 3 h 43 min ago
Binance Smart Chain reaches 100 million unique addresses overtakes Cardano in market cap 4 h 13 min ago
The On-Chain Metric That Says Bitcoin Is About To Go Parabolic 4 h 32 min ago
Bitcoin Bull Says Bank of England Will Be Scrambling to Buy BTC at 1 Million per Coin 4 h 53 min ago
Top Ten Crypto Market Capitalizations Shifted a Great Deal Since the Last Time BTC Hit 60K 5 h 13 min ago
Carl Icahn Sees Market Crisis Brewing Notes Bitcoin s Potential 5 h 24 min ago
After a rousing performance in September Avalanche lying low despite Bitcoin rally 5 h 43 min ago
BEUROP Launches DeFi Trading and Marketing Platform for Blockchain Startups 5 h 43 min ago
Venezuelan Airport To Accept Payment In Bitcoin 5 h 43 min ago
Bitcoin Is Financial Sobriety 5 h 44 min ago
Saylor says nations should buy kingmaker Bitcoin to help citizens live a decent life 6 h 13 min ago
Bloomberg Analyst A Second Bitcoin Futures ETF Could Start Trading This Week 6 h 24 min ago
Hallelujah US Senator Grateful For Bitcoin As US Debt Likely To Cause Dollar Devaluation 6 h 44 min ago
Grayscale Confirms It Will Apply for Bitcoin ETF 6 h 57 min ago
ProShares Bitcoin ETF To Go Live Tomorrow Marking Major Milestone For Crypto World 7 h 1 min ago
Brazil Is Not Making Bitcoin Legal Tender A Look Inside The Bill 7 h 7 min ago
This unbelievable factor could change Bitcoin mining in Texas 7 h 13 min ago
A Slew of Defi Tokens Outperform Bitcoin s Weekly Gains Defi TVL and NFT Sales Spike 7 h 13 min ago
Bitcoin Price Smashes Record For Highest Weekly Candle Close Ever 7 h 15 min ago
Ethereum Supply Shock Grows As Reserves Decrease ETH 2 0 Contract Increases 7 h 43 min ago
This AI Powered Multi-Chain Network Is Building an Internet of Blockchains 8 h 16 min ago
With several MPs interested in crypto will Bank of England give in to Bitcoin 8 h 43 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum Could Dip on Traders Selling ETF News 9 h 5 min ago
Big Three Credit Agency Fitch Says Stablecoin Growth Could Be Disruptive to Securities Markets 9 h 13 min ago
Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says that Bitcoin has a bright future 9 h 13 min ago
Brazilians now hold 50bi on crypto assets while holding only 16bi on US Stocks 9 h 40 min ago
Number Of Bitcoin Whales On The Rise As BTC Chases New All-Time High 9 h 43 min ago
Jurrien Timmer Bitcoin Will Reach Six Figures in About Two Years 9 h 43 min ago
Analyst lists out these scenarios for Bitcoin Ethereum and Solana 9 h 43 min ago
BTC USD Bids Emerge Around 58943 Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 19 October 2021 BTC 9 h 43 min ago
Grayscale CEO SEC Likely to Approve Ethereum ETF After Greenlighting First Bitcoin Futures ETF 9 h 59 min ago
Senator Lumis believes digital currencies could help avoid a financial crisis 10 h 18 min ago
Local Businesses in New York Urge Governor to Impose Statewide Bitcoin Mining Moratorium 11 h 13 min ago
Bitcoin Vaults Over 60k as ETF Gets SEC Approval ETF BSV SHIB Oct 18 11 h 27 min ago
Interactive Brokers Launches Cryptocurrency Trading for RIAs in the U S 11 h 39 min ago
It is Time we ALL unfollow Elon and other Crypto Celebrities 11 h 40 min ago
ProShares on Verge of Launching First Bitcoin Futures ETF in US on NYSE 11 h 49 min ago
Its correlation to Bitcoin apart Binance Coin has this working to its advantage 12 h 13 min ago
Bitcoin Vs Crypto Why Bitcoin Only 12 h 14 min ago
Digital asset investment products see USD90 in inflows 12 h 15 min ago
ProShares BTC Futures ETF to finally list on NYSE 12 h 28 min ago
Bitcoin Adds 610B to Crypto Industry Pushing Market Cap to 2 6T 12 h 36 min ago
Crypto Basics What is XRP Should you Buy Ripple in 2021 12 h 43 min ago
Cardano Subsidiary Emurgo in Partnership With Pan-African Venture Studio 13 h 13 min ago
Can Stellar replicate this Bitcoin trend and rally to 3 13 h 13 min ago
Citing Inflation Disaster Forbes Avik Roy Explains Why The United States Should Embrace Bitcoin 13 h 21 min ago
Zimbabwe can no longer ignore cryptocurrencies 13 h 33 min ago
Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Soars Ahead of NYSE ETF Launch 13 h 39 min ago
Fiat-to-Crypto Withdrawal Service Coming to NETELLER Platform 13 h 42 min ago
Options To buy After The Approval Of The First Cryptocurrency Market Exchange Traded Fund 13 h 43 min ago
CoinFLEX AMM Arena Bring Your Competitive Edge to the AMM Experience 13 h 43 min ago
What does the dramatic rise in this metric mean for Bitcoin 13 h 43 min ago
CME Sees Record Open Interest in Bitcoin Futures Ahead of ETF Debut 13 h 44 min ago
Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in 2021 for Bitcoin and Blockchain Assets 13 h 48 min ago
What is your crypto goal 13 h 52 min ago
Grayscale Seeks to Convert Its Bitcoin Trust into BTC-Settled ETF Investors Unsettled 14 h 5 min ago
After rallying higher than Bitcoin Ethereum there is little holding Fantom back 14 h 13 min ago
All Slots Club Review 14 h 25 min ago
What Bitcoin Smart Contracts Will Mean for DeFi 14 h 27 min ago
Bitcoin BTC Price Piercing Apart What s Next Which Altcoin Is In The Row 14 h 29 min ago
Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2021-2022 14 h 38 min ago
Overbought Will Bitcoin s rally above 60 000 entail this pause 14 h 43 min ago
ProShares Bitcoin Futures ETF To Launch On New York Stock Exchange Tuesday 14 h 49 min ago
WAX s Most Popular Oracle Software Is Becoming A Token QED 14 h 50 min ago
Russia Belarus Move to Introduce Special Electricity Tariffs for Crypto Miners 15 h 13 min ago
Looking beyond Bitcoin Ethereum Are these food-tokens worth your while 15 h 13 min ago
1 200 Stimulus Check Would Now Be Worth 11 000 If Used To Buy Bitcoin 15 h 24 min ago
Now that futures ETF is a reality does the future look any different for Bitcoin 15 h 43 min ago
Survey Ukraine Leads The World Kenya Leads Africa As The Most Crypto-Interested Countries See Full list 15 h 44 min ago
Bitcoin Whales are getting weaker which means market manipulation will become harder 15 h 55 min ago
World s Richest Billionaire Elon Musk Tweets Again Raising Shiba Inu Over 20 Higher 15 h 55 min ago
Square to build open-source Bitcoin mining system 16 h 12 min ago
Bitcoin Price Nears All-Time High as BTC ETF Launches Today 16 h 36 min ago
NFTs Facing Initial Challenges Bans Attacks Growing 16 h 38 min ago
Watch out for these signs as Bitcoin s price continues to rise 16 h 43 min ago
DAR announces October 2021 crypto exchange and asset vetting results 16 h 55 min ago
Gadze Finance launches USD25 million defi crypto fund 16 h 57 min ago
Cardano ADA Price May Go 10X Traders This Could Be Just A Start Of A Monster Rally 17 h 1 min ago
This Is Why October 27th May Be Important for Bitcoin Price Rally 17 h 7 min ago
Dogecoin Breaks 0 25 Crucial Level DOGE Price Predicted To Hit 0 4 by December 17 h 10 min ago
Liquidator of Defunct South African Crypto Exchange Says He Found a 54 BTC Discrepancy in Ice3 s Accounts 17 h 13 min ago
We are about the same amount of days since the 2020 halving as when Bitcoin reached its December 2017 all time high after the 2016 halving 17 h 18 min ago
Top 3 Coins to Watch Week 42 17 h 25 min ago
Bitcoin or Ethereum Which asset leads the race right now 17 h 43 min ago
Ethereum ETH Has the Most Upside Says Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban 17 h 43 min ago
Bakkt Starts Trading On NYSE Today 17 h 53 min ago
Stellar Lumen XLM Price Remains In Uptrend Above 0 40 18 h 15 min ago
Jacobi Asset Management Aiming to Launch World s First Tier One Bitcoin ETF 18 h 22 min ago
This Coin is Going to EXPLODE in November 2021 18 h 26 min ago
Bitcoin Whale Addresses Are Rising Sharply 18 h 34 min ago
Bitcoin all-time-high approaching time for a correction 19 h 4 min ago
Twitter CEO Says His Other Company Is Considering Building an Open Bitcoin Mining System 19 h 4 min ago
CryptoPunt Announces IDO and Uniswap Listing on Oct 18 19 h 5 min ago
Infinity8 Won Best NFT Marketplace 2021 Award by Crypto Expo Dubai 19 h 12 min ago
Central Bank of Brazil Reports Brazilians Have Bought More Than 4 Billion in Cryptocurrency This Year 19 h 13 min ago
99 of all bitcoin supply is now in profit 19 h 23 min ago
99 of All Bitcoin Supply Is Now in Profit 19 h 25 min ago
you want actually unpopular opinions here we go 19 h 26 min ago
Google Search Trends Show a Strong Correlation with Bitcoin Price 19 h 43 min ago
TRON A Decentralized Blockchain Communication Network 19 h 51 min ago
Bitcoin Outperforms than Commodities in 2021 Amid Dormant BTC Circulation Going a Notch Higher 20 h 3 min ago
MEDACOIN A Unique Play to Earn Platform 20 h 13 min ago
Be greedy when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful Always be greedy 20 h 14 min ago
Ripple Price Analysis Facing Uphill Task Near 1 20 20 h 15 min ago
Large Bitcoin Transactions Worth More Than 100K Go Through The Roof 20 h 43 min ago
Jacobi Asset Management Firm Wins Approval to Launch Bitcoin ETF In Guernsey 21 h 13 min ago
As Bitcoin s Price Spikes Pods of BTC Whales Begin to Shrink in Size 21 h 13 min ago
How Are Businesses Venturing into the Cryptocurrency World 21 h 18 min ago
With ETFs Set to Launch Bitcoin Price Inches Closer to 64k 21 h 22 min ago
TA Ethereum Eyes Key Upside Break Why Bulls Could Aim Larger Rally 21 h 35 min ago
Popular BTM Operator Bitcoin of America Adds Ethereum to Its Bitcoin ATMs 21 h 43 min ago
Square Considering to Build Bitcoin Mining System Jack Dorsey 22 h 18 min ago
What are your top coins to invest in for passive income 22 h 35 min ago
The First Bitcoin Futures ETF Approved In U S Expecting to Start Trading This Week 22 h 53 min ago
TA Bitcoin Gearing For Lift-Off to 65K Rally Isn t Over Yet 23 h 35 min ago
Big Short Investor Michael Burry Not Shorting Bitcoin Warns Cryptocurrencies Are in a Bubble 23 h 43 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 18 10 2021 23 h 58 min ago
Bitcoin News today 18 10 2021 24 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin s potentially serious implications on future of investment global finance 24 h 13 min ago
Crypto and DeFi opportunities are a result of this 25 h 13 min ago
Rich Dad Poor Dad s Robert Kiyosaki Sees Very Bright Future for Bitcoin Plans to Buy More BTC After Next Pullback 25 h 43 min ago
Central Bank Digital Currencies A Technocratic Fallacy 25 h 43 min ago
El Salvador prefers Bitcoin over the US dollar 26 h 13 min ago
You like ATHs Bitcoin just had the highest weekly close of all time 26 h 43 min ago
Why investors are not entirely sold on investing in a Bitcoin futures ETF 27 h 13 min ago
Coinbase Publishes Proposal for Crypto Regulation Pushing 4 Core Recommendations 27 h 43 min ago
Crypto Market Forecast Week of October 18th 2021 27 h 43 min ago
On Confidently Misunderstanding Bitcoin A Response To Steve Hanke 27 h 43 min ago
Grayscale Investments Set to File for Bitcoin Spot ETF as Competition Heats Up 28 h 5 min ago
Don t keep your entire wealth in fiat Inflation is making Crypto skyrocket while your fiat money is being eroded 29 h 23 min ago
Back Bay Baptist Church Says Yes to Bitcoin Donations 29 h 43 min ago
The Holding Billionaires Accountable Lie Media Big Tech Fact Checkers Mischaracterize Angst Toward Biden s Tax Proposal 29 h 43 min ago
Schr dinger s Bitcoin 29 h 56 min ago
Could Zimbabwe Also Follow El Salvador And Legalize Crypto 30 h 43 min ago
Crypto businesses need to adhere to the U S OFAC compliance guidelines 31 h 13 min ago
Cardano At Risk Of Slipping Down The Rankings Could Prove Fatal For ADA 31 h 15 min ago
Eric Rosengren A Digital Dollar Could Be Great for the U S 31 h 43 min ago
Valve Bans Games Built on Blockchain NFTs and Cryptocurrencies From Steam Gaming Platform 31 h 43 min ago
The Bitcoin Haters And Their Bitcoin Beef 31 h 43 min ago
Malaysia Police charge illegal crypto miners and seize rigs to save charge 32 h 13 min ago
Coinbase Ventures Into the NFT Market Trend Setting for Other Crypto Platforms 32 h 42 min ago
AAVE MKR CRV Will the market s higher-highs tide lift the DeFi boat 32 h 43 min ago
Crypto Weekly Roundup First BTC ETF Ripple-Nelnet NFT Marketplaces And More 32 h 43 min ago
Everyone always says DYOR but never shows you how to DYOR Since many newbies are entering the market now here s a comprehensive guide to doing your own research in the crypto space 32 h 45 min ago
What is the highest possible price bitcoin could reach 33 h 25 min ago
Sophos Discovers Scam Organization Looking to Steal Crypto from Online Daters 33 h 43 min ago
Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Taunts Economist Steve Hanke After Bitcoin s Price Skyrockets 33 h 43 min ago
Crossing the 60 000 milestone what moves will Bitcoin make in the near-term 33 h 43 min ago
BTC USD Technical Sentiment Remains Supportive Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 18 October 2021 BTC 33 h 43 min ago
Shiba Inu On Robinhood May Be The Next Big Thing For SHIB After Petition Garners Over 254 000 Signatures 33 h 58 min ago
Why is this could be a decent time for Bitcoin investors to take profit 34 h 13 min ago
Bank Of England Will Scramble To Buy BTC Before It Hits 1 Million Says Bitcoin Maximalist 34 h 13 min ago
Can Bitcoin Start A Secular Bull Run Without The Support Of The Euro 34 h 26 min ago
Will XRP offer value to its investors in the long-run 34 h 43 min ago
El Salvadorans Are Converting Their USD to BTC as Interest in Bitcoin Soars 34 h 54 min ago
Here s what brewing in Bitcoin BTC Whales Address Count 35 h 51 min ago
Why alts like UNI LUNA ATOM are yet to join Bitcoin s surge party 36 h 13 min ago
Mark Cuban Prefers Buying BTC Directly Not Interested In Bitcoin ETF 36 h 13 min ago
Legendary Investor Bill Miller Backs Bitcoin Less Bullish on Altcoins Surviving 36 h 43 min ago
Aquagoat Token for a Clean Ocean Through Charitable Partnerships 36 h 51 min ago
What Ethereum needs for a push above 4000 37 h 13 min ago
BitMEX CEO on Bitcoin Being Adopted As Legal Tender Worldwide 37 h 19 min ago
From Grace To Grass Chinese Bitcoin Hashrate Drops To Zero 37 h 20 min ago
Barry Sternlicht Says Gold Is Kind Of Worthless After Revealing He Owns Bitcoin And Ethereum 37 h 24 min ago
Bitcoin is not issued by a government so it is not beholding to the debts that are run up by governments U S Senator Cynthia Lummis 37 h 28 min ago
Assessing the future of Bitcoin mining through the silicon lens 37 h 43 min ago
Metaverse Landowners Donate with a Charity DAO 37 h 43 min ago
Does decentralization automatically mean the Wild West Is copyright even a thing in such a space 37 h 53 min ago
My stupid opinion we still are NOT in the mania phase The top cryptos need to decisively break their ATHs Then we will see some fireworks 37 h 57 min ago
Cryptocurrency terminology 40 terms you should know 38 h 11 min ago
What does this development indicate for Ethereum going forward 38 h 13 min ago
BTC At 60k Big Short Investor Burry Says Bitcoin Is In A Speculative Bubble That Could Burst 38 h 23 min ago
Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Preferred Websites 38 h 31 min ago
Strategy for the coming months - Must-read for newbies 38 h 49 min ago
How far into the future does Bitcoin s dominance go 39 h 13 min ago
China s Crackdown On Bitcoin A Huge Win For US Mining Industry 39 h 23 min ago
Digital Asset Firm Bakkt to Go Public After Completing Merger BKKT Shares Set to Trade on NYSE Monday 40 h 13 min ago
Why MATIC needs Ethereum to pump now more than ever 40 h 13 min ago
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies of the Week - Week 42 40 h 21 min ago
Which coin token will be the winner of the upcoming altseason 40 h 31 min ago
Here s Why You Should Add Cosmos To Your Portfolio 41 h 13 min ago
Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin Maximalists For Supporting El Salvador s Invasive Legislation 42 h 26 min ago
President of Mexico Denies Having Interest in Adopting Bitcoin as Legal Tender 42 h 43 min ago
Pantera Capital s CEO Bitcoin Bull Cycles Went Up 15x in 300 Days 42 h 54 min ago
Shib is down by 20 while BTC ETH is up by 15 in a week Utility Profit 43 h 0 min ago
Ethereum Price ETH Inches Closer to the 4k Mark Institutional Investors seem Bullish 44 h 23 min ago
JMP Securities Sees Crypto Entering the Mainstream Says Adoption Has Hit Escape Velocity 45 h 13 min ago
Cardano Price Predicted to Hit 15 While ADA Price Is Still Under Bearish Pressure 45 h 59 min ago
Bitcoin News today 17 10 2021 48 h 3 min ago
US Senator Lummis Thanks God for Bitcoin as Congress Discusses Raising Debt Ceiling 48 h 13 min ago
Is a futures-based Bitcoin ETF a cop out 48 h 13 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 17 10 2021 48 h 13 min ago
We are at the bottom of next bear market 48 h 28 min ago
Bitcoin s Unprecedented Liquidity Can Explain Its Price Volatility 49 h 43 min ago
We are not interested in adopting Bitcoin as a currency says Mexico s president 49 h 53 min ago
Mark Cuban Won t Invest in Bitcoin ETF Prefers to Buy BTC Directly 50 h 26 min ago
Shitcoin investing strategy for the born degenerates 50 h 39 min ago
Mark Cuban Won t Invest in Bitcoin ETF Prefers to Buy BTC Directly 50 h 43 min ago
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