Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Bitcoin

Technical analysis and other news about BTC

Cardano traders could long the alt here 2 h 10 min ago
Goldman Sachs Bogus DeFi ETF Enrages Crypto Twitter 2 h 10 min ago
Blockchain may be boring but it s an incredibly disruptive tech 2 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin Price Surges On Massive Short Squeeze 2 h 39 min ago
Despite Volatile Quarter For BTC Price Invictus Bitcoin Emphasis Garners Investor Returns 2 h 39 min ago
Banks in Kazakhstan to Open Accounts for Registered Crypto Exchanges 2 h 40 min ago
Why these Bitcoin metrics remain a cause for concern 3 h 10 min ago
Kazakhstan Opens Up Bank Accounts For Cryptocurrencies 3 h 40 min ago
Bitcoin Owner Moves 9 500 BTC to an Unknown Wallet 3 h 57 min ago
This Week in Fintech TFT Bi-Weekly News Roundup 27 07 4 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Recoils After Amazon Flatly Denies Cryptocurrency Support Speculation 4 h 13 min ago
Young Singaporeans are keen on crypto adoption Survey 4 h 15 min ago
ADA Price holds up well Cardano Blockchain On To Big Ups in Next 2 Months 4 h 16 min ago
Tesla Records 23M in Bitcoin-Related Impairment Loss in Q2 Earnings Report 4 h 35 min ago
After Amazon Shock Bitcoin Price Gains Were Abruptly Abandoned What s Next for BTC Price 4 h 46 min ago
Bitcoin Remains Bullish After Shaking on Amazon Rumors 4 h 48 min ago
Intro to the 3rd Generation of BTC Bitcoin Latinum 4 h 55 min ago
It s a Bad Idea To Give Legal Tender Status to Cryptoassets Such As Bitcoin Says IMF 5 h 10 min ago
Goldman Sachs just launched a DeFi fund with zero DeFi coins 5 h 10 min ago
Was Bitcoin s BTC brief recovery above 40K a case of Dead cat bounce 5 h 11 min ago
Bitcoin Rebounds Despite Bearish Confidence among Institutional Investors 5 h 15 min ago
Bitcoin price seeks swift bounce after sell-off from 40 5k 5 h 19 min ago
Brazilian Authorities Seize 33 Million in Money Laundering Investigation Linked to Cryptocurrency Exchanges 5 h 40 min ago
Amazon Denies Claims about Bitcoin Payment Plans 5 h 43 min ago
Amazon Denies Accepting Bitcoin Payments BTC Price Drops Afterward 5 h 45 min ago
IMF Officials Warns Monetary Risks of adopting BTC as Legal Tender 6 h 0 min ago
Huge Bitcoin Outflows On Binance BTC To Break 40k Soon 6 h 9 min ago
Amazon rumour disproved what now for Bitcoin 6 h 29 min ago
Cardano ADA Price Analysis Dips Could Be Limited Below 1 20 6 h 42 min ago
The Ethereum upgrade London coming in 9 days will be a hard fork and I found out what that means so you don t have to 6 h 45 min ago
Bitcoin BTC Price Down 3 after Rallying Slightly Above 40 000 6 h 46 min ago
Coinbase Believes Bitcoin ETF Approval Likely by This Year End 6 h 49 min ago
Does Amazon accept to buy with Cryptocurrencies 6 h 55 min ago
Actual unpopular opinion thread 6 h 58 min ago
This Ethereum metric just hit a 5-year high 7 h 10 min ago
Finder s Experts Predict Ethereum Will Reach 4 5K This Year 18K in 2025 7 h 39 min ago
Ethereum Price Is Correcting Gains Eth Price Should Defend 2 3k Level to Prevent a Dive 7 h 40 min ago
Bitcoin Funding Rate Flips Positive as 2 1 Million BTC Return to Profitability 7 h 44 min ago
Dogecoin Price Plunges Close 0 2 After A Day Of Moon-Ride 7 h 58 min ago
This key resistance level can hinder Bitcoin from reaching ATHs 7 h 58 min ago
Tesla Records 23M Impairment Loss on BTC Despite Revenue and Profit both Exceeded Expectations in Q2 Financial Report 8 h 20 min ago
Amazon Denies Report of Upcoming Bitcoin Payment Mode 8 h 23 min ago
Ethereum Price Analysis ETH Turns Positive Above 2K 8 h 41 min ago
Africrypt Bitcoin Heist Contradicting Reports About the Directors Whereabouts Surface 9 h 39 min ago
One Year On Cardano Yet To Fulfil Founder s Prediction But We Are Getting There 9 h 43 min ago
TA Ethereum Trims Gains Why ETH Could Restart Its Rally 10 h 1 min ago
Bitcoin Price Tumbles Below 40k as Amazon Denies Report but Did the News Really Shill BTC Yesterday 10 h 8 min ago
Market Strategist Says Bitcoin s Best Days Are Ahead Won t See Restrictive Fed Policy Anytime Soon 11 h 38 min ago
TA Bitcoin Tops Near 40K Why BTC Remains Well Supported 12 h 2 min ago
Amazon To Launch Its Native Token And Plan To Accept Bitcoin As Payment Method Along With Ethereum 12 h 25 min ago
Bitcoin s Supply Squeeze May Just Start after BTC Surpassed 40K Level 12 h 30 min ago
Amazon To Accept Crypto Important Things You Need To Know 12 h 34 min ago
Tesla SpaceX Musk All Own Bitcoin Analysis 26 July 12 h 37 min ago
Blockchain the 100 most common questions 12 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 27 07 2021 12 h 55 min ago
Bitcoin News today 27 07 2021 13 h 5 min ago
What are the odds of Bitcoin surpassing 50k 13 h 10 min ago
Gone are the 100x BitMEX days FTX Binance to restrict leverage to 20x 13 h 10 min ago
Blockchain Technology is Changing the World 13 h 18 min ago
What is the Best Way to Invest During a Cryptocurrency Bear Market 13 h 25 min ago
What is Ethereum 13 h 31 min ago
Tesla Reveals Bitcoin Holdings Worth 1 3 Billion in Q2 23 Million BTC Impairment 13 h 40 min ago
Ripple Price Prediction Can XRP USD Spikes Above 0 65 13 h 42 min ago
5 Best Cryptocurrency To Buy For Recovery July 2021 Week 4 13 h 42 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Trades Close to 40 000 Level 13 h 42 min ago
Aave Price Up 18 25 to 326 97 Where to Buy AAVE 13 h 42 min ago
Best DeFi Crypto Coins And Tokens July 2021 Week 4 13 h 42 min ago
Litecoin Price Prediction LTC USD Breaks Above 140 Resistance 13 h 42 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Returns to 40 000 13 h 42 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction BCH USD Trade Upsurges Relatively 13 h 42 min ago
Bitcoin These 3 metrics are important to keep track of 14 h 9 min ago
Ternoa to List on AscendEX 14 h 10 min ago
5 Top Cryptocurrency To Buy This Week July 2021 Week 4 14 h 14 min ago
Friendly Reminder Close your computer grab a drink and get some rest Cryptocurrency is a Long-Term game 14 h 42 min ago
How The 55 Bitcoin Correction Revives Comparisons To Past Bull Cycle 15 h 9 min ago
IMF Economists Say Cryptoassets And CBDCs Are A Step Too Far 15 h 40 min ago
Tether USDT faces criminal probe in the US report says 16 h 9 min ago
Thorchain Trolled by Hacker After Two Successful Seven-Figure Exploits 16 h 9 min ago
Cardano ADA And Dogecoin DOGE Record Highest Gains As Crypto Market Surges 16 h 10 min ago
What percentage of the ultra-rich are investing in Bitcoin 16 h 10 min ago
Bitcoin Transforms Evil Into A Greater Good 16 h 59 min ago
How Bumper Facilitates Asset Protection in Bear Markets 17 h 2 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Solana Filecoin Price Analysis 26 July 17 h 10 min ago
Ransomware is a scourge but eliminating cryptocurrencies won t make it go away 17 h 18 min ago
Q2 Earnings Report Finally Confirms Elon Musk s Tesla Didn t Sell Bitcoin Holdings 17 h 22 min ago
US Dept Of Justice Probes Tether Executives For Alleged Bank Fraud 17 h 57 min ago
Bitcoin IRAs Are Rising In Popularity In The U S 18 h 7 min ago
How likely is Polkadot to hit the 20-mark 18 h 10 min ago
Jack Dorsey Wants BTC to Help with World Peace 18 h 10 min ago
Tesla hasn t sold a single Bitcoin despite all of Elon Musk s antics 18 h 32 min ago
Fed Faces Double Inflation as Supply Chain Falters Economists Question Spending Biden Not Worried 18 h 40 min ago
Bitcoin Brings A Foundation Of Truth To Money 18 h 50 min ago
AMZN denies report of accepting bitcoin THIS YEAR 19 h 3 min ago
Bitcoin Price Rallies from 30k on Amazon Short Squeeze ETH FTT THETA Jul 26 19 h 4 min ago
Bitcoin Indicator Forecast Calls For 46K New All-Time Highs Possible 19 h 10 min ago
Bitcoin s Bounce Signals Trend Reversal 19 h 40 min ago
Bank Of England Britcoin Will Fuel Rising Bitcoin Prices Says deVere CEO 20 h 7 min ago
This is the only thing separating Uniswap from an extended rally 20 h 9 min ago
JPMorgan Discusses What Needs to Be Done to Get BTC Out of Its Slump 20 h 10 min ago
Instant Crypto Swap How to INSTANTLY Profit from Booming Cryptos 20 h 14 min ago
Top 3 Coins to Watch Week 30 20 h 25 min ago
Coinbase s Product Principles 20 h 36 min ago
Jeff Bezos Directs Amazon to Accept Bitcoin and Other Popular Cryptocurrencies Report 20 h 39 min ago
Why Bitcoin Will Usurp Fiat As The World s Medium Of Exchange 21 h 6 min ago
XRP Bitcoin Cardano Price Analysis 26 July 21 h 10 min ago
Bulls Back In Control Why Bitcoin Miners Could Be The Key To Break 40 000 21 h 10 min ago
Tether Execs Reportedly Facing DOJ Probe For Bank Fraud 21 h 10 min ago
CEO Of 127 Billion Hedge Fund Calls Crypto A Tulip Bulb With No Intrinsic Worth 21 h 16 min ago
Crypto Investment Products Saw 28 Million Worth of Outflows Last Week 21 h 25 min ago
Major Thai Telecom Operator Plans To Out-Mine All Of Southeast Asia 21 h 27 min ago
Are NFTs Dead New Game Changing Trends 21 h 52 min ago
Where to buy VeChain VET explodes rallies 30 this week 21 h 53 min ago
Old DOGE new tricks where to buy Dogecoin as it bounces 12 21 h 55 min ago
Cardano Payments Reportedly Coming To World s Largest Online Retailer Amazon 21 h 56 min ago
Where to buy Ethereum ETH leads market recovery with 25 weekly gains 22 h 2 min ago
Over 800 Million Bitcoin Shorts Liquidated As Price Surges 12 In 24 Hours 22 h 9 min ago
China and Bitcoin The final straw would be something like 22 h 9 min ago
Early crypto exchange boss says China remains 50 50 on outright Bitcoin ban 22 h 10 min ago
Hester Pierce Slams SEC For Slow BTC ETF Approval 22 h 10 min ago
BTC USD Surges Towards 40000 Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 27 July 2021 BTC 22 h 10 min ago
Why You Should Be Bullish On Bitcoin 22 h 13 min ago
Bitcoin Pops 15 To Break Fresh Highs In Wake Of Bullish Sentiment-Filled Week But Can It Overcome This Hurdle 22 h 22 min ago
Binance Smart Chain Creates a 10 Million Bug Bounty Fund to Tighten Protocol Security 22 h 40 min ago
Crypto wealth manager Wave Financial bullish on bitcoin as cryptocurrency soars towards two-month high 22 h 42 min ago
Bitcoin Awareness And Adoption In Singapore Is Huge 22 h 59 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for July 25 2021 23 h 6 min ago
Fact Checked Bitcoin DID have 5 consecutive green days during the 2018 bear market 23 h 7 min ago
Bitcoin Mining Simulators VS Crypto Faucets Who wins 23 h 10 min ago
Binance To Stop cryptocurrency margin trading with Australian dollar euro and Pound 23 h 12 min ago
This Mighty Bullish Pattern Identified By Bloomberg Puts Near-Term Target For BTC At 44 000 24 h 0 min ago
Binance Coin traders can reap benefits by making this move 24 h 9 min ago
Bitcoin Chart Pattern Suggests Price Will Move to 44 000 After Recent Surge 24 h 20 min ago
Bitcoin price eyes 40k above 50 DMA for first time since May 24 h 24 min ago
4 000 BTC 154 085 890 USD were moved today No government bank or third party had to verify it Nor could they prevent it This is the power of Blockchain 24 h 34 min ago
Chainalysis Executive To Lead PayPal s Crypto Regulatory Efforts 24 h 56 min ago
This particular event might help Bitcoin cross 40 000 25 h 10 min ago
This Week s DeFi Interest Rates Here s What s Yielding 25 h 14 min ago
Bank of England s Britcoin will drive the price of Bitcoin higher deVere CEO 25 h 32 min ago
Negative sentiment continues to place digital assets 25 h 38 min ago
The Intelligent Person s Guide To Bitcoin 25 h 46 min ago
Amazon Bitcoin Payment Rumors Spark Market Euphoria 25 h 49 min ago
Is China Buying Bitcoin 25 h 57 min ago
Amazon Getting Ready for cryptocurrency Payments BTC Price is Nearing the 40k Mark After a Rough Ride 25 h 59 min ago
Santo Blockchain and French Artist Jerome Peschard Release Cutting Edge XR-NFT Series 26 h 10 min ago
How Dogecoin traders can take advantage of the next few sessions 26 h 10 min ago
Hedge Fund Tycoon Slams Crypto No Inherent Value 26 h 10 min ago
Ethereum Price And Cardano Price Accelerate Their Pace Towards Their Targets 26 h 16 min ago
What Can A Single Bitcoin Buy In 2026 Here s Our Best Guess 26 h 22 min ago
Editorial Amazon s Adoption of Bitcoin is a Game Changer 26 h 28 min ago
UK plans to replace cash with cryptocurrency but it s not what you think 26 h 34 min ago
Introducing the Platform The First Platform to Support Elon Musk Has Appeared 26 h 44 min ago
Bitcoin Climbs Towards 40 000 as Crypto Market Gains 9 in a Single Day 27 h 0 min ago
On-Chain Findings Bitcoin Needs To Quickly Attain These Price Levels In Order To Get Out Of The Woods 27 h 3 min ago
Analyst on Bitcoin If there s any headline that s going to help push bitcoin 27 h 9 min ago
Amazon Sets Bitcoin on Fire With News That Suggests It Is Becoming Serious About Crypto 27 h 18 min ago
I bought Bitcoin consequently at 40k 63k and 58k meaning I have always timed the peak perfectly Ask me anything 27 h 39 min ago
Dogecoin Last Week Dogefather Saga Continues DOGE On Coinbase Commerce And A New Lawsuit 27 h 40 min ago
How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency 27 h 48 min ago
Three US States Issue Concerns About BlockFi s Unregistered Securities 27 h 56 min ago
Bitcoin Rally Liquidates 1 Billion Worth of Short Crypto Positions 28 h 0 min ago
Market Cap is not a measure of how much money is invested in a project and price is not a measure of true value Let s get deep 28 h 10 min ago
XRP Price Thrives to Maintain a Bullish Rally Ripple Labs Gains Upperhand in Lawsuit Against SEC 28 h 11 min ago
Ethereum Hit 3-Week High While Crypto Markets Rebounded 28 h 18 min ago
Am I the only one hesitant about this Amazon stuff 28 h 18 min ago
Bitcoin BTC hits two milestones as price inches closer to 40K 28 h 25 min ago
Is The Bitcoin Bear Market Over Or It s Just A Replica Of Mid-June Jump 28 h 26 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum and XRP Bullish after Weekend Gains 28 h 32 min ago
CoinGate integrates BTCV coin offering greater functionality 28 h 40 min ago
Bitcoin s success never depended on China Says Former Exchange Owner Bobby Lee 28 h 40 min ago
Rumors of Amazon Accepting Bitcoin Payments Spur the Largest Single-Day Gain in 6 Weeks 28 h 45 min ago
PayPal s Journey Into Crypto Continues Expands Purchase Limits 28 h 45 min ago
Bitcoin Climbs 13 to 40 000 in Short Squeeze as Amazon Suggests BTC Plans 28 h 47 min ago
Bitcoin Price Soars 15 Owing to Short Squeeze Is BTC Price Poised Rising Above ATH 64k in This Second Run 28 h 50 min ago
ARNO Begins Carbon Nanotubes Production as it Gets Closer to Token Listing 29 h 2 min ago
Amazon rumours lead to 1 billion in crypto shorts getting liquidated 29 h 10 min ago
Bitcoin Spikes 11 As Insider Reveals Amazon s Plans To Accept Bitcoin Payments By Year s End 29 h 29 min ago
The rise of layer 2 scaling solutions and cross-chain solutions on blockchain 29 h 45 min ago
Bears destroyed as 1 13 billion in crypto short positions liquidated 29 h 49 min ago
Kubernetes Clusters Used to Mine Monero by Attackers 30 h 10 min ago
Amazon s bitcoin move This directive is coming from the very top 30 h 10 min ago
1 1 billion worth of Bitcoin shorts liquidated overnight 100k shorters rekt 30 h 59 min ago
Crypto lender Celsius invests USD 54 mln in miner Core Scientific 31 h 4 min ago
Cambridge University Bitcoin Mining Is Now More Environmentally Friendly 31 h 11 min ago
Bitcoin on Track to Break 40 000 Resistance as About 1 1B Positions in Crypto Gets Liquidated 31 h 15 min ago
Amazon May Start Accepting BTC Payments by End of 2021 and Launch Its Own Coin in 2022 31 h 21 min ago
Cardano Price Bounce-Off 1 Headed to 1 50 Morningstar Strategist Says ADA Could Go Mainstream 31 h 37 min ago
Bitcoin Inches Closer to 40K after Reports of Amazon s Crypto Plan 31 h 39 min ago
Tesla Q2-2021 Earnings Call to Shed Light on Its Bitcoin Holdings 31 h 40 min ago
The Best Torrent Sites Complete Guide to The Most Popular Sites 31 h 53 min ago
Cardano ADA Dogecoin DOGE Chainlink LINK lead gains as crypto markets jump 32 h 10 min ago
Bitcoin Mild Volatility Lower than the Other Leading Cryptocurrencies in 2021 32 h 39 min ago
FTX Slashes Leverage Limit from 100x to 20x Community Suspects Competitors Will Follow Example 33 h 10 min ago
Yesterday I bought BTC Today it climbed 10 meaning I can manipulate the market Ask me anything 33 h 21 min ago
BTC dumps to 30k in one day Manipulation BTC pumps to 40k in one hour Natural Progression 34 h 21 min ago
Bitcoin s Hashrate Rebounding after Engaging a 50 Drop 34 h 24 min ago
Analyst Jim Cramer Calls Ethereum the Pied Piper of Crypto but Won t Add to His Position 34 h 40 min ago
Bitcoin tops 39 000 for the first time in nearly 6 weeks adding 114 billion to the crypto market 34 h 45 min ago
TA Bitcoin Surges To 40K Why BTC Could Rally Further 35 h 22 min ago
Early morning today I sold all my BTC you can now thank me brothers 35 h 26 min ago
Beware Whale manipulation of BTC Pump 36 h 3 min ago
BTC Leaps Over 12 to Six-week High Analysts Predicts Individual Trades Could Influence on the Bitcoin Market 36 h 4 min ago
Bitcoin News today 26 07 2021 36 h 5 min ago
Portfolio Strategist Expects Cardano to Become Mainstream Cryptocurrency Alongside Bitcoin and Ether 36 h 10 min ago
The Science Behind HODLing Moons 36 h 21 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Bounces Above 34 000 36 h 33 min ago
Bitcoin BTC Price Prediction BTC USD May Clear 35 000 Resistance as Bitcoin Targets 37 000 36 h 33 min ago
Litecoin Price Prediction LTC USD Operation Ups in Ranges 36 h 33 min ago
Litecoin Price Prediction LTC USD Retests 123 Support 36 h 33 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction BCH USD Is Down By 3 35 36 h 33 min ago
DeFi Coin Price Pushes Past 1 36 h 33 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Gets Ready For 35 000 Resistance 36 h 33 min ago
Ethereum Price Prediction ETH USD Revisits 2108 Support 36 h 33 min ago
Bitcoin price surges as Amazon insider confirms BTC payments 36 h 37 min ago
5th green day confirmed Bitcoin has never had 5 green days in a row during a bear market going back to 2013 36 h 40 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 26 07 2021 36 h 50 min ago
Amazon making their own crypto should not be celebrated It should be ridiculed 36 h 58 min ago
Analyst on Bitcoin I would not be surprised if we get a very 37 h 10 min ago
Crypto Market Forecast Week of July 26th 2021 37 h 10 min ago
Can t wait for a stream of bullish news stories tomorrow if BTC holds up 37 h 27 min ago
Remember if you didn t buy 5 hours ago you probably shouldn t buy now 37 h 33 min ago
Ahh the sweet sweet sound of shorts being liquidated 37 h 44 min ago
Bitcoin just touched 40k from the mid 35k range in 5 minutes 38 h 3 min ago
Incoming bullish sentiment 38 h 5 min ago
Here s how this bitcoin market development can impact its price 38 h 9 min ago
Jack Dorsey Calls Bitcoin a Big Part of Twitter s Future as a Global Currency 38 h 10 min ago
Is the next wave of BTC FOMO kicking in Stay tuned we might have a fun week ahead My bulltard senses are tingling 38 h 48 min ago
This Bitcoin analyst chalks out what matters most right now 39 h 9 min ago
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