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Technical analysis and other news about BTC

Bitwise launches a Crypto ETF With Bitcoin Exposure Should You Buy 2 h 29 min ago
GoodFi Advisory Board Attracts 22 Executives from Chainlink Aave Radix mStable and Other Leading DeFi Projects 2 h 30 min ago
Argo Blockchain Buys Hydro Data Centers To Realize Green Bitcoin Mining Vision 2 h 43 min ago
What Are The Chances Of Dogecoin Being Above 5 By End Of 2021 3 h 7 min ago
What does the market dip mean for EOS and Tezos 3 h 22 min ago
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits All-Time High As Second Taproot Signaling Period Begins 3 h 35 min ago
Energy-Efficient Cardano ADA Surges To Break Above 1 87 and Set New ATH 3 h 37 min ago
Weentar is Going to Incentivise Social Media Activity 4 h 2 min ago
Are You Unbanked Save More with Samecoin s Revolutionary Investment Options 4 h 7 min ago
Hedge funds eye crypto volatility after Tesla shelves bitcoin payments amid ESG concerns 4 h 10 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Stellar Lumens Neo Price Analysis 13 May 4 h 22 min ago
IRS Says It Would Seize Bitcoin To Settle Unpaid Taxes 4 h 41 min ago
What Is Nano Fee-Free Crypto Asset Gains 60 Intraday 4 h 42 min ago
What s REALLY behind Musk s Bitcoin u-turn 4 h 44 min ago
Tesla or Solar City May Enter Super Clean Bitcoin Mining Tesla Will Stop Accepting BTC Payments 4 h 44 min ago
XRP is Back on the Phemex Crypto Exchange 4 h 57 min ago
Tesla to No Longer Accept Bitcoin Due to Climate Concerns 5 h 22 min ago
Why it s only a matter of time before Litecoin does this 5 h 23 min ago
Nexo Partner On Why He Blasts Elon Musk Tesla Bitcoin Flip-Flop 5 h 51 min ago
Student Coin STC Token Is Now Listed on Bitcoin com Exchange 5 h 52 min ago
Creator of Wall Street s Fear Index joins Crypto Volatility Index as advisor 5 h 53 min ago
MicroStrategy buys the dip A further 271 Bitcoins 5 h 58 min ago
Elon Musk Looking for Green Alternative to Bitcoin for Tesla Will Chia Coin Be Good Option 6 h 9 min ago
Deutsche B rse s Xetra lists Bitcoin ETP 6 h 13 min ago
Everything you need to know about the 5 categories of risk associated with DeFi 6 h 22 min ago
Bitcoin Markets Blood Red After Tesla Announcement Crypto Economy Sheds Billions 6 h 22 min ago
Can Cardano Become The Third Biggest Crypto After Ethereum And Bitcoin 6 h 27 min ago
Institutions prefer crypto to gold as an inflation hedge 6 h 36 min ago
3 Reasons Why The Crypto Market Crashed BTC ETH XRP Down 10 6 h 50 min ago
425bn Wiped Off Crypto Market As Musk Says Bitcoin Is Bad For The Environment 6 h 52 min ago
Mark Cuban counters Elon Musk says Mavs will continue to accept Bitcoin 6 h 58 min ago
Bitcoin com exchange lists first AAA blockchain game Illuvium s ILV token 7 h 7 min ago
MoneyGram Coinme to expand access to Bitcoin 7 h 9 min ago
Tesla and Bitcoin 7 Reasons Why Elon Musk is Wrong Is It Time to Buy 7 h 16 min ago
Stan Druckenmiller US Will Likely Lose Reserve Currency Status in 15 Years Hard to Unseat Bitcoin as Store of Value 7 h 17 min ago
Zcash and Ethereum Classic Could See New Gains Soon ZEC Price Poised to Hit 1k 7 h 26 min ago
Rootkit Brings upMarketCap an Exclusive ERC-31337 Protocol Based Ecosystem Combining Best of DeFi and NFT 7 h 46 min ago
This Week in Fintech TFT Bi-Weekly News Roundup 13 05 7 h 51 min ago
Trade EOS XRP ETH BTC on Bexplus with Doubles Deposit 100x leverage on Futures contracts 7 h 52 min ago
The Impact of Cryptocurrency on The Gambling Industry 8 h 5 min ago
Tesla suspends vehicle purchases using Bitcoin over climate concerns 8 h 7 min ago
Deconstructing Elon Musk s Announcement About Tesla and Bitcoin 8 h 12 min ago
Sportsbet io and Arsenal FC Launch Augmented Reality Matchday Programme for Fans and Influencers 8 h 27 min ago
Microsoft and Intel collaborate on crypto mining project 8 h 35 min ago
Crypto Market Tumbles After Tesla Halts Bitcoin Payments 8 h 37 min ago
Are You Unbanked Save More with Samecoin s Revolutionary Investment Options 8 h 43 min ago
Bitcoin Plummets to 46K after Tesla Refuses Bitcoin Payments 8 h 48 min ago
You can now buy luxury condos with Dogecoin DOGE and Cardano ADA in Portugal 8 h 52 min ago
US SEC Has Brought 75 Enforcement Actions on Crypto Industry 8 h 53 min ago
The dip is due to several factors most likely due to a liquidity stress test today Do your research This is not all on Elon Research is key 8 h 53 min ago
Tesla Stops Accepting Bitcoin Over Environmental Impact Concerns 8 h 56 min ago
The Future of Art Exhibitions A Talk with the Team Behind NFT BAZL 9 h 4 min ago
What Are The Different Uses Of Bitcoin-Based Applications In Daily Life 9 h 7 min ago
Diem Partnered With Silvergate To Launch A New Stablecoin In The US 9 h 9 min ago
Tesla Stops BTC Payments Over Environmental Concerns Report 9 h 14 min ago
MoneyGram to enable crypto-to-cash transactions 9 h 47 min ago
ORBS Launches Orbs Staking on the Coinbase Wallet Mobile App 9 h 51 min ago
Litecoin Price Analysis LTC Looks to Bounce off 300 As BTC Retests 50k 9 h 57 min ago
StormGain A multi-currency crypto wallet 10 h 22 min ago
Funding Roundup Fresh Capital Aims to Advance Blockchain Product and Service Capabilities 10 h 22 min ago
EOS Price Analysis 10 Holds The Key For Fresh Rally 10 h 25 min ago
Will XRP Be Tesla s Green Cryptocurrency After Halting Bitcoin Transactions 10 h 40 min ago
Elon Musk Slashes Bitcoin Price Some Accumulate Yet Many Face Dread 10 h 45 min ago
Tron THETA Solana Price Analysis 13 May 10 h 53 min ago
SEC Warns of Risks of Investing in Bitcoin Futures for Mutual Funds 10 h 55 min ago
Pressure towards a greener crypto landscape should be embraced 11 h 4 min ago
3 72 billion liquidated as cryptos fall by double-digit percentages 11 h 7 min ago
Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments Is Elon Musk Going Cold on Crypto 11 h 12 min ago
First Bitcoin Car Heads to the 105th Running of the Indianapolis 500 11 h 23 min ago
Elon Musk Pokes Massive Hole in the Bitcoin Market After Halting Bitcoin Payments at Tesla 11 h 23 min ago
Cardano Price Likely to Erupt This Bull Run Will ADA Price Hit 5 in Q2-2021 11 h 46 min ago
Official Remittance Inflows to Zimbabwe Surged to 1 Billion After Covid-19 Restrictions Forced Migrants to Use Formal Channels 11 h 52 min ago
Investors Waiting for Bitcoin Rally While Tesla Dumps BTC Payments 12 h 23 min ago
Litecoin LTC Price Analysis Bulls Could Struggle Near 350 12 h 24 min ago
Bitcoin BTC Price Prediction and Signals May 13 2021 12 h 53 min ago
Cybersecurity Firm Spots a Crypto Stealer Distributed Through a Massive Email Spam Campaign and Discord Channels 13 h 22 min ago
MoneyGram Goes Bitcoin After Ending Partnership With Ripple 13 h 30 min ago
Bitcoin Rebounds After Tesla Elon Musk Triggered Selloff 13 h 37 min ago
You don t buy a billion dollars worth of bitcoin without doing due diligence He is completely manipulating the market and there is nothing anyone can do about it 13 h 41 min ago
TA Ethereum Dives Below 4K Here s Why ETH Could Struggle In Short-Term 13 h 45 min ago
VulcanVerse s Marketplace Volume Triples From 5m to 15m 20M Giveaway to Follow 13 h 53 min ago
Crypto Twitter Explodes as Elon Musk Announces Tesla Will Stop Accepting Bitcoin Payments 14 h 27 min ago
YFDAI Releases Robust Roadmap Update for 2021 14 h 39 min ago
Low Orbit Crypto Cannon LOCC 14 h 43 min ago
TA Bitcoin Nosedives 10K Here s Why Recovery Could Face Hurdles 15 h 44 min ago
Elon crashes Bitcoin - The Bitcoin mining energy debate begins 16 h 3 min ago
Bitcoin News today 13 05 2021 16 h 18 min ago
Know how the world s 46 8 million millionaires can boost up the price of Bitcoin in the near future 16 h 21 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 13 05 2021 16 h 23 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Argentina Runs Flipstarter to Boost Adoption in the Country 16 h 52 min ago
I calculated how many crabs you need for mining Ethereum and Bitcoin entirely on crabs 17 h 6 min ago
Vitalik Buterin Donates 1B Worth of Shiba Inu Tokens to India s Crypto Covid Relief Fund 18 h 22 min ago
Former Ripple Partner MoneyGram to Allow Bitcoin Buying at Retail Locations 18 h 34 min ago
So you mean to tell me Tesla wasn t aware of Bitcoin s Energy usage when they first invested in it 18 h 41 min ago
XRP Dogecoin Cardano Price Analysis 12 May 18 h 53 min ago
The cryptocurrency Community gave too much power to Elon Musk and its hurting us 19 h 51 min ago
Why Fiat Experts Don t Get Bitcoin 19 h 55 min ago
Elon Musk Announces Tesla Has Suspended Accepting Bitcoin Citing Environmental Issues 20 h 5 min ago
Very Popular Opinion Elon is the worst thing ever happened to crypto 20 h 23 min ago
Algorithmic limit for number of coin posts 20 h 32 min ago
OKEx backs DFINITY s Internet Computer ecosystem with 10M and ICP listing 20 h 37 min ago
How To Offset Gains Taxes With Bitcoin Donations 20 h 37 min ago
Elon Musk Tesla stops accepting Bitcoin as payments Looking at other Cryptocurrencies that use less energy 20 h 38 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Nosedives Below 55 000 20 h 44 min ago
When More Isn t Better Inflation In The 21st Century 21 h 22 min ago
Bosnia and Herzegovina Is Preparing a Draft Bill to Regulate Cryptocurrencies 21 h 22 min ago
Wolfram Blockchain Labs enhances DLT platform with storage networks IPFS and Filecoin 21 h 29 min ago
MoneyGram Debuts Cash-For-Bitcoin Trades At Over 12 000 Locations 21 h 41 min ago
Globe Listing on AscendEX 21 h 52 min ago
EOS Filecoin YFI Price Analysis 12 May 21 h 52 min ago
Switzerland s UBS Group Looks Into Providing Crypto Tools to Customers 21 h 53 min ago
First-Ever Dual-Funded Mainnet Lightning Channel Opened 21 h 59 min ago
Tesla Reverses Decision to Accept Bitcoin Payments Citing Carbon Emission Concerns 22 h 30 min ago
Petrodollar Deep Dive With Alex Gladstein 22 h 30 min ago
Double Bottom On The Dollar Could Be The End Of Bitcoin Rally 22 h 38 min ago
Ripple Price Prediction XRP USD Consolidates Around 1 35 22 h 50 min ago
Litecoin Tezos Uniswap Price Analysis 12 May 22 h 52 min ago
MoneyGram Supporting Retail Bitcoin Buying In US 22 h 55 min ago
Vitalik Buterin donates 1 billion in Shiba Inu coin SHIB to India s COVID fight 23 h 1 min ago
Can you BUY Facebook s DIEM at launch X-LIBRA project 23 h 11 min ago
The Internet Computer ICP Token Hits Top 10 23 h 15 min ago
Survey 1 in 4 American Investors Believe Dogecoin is the Future 23 h 22 min ago
MoneyGram to Offer Bitcoin at 20 000 U S Kiosks 23 h 46 min ago
BitMEX Executives Trial Set For March 2022 23 h 47 min ago
Chasing the DeFi hype and apeing in yield farms with crypto personality Matthias Mende 23 h 52 min ago
This Bitcoin bull on XRP supporters They just don t look at the truth sometimes 23 h 52 min ago
How Dogecoin Reacted to Elon Musk s SNL Guest Stint 23 h 52 min ago
Bitwise Launches First Crypto-adjacent ETF in the U S 23 h 53 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Trades below 58 000 Resistance 24 h 0 min ago
Bitcoin Stock News Digihost TSXV DGHI OTCQB HSSHF Announces Deal With Northern Data AG Acquiring 10 000 Bitcoin Miners and Increasing Hashrate by 925PH 24 h 22 min ago
BTC USD Elects Stops Below 55310 in Pullback Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 13 May 2021 BTC 24 h 38 min ago
DOTOracle Rendering Decentralized Solutions to Polkadot and its Ecosystem 24 h 45 min ago
Hungary to Cut Tax on Crypto Profits in Half Down to 15 24 h 51 min ago
Papa John s Offering Free Bitcoin To U K Customers 25 h 1 min ago
Bitcoin Seduction Movie 25 h 19 min ago
Interview CEO of OKEx Jay Hao and the Lightning Network Team on Platform s Adoption of Bitcoin Layer-2 Scalability Solution 25 h 22 min ago
Bitcoin Optech 148 A Security Disclosure Affecting Protocols 25 h 41 min ago
Mark Yusko Sees BTC Reaching 250K By 2026 25 h 52 min ago
eFIN The Next-Era Blockchain-Based Decentralized Platform 25 h 53 min ago
MoneyGram to Enable Cash Transactions for Bitcoin across the US 26 h 10 min ago
MoneyGram Will Offer BTC At 17K Locations Across The US Report 26 h 19 min ago
Moneygram Lets Customers Buy and Sell Bitcoin With Cash at 12 000 Locations 26 h 22 min ago
Will Block One Bullish Global Exchange Be A Coinbase Killer 26 h 23 min ago
Meme Moon Will Be Launched on May 17 2021 26 h 31 min ago
SEC Staff Stated Bitcoin Is Highly Speculative Showing ETF Skepticism 26 h 43 min ago
Ethereum Approach 500 Gain In 2021 As Crypto Market Cap Surge Above 2 5 Trillion 26 h 46 min ago
What should traders know about profiting off of Bitcoin Ethereum s divergence 26 h 52 min ago
Check Your Financial Privilege 26 h 53 min ago
Ross Ulbricht Sues Federal Government Alleges Religious Rights Are Being Violated In Prison 27 h 25 min ago
Bitcoin Unmoved as Israel and Palestine Verge on War 27 h 45 min ago
Ethereum Options Trade Volume Exceeds Bitcoin s Deribit Introduces a 50K ETH Strike for 2022 27 h 52 min ago
Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP Gets Listed on Deutsche B rse s Xetra 27 h 53 min ago
Where To Buy Ethereum ETH As It Continues Hitting New ATHs 28 h 3 min ago
Ethereum at 4 400 is still very undervalued 28 h 4 min ago
I bought 1k of the Top 10 Cryptos on January 1st 2018 April Update Month 40 28 h 12 min ago
Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine in 2021 28 h 12 min ago
As Elon Musk s SpaceX Literally Sends Dogecoin To The Moon Justin Sun Craves For Tron to Tag Along 28 h 40 min ago
Ed Carpenter Racing Will Run A Bitcoin Car In The Indianapolis 500 Raising Money For Development With Strike 28 h 52 min ago
Facebook s Mark Zuckerberg Might Have Just Made A Grand Entrance Into The Bitcoin Market 28 h 52 min ago
This fact offers insights into how much Ethereum s price can grow 28 h 52 min ago
Here s How Uniswap Fees to LPs Are Beating Bitcoin on Revenues 29 h 7 min ago
Is XRP Price on the Path of Recovery or Will It Leave the List of Top 10 Altcoins 29 h 21 min ago
SEC to Scrutinize Funds Invested in Bitcoin Futures 29 h 23 min ago
MoneyGram locations to let customers buy and sell bitcoin with cash 29 h 28 min ago
Bitcoin Transactions Can be Private with Coinomize 29 h 39 min ago
Analyst Predicts Ethereum Price Could Rise Above 20k In This Bull Run 29 h 52 min ago
MoneyGram Coinme Partner To Offer Fiat For Bitcoin At Thousands Of U S Locations 29 h 53 min ago
We will hit 5 million members this year Aggressively welcome newbies and remember that you were once one too 29 h 57 min ago
GIN Blockchain Releases Latest Version Of GIN Wallet 30 h 2 min ago
Why Wait For PoS When It s Already Here 30 h 11 min ago
Ethereum buy orders push 2021 gains to over 500 30 h 42 min ago
NYDIG Hires Bridgewater CFO In Drive To Bring Bitcoin To Banks 30 h 52 min ago
Our Goal Is to Become the Next Generation Mobile Crypto Bank Says CMO Co-founder of Mineplex Banking 30 h 53 min ago
TODAY IS THE DAY The fornication has finally begun 30 h 54 min ago
Analyst Warns of Broad Correction in the Cryptocurrency Market 31 h 22 min ago
How Financial Fraud is Prevented with the Samecoin DeFi Protocol 31 h 23 min ago
My Coinbase portfolio started in 2018 with 100 dollars it is now 10k and for the first time ever 31 h 27 min ago
PrimeXBT To Launch Yield Generating Product 31 h 33 min ago
Block One Invests 10BN In New Subsidiary 31 h 34 min ago
Dfinity Internet Computer Token Launched And Sent To Top 10 Cryptos 31 h 44 min ago
Crypto gains traction in the US - around 46 million Americans now hold Bitcoin 31 h 53 min ago
Uniswap Surpassed Bitcoin in Daily Revenue on 7-Day Average 31 h 54 min ago
EOS Soared 46 After Block one Invested 10B In An Exchange 31 h 58 min ago
Billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller suggests a ledger based system may overtake the dollar 32 h 45 min ago
Bullish Cryptocurrency Exchange to Launch With Backing of Billionaire Investors Investment Bank Nomura 32 h 52 min ago
Bitcoin Supply Lights Up With Activity Due To Trading Range Boredom 33 h 1 min ago
Ethereum s Market Capitalization of 500 Billion Will Need To Double to Flip That of Bitcoin 33 h 7 min ago
Binance is getting 450 million visits a month according to similarweb Coinbase only has 90 million Others are around 9 million 33 h 21 min ago
Bitcoin reclaims key support zone above 56k with 4 bounce 33 h 23 min ago
OKEx Lists Dogecoin Killer SHIB USDT Spot and Perpetual Swap Pairs Now Available 33 h 29 min ago
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Names Pet Goats Max and Bitcoin Triggers Reactions 33 h 35 min ago
Texas House Gives Crypto-friendly Bill the Green Light 33 h 53 min ago
Gemini surpasses USD30bn in crypto under custody 33 h 55 min ago
QANplatform Raises 2 1m in Venture Round as Uniswap Listing Approaches 33 h 58 min ago
The STC Token is Live And Over 10 Crypto Exchanges are Ready for It 34 h 11 min ago
Free Bitcoin Papa John s Giving Away BTC With Pizza Purchases in UK 34 h 23 min ago
Tron TRX Price Analysis Bulls Aim Fresh Rally Above 0 15 34 h 24 min ago
Palantir Starts Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Method and Considers Adding Crypto to Its Balance Sheet 34 h 38 min ago
Bitcoin advocate One of the big benefits of DeFi as we see in Ethereum is 34 h 52 min ago
How to Buy AMD Stock Step by Step with Screenshots 34 h 52 min ago
RemiBit Gives Control Back to The Users How Any Business Can Receive Crypto Payments 34 h 53 min ago
Binance BNB and Litecoin LTC Poised For Massive Surge Soon 35 h 12 min ago
South Korean Banking Association Concerned Over Surge of the Altcoin Trading Frenzy 35 h 52 min ago
Hackers Demand Bitcoin Ransom in Exchange for Unlocking Maltese Instagram User Accounts 35 h 57 min ago
Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC Eyes Fresh Rally To 60K 36 h 24 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction Why BTC USD Is Rangebound at 54k to 60k 37 h 13 min ago
Urban Tea Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies Including Dogecoin 37 h 23 min ago
Spring and Bondly NFT Partnership Unlocks Digital Potential for Creator Economy 37 h 52 min ago
The Bitcoin Bull Run Is Far From Over Metrics Reflect Healthy Status - Coins Moving to Long Term Holding Addresses 38 h 30 min ago
Dfinity s Internet Computer token ICP launches straight into the top 10 cryptos 38 h 52 min ago
Mastercard Payment Index More Consumers in Three African Countries Plan to Use Crypto Based Payment Methods 38 h 53 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for May 11 2021 39 h 30 min ago
NYDIG survey suggests 46 Million American own Bitcoin today That s more than 22 of adults over the age of 18 39 h 39 min ago
TA Bitcoin Shows Signs of Rally Here s What Could Trigger More Upsides 39 h 44 min ago
Bitcoin News today 12 05 2021 39 h 58 min ago
Bitcoin Is About to Make History Will Altcoin Mania Come to an End 40 h 0 min ago
What the Heck is Bitcoin anyway 40 h 14 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 12 05 2021 40 h 18 min ago
Bitcoin The 22nd Century Asset 40 h 22 min ago
3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency 40 h 31 min ago
Ethereum Price to Hit 19 842 by 2025 According to 35 Experts 40 h 52 min ago
Massive gain not sure what to do 41 h 30 min ago
Launch of Bitcoin ETFs in the U S could see further delays here s why 41 h 52 min ago
Goldman Sachs Executive Reportedly Resigns After Making Millions Investing in Dogecoin 42 h 22 min ago
Buy Signal NFL Quarterback Tom Brady May be into Bitcoin 42 h 52 min ago
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