Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Bitcoin

Technical analysis and other news about BTC

What Will Happen if Bitcoin Repeats History Golden Cross a Boon or Bane 46 min ago
Decentralized Social Media App Damus Gets Banned In China 2 h 27 min ago
Michael Saylor on How Bitcoin Has Performed Since August 2020 2 h 47 min ago
Shiba Inu Price Soars More Than 45 Here Is Why 3 h 4 min ago
What Instore For BTC SOL AVAX and GMT Prices Analyst Maps Next Levels 3 h 46 min ago
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Bitcoin breaks resistance and heads higher what now And More in This Week s Crypto Update 4 h 52 min ago
Meta Calls 2023 a Year of Efficiency Anticipates More Losses in Its Metaverse Division 4 h 57 min ago
Binance Says Indian Crypto Exchange Wazirx Can No Longer Use Its Wallet Services 6 h 57 min ago
Hackers Stole 3 8 Billion From Crypto Firms in 2022 Says Chainalysis 8 h 57 min ago
Binance Returns to Korean Crypto Market Invests in Troubled Exchange Gopax 10 h 27 min ago
Don t Get Too Greedy On Bitcoin Analyst Suggests Here s Why 11 h 27 min ago
Uzbekistan Collects Over 300 000 From Crypto Sector 11 h 57 min ago
Will Bitcoin Price Return To 20 000 Here s What Investors Expect 12 h 27 min ago
I DCA into the Reddit Index These are the Top 7 Crypto Subreddits - Month 6 12 h 52 min ago
Experts Predict Future Regulation of Crypto Exchanges by 2025 With Split Opinion on Similarity to Traditional Finance 13 h 27 min ago
Solana Can Depreciate Further If It Doesn t Breach Its Immediate Target 13 h 27 min ago
Billionaire Ray Dalio believes that fiat is in jeopardy 14 h 32 min ago
Charlie Munger would be more bullish on bitcoin if he had time to study it Michael Saylor says 14 h 34 min ago
Billionaire investor Ray Dalio has described fiat currency as being in serious jeopardy 14 h 48 min ago
Marathon Digital Holdings Sells Some of Its Bitcoin for the First Time 14 h 48 min ago
Sberbank Set to Launch Decentralized Finance Platform Based on Ethereum 14 h 56 min ago
Charlie Munger Doesn t Understand Bitcoin Michael Saylor 15 h 33 min ago
Polkadot DOT Gains 6 In One Day As Market Sees Correction 15 h 56 min ago
DOJ-Appointed US Trustee Objects to Subpoena Request in FTX Bankruptcy Case 16 h 57 min ago
Australian Government Releases First Steps To Regulate Crypto And Bitcoin 17 h 6 min ago
There is a new record divergence between long term holder and short term holder supply right now and the long-term holders by a mile 17 h 11 min ago
Bitcoin Prices Hold Steady After Strong Jobs Report Beats Expectations 17 h 19 min ago
Foxify Announce Partnership with Tyson Fury 17 h 26 min ago
Litecoin LTC Tallies Over 12 Increase In Last 7 Seven Days 17 h 57 min ago
The Artificial Intelligence Token Inverse Cramer Token is down 94 after the AI that supports the crypto becomes Corrupted and developers are unable to restore it potential rugpull by devs 18 h 28 min ago
How Antenna Sharing Circles Bypassed Banned TV Channels During East-Germany s Dictatorship 19 h 1 min ago
1 BTC to 1 Million Cathie Wood Doubles Down On Decade-long Bitcoin Price Prediction 19 h 3 min ago
Bitcoin Miner Marathon Digital Sells BTC For First Time In Two Years 19 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Price Analysis Spooked Below 24000 - 4 February 2023 19 h 27 min ago
Shiba Inu Whale Withdraws 60 Million In SHIB From Binance Bullish 19 h 56 min ago
Bitcoin Beyond the Crash and Embracing NFTs 19 h 57 min ago
Fed Fears Can t Crush Bitcoin s Mojo 20 h 0 min ago
They really tricked people into buying decentralized coins on centralized platforms 20 h 15 min ago
Ethereum Network s Rising Gas Fees in 2023 A Balancing Act of Growth and Cost 20 h 27 min ago
Bill Gates Views Musk Agenda to Put People on Mars as Imprudent Way to Spend Money 20 h 46 min ago
Bitcoin Explosion to 1 000 000 Is Now on the Table Says Quant Analyst PlanB - The Daily Hodl 20 h 50 min ago
Ripple Vs SEC Update Latest Hearing Offers Hope XRP Gains Upper Hand 21 h 33 min ago
There s a wild theory that the price of Bitcoin is being propped up and the academic who proved manipulation in 2017 suspects it may be happening again 21 h 35 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum Technical Analysis BTC Falls From Recent High Ahead of US Non-Farm Payrolls 21 h 53 min ago
Bitcoin pauses but altcoins breakout looks encouraging 22 h 2 min ago
Crypto com removing several tokens from Earn and revising rates again 22 h 10 min ago
Ethereum Bearish Signal Profit-Taking Hits Highest Level Since Feb 2021 22 h 11 min ago
Did Goldman Sachs Just Give Bitcoin a Seal of Approval The Motley Fool 22 h 20 min ago
An Orange Pill For Bitcoiners 22 h 27 min ago
South African Retailer Pick n Pay Now Accepting Payments via BTC at All Its Stores 22 h 57 min ago
Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin Can Go to 48 000 This Year 23 h 6 min ago
Bitcoin BTC to Hit 28 000 Next Week This Analyst Thinks So 23 h 13 min ago
A New Approach to DeFI KyotoSwap io 23 h 26 min ago
BTC Reaches Highest Level Since August Crypto Daily TV 3 2 2023 23 h 27 min ago
Bitcoin Will Hit 1 Million by 2030 Claims Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood 23 h 39 min ago
Top Reasons Why Bitcoin Price May Soar Beyond 30 000 this Month 24 h 3 min ago
Cardano Price Faces Make-or-Break Moment Can Djed Propel ADA 24 h 18 min ago
MicroStrategy continues trading bitcoin despite a 1 3b paper loss 24 h 24 min ago
Addressable Raises 7 5 Million to Help Web3 Marketers Reach Their Audiences 24 h 27 min ago
Crypto Market Watch Why is Bitcoin Price Down Today 24 h 31 min ago
Banks in Russia to Lose 700 Million a Year Due to Digital Ruble Experts Say 25 h 40 min ago
Finnish Firm Membrane Finance Launches EU-regulated EUROe Stablecoin 25 h 43 min ago
Coinbase COIN Stock Pops Up 26 after Dismissal of Lawsuit 25 h 49 min ago
Report Egyptian Lawmakers Hail Parliament s Endorsement of Pact to Join BRICS Bank 25 h 56 min ago
How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash in 2023 25 h 57 min ago
Bitcoin Price To Enter A New Bull Market If BTC Trades Above This Level 25 h 58 min ago
68B Tether USDT Market Was Controlled by Four Individuals as of 2018 WSJ Report 26 h 2 min ago
Snowfall Protocol SNW Presale Set To Sell Out As Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH Prices Signal Increased Market Enthusiasm 26 h 48 min ago
Shiba Inu Price Jumps 50 In Jan Will SHIB Break 0 1 Mark In 2023 27 h 17 min ago
Banks in Russia to Lose 700 Million a Year Due to Digital Ruble Experts Say 27 h 27 min ago
Canada s Largest Longest Running Crypto Conference the Blockchain Futurist Conference Returns for a Fifth Year 28 h 7 min ago
Top Crypto News Today-Altcoin Market Closer to a Breakout Will BTC Rally be Sluggish 28 h 11 min ago
Hong Kong Pursues Its Goal to Revive the Crypto Sector 28 h 12 min ago
Maximize Your Crypto Returns These 4 Altcoins are Poised to Skyrocket to the Top 10 in 2023 28 h 17 min ago
Silvergate Investigated by US DoJ Over FTX and Alameda 28 h 33 min ago
Ebay Expands Into NFT and Web3 Space With New Job Openings 28 h 57 min ago
Who regrets not buying BTC and other alts when BTC was at 16 000 29 h 14 min ago
Marathon Digital Mines Its Way With 2x Sales In January 29 h 29 min ago
DOT Price Polkadot Prediction Break Above 6 80 Could Spark Fresh Rally 30 h 20 min ago
US Judge Dismisses Customer Lawsuit Against Crypto Exchange Coinbase 30 h 56 min ago
The Case for Bitcoin in 2023 31 h 3 min ago
Ethereum Price Looks Ready For Another Leg Higher Over 1 700 31 h 29 min ago
Bitcoin Price Just Saw Key Technical Correction But 100 SMA Is Still Strong 32 h 40 min ago
Ethereum Price Analysis ETH Price To Have a Bullish Ride Soon Here Are The Levels To Watch 32 h 55 min ago
Charlie Munger Urges US Government to Ban Crypto Like China Has Done 32 h 57 min ago
Robert Kiyosaki Discusses Why Gold Silver Bitcoin Are Rising Higher 34 h 57 min ago
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