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Technical analysis and other news about ETH

BLOCKS Products Coming to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization 4 h 28 min ago
What Elon Musk Got Wrong About The Bitcoin Block Size 4 h 58 min ago
Binance Smart Chain reaches 100 million unique addresses overtakes Cardano in market cap 5 h 28 min ago
Top Ten Crypto Market Capitalizations Shifted a Great Deal Since the Last Time BTC Hit 60K 6 h 27 min ago
BEUROP Launches DeFi Trading and Marketing Platform for Blockchain Startups 6 h 58 min ago
Venezuelan Airport To Accept Payment In Bitcoin 6 h 58 min ago
Hallelujah US Senator Grateful For Bitcoin As US Debt Likely To Cause Dollar Devaluation 7 h 59 min ago
A Slew of Defi Tokens Outperform Bitcoin s Weekly Gains Defi TVL and NFT Sales Spike 8 h 28 min ago
Ethereum Supply Shock Grows As Reserves Decrease ETH 2 0 Contract Increases 8 h 58 min ago
ARPA Chain ARPA Bounce AUCTION and Perpetual Protocol PERP are launching on Coinbase Pro 9 h 7 min ago
This AI Powered Multi-Chain Network Is Building an Internet of Blockchains 9 h 31 min ago
With several MPs interested in crypto will Bank of England give in to Bitcoin 9 h 58 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum Could Dip on Traders Selling ETF News 10 h 20 min ago
ETH USD Resumes Upward Bias Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 19 October 2021 ETH 10 h 43 min ago
Analyst lists out these scenarios for Bitcoin Ethereum and Solana 10 h 58 min ago
Grayscale CEO SEC Likely to Approve Ethereum ETF After Greenlighting First Bitcoin Futures ETF 11 h 14 min ago
Bitcoin Vaults Over 60k as ETF Gets SEC Approval ETF BSV SHIB Oct 18 12 h 42 min ago
Interactive Brokers Launches Cryptocurrency Trading for RIAs in the U S 12 h 54 min ago
Floor NFT Announces New Artistic Collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain 13 h 19 min ago
Bitcoin Vs Crypto Why Bitcoin Only 13 h 29 min ago
Crypto Basics What is XRP Should you Buy Ripple in 2021 13 h 58 min ago
Metaverse The new business model on the internet 14 h 43 min ago
Fiat-to-Crypto Withdrawal Service Coming to NETELLER Platform 14 h 57 min ago
Options To buy After The Approval Of The First Cryptocurrency Market Exchange Traded Fund 14 h 58 min ago
CoinFLEX AMM Arena Bring Your Competitive Edge to the AMM Experience 14 h 58 min ago
After rallying higher than Bitcoin Ethereum there is little holding Fantom back 15 h 27 min ago
FreeTON Set to Launch GroundBreaking Bridge DAO At The End Of October 15 h 36 min ago
Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2021-2022 15 h 53 min ago
Ethereum apparently had better access to top SEC officials through personal connections and obtained a regulatory free pass for their token despite it appearing more like a security than XRP 16 h 7 min ago
Looking beyond Bitcoin Ethereum Are these food-tokens worth your while 16 h 28 min ago
Ethereum Price Could Soon Hit New Record High of 4 900 Fundstrat Says 18 h 6 min ago
DAR announces October 2021 crypto exchange and asset vetting results 18 h 10 min ago
Dogecoin Breaks 0 25 Crucial Level DOGE Price Predicted To Hit 0 4 by December 18 h 24 min ago
Top 3 Coins to Watch Week 42 18 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin or Ethereum Which asset leads the race right now 18 h 58 min ago
Ethereum ETH Has the Most Upside Says Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban 18 h 58 min ago
Cardano is overhyped and the tech behind it isn t that good 19 h 9 min ago
Stellar Lumen XLM Price Remains In Uptrend Above 0 40 19 h 30 min ago
This Coin is Going to EXPLODE in November 2021 19 h 41 min ago
Blockster launches 2 million BXR liquidity rewards program on Uniswap 19 h 42 min ago
This CryptoPunk Owner Refuses to Accept a 9 5M Bid for His Rare NFT 19 h 53 min ago
Ethereum ETH Price In A Decisive Phase A Breakout Could Hit 4K But Wait There s A Catch 20 h 23 min ago
Infinity8 Won Best NFT Marketplace 2021 Award by Crypto Expo Dubai 20 h 27 min ago
you want actually unpopular opinions here we go 20 h 41 min ago
TRON A Decentralized Blockchain Communication Network 21 h 6 min ago
What is the Smooth Love Potion Token SLP 21 h 14 min ago
Ethereum to Test Crucial Resistance at 3 9K ETH Price to Hit 4K Soon 21 h 35 min ago
How Are Businesses Venturing into the Cryptocurrency World 22 h 33 min ago
TA Ethereum Eyes Key Upside Break Why Bulls Could Aim Larger Rally 22 h 50 min ago
Popular BTM Operator Bitcoin of America Adds Ethereum to Its Bitcoin ATMs 22 h 58 min ago
What are your top coins to invest in for passive income 23 h 50 min ago
Ethereum News today 18 10 2021 25 h 43 min ago
Central Bank Digital Currencies A Technocratic Fallacy 26 h 58 min ago
Analyst expects this for Solana Ethereum in the coming days 30 h 58 min ago
Back Bay Baptist Church Says Yes to Bitcoin Donations 30 h 58 min ago
dYdX continues to attract users rubs shoulders with Coinbase Uniswap 31 h 58 min ago
Cardano At Risk Of Slipping Down The Rankings Could Prove Fatal For ADA 32 h 30 min ago
Coinbase Ventures Into the NFT Market Trend Setting for Other Crypto Platforms 33 h 57 min ago
AAVE MKR CRV Will the market s higher-highs tide lift the DeFi boat 33 h 58 min ago
Crypto Weekly Roundup First BTC ETF Ripple-Nelnet NFT Marketplaces And More 33 h 58 min ago
Everyone always says DYOR but never shows you how to DYOR Since many newbies are entering the market now here s a comprehensive guide to doing your own research in the crypto space 34 h 0 min ago
Scams all around No one will give you 2X crypto if you send them 1X crypto BEWARE Help me shut them down please 35 h 18 min ago
Will XRP offer value to its investors in the long-run 35 h 58 min ago
Mark Cuban Prefers Buying BTC Directly Not Interested In Bitcoin ETF 37 h 28 min ago
Aquagoat Token for a Clean Ocean Through Charitable Partnerships 38 h 6 min ago
What Ethereum needs for a push above 4000 38 h 28 min ago
Barry Sternlicht Says Gold Is Kind Of Worthless After Revealing He Owns Bitcoin And Ethereum 38 h 39 min ago
Metaverse Landowners Donate with a Charity DAO 38 h 58 min ago
Does decentralization automatically mean the Wild West Is copyright even a thing in such a space 39 h 8 min ago
My stupid opinion we still are NOT in the mania phase The top cryptos need to decisively break their ATHs Then we will see some fireworks 39 h 12 min ago
Cryptocurrency terminology 40 terms you should know 39 h 26 min ago
What does this development indicate for Ethereum going forward 39 h 28 min ago
NFT Games How Do They Work 39 h 48 min ago
How much does it cost to deploy a smart contract on Ethereum 39 h 53 min ago
Strategy for the coming months - Must-read for newbies 40 h 4 min ago
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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies of the Week - Week 42 41 h 36 min ago
Here s Why You Should Add Cosmos To Your Portfolio 42 h 28 min ago
Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin Maximalists For Supporting El Salvador s Invasive Legislation 43 h 41 min ago
Freemoon Announces Liquidity Lock Period With Smart Contract Plans 43 h 56 min ago
Shib is down by 20 while BTC ETH is up by 15 in a week Utility Profit 44 h 14 min ago
Ethereum Price ETH Inches Closer to the 4k Mark Institutional Investors seem Bullish 45 h 38 min ago
Cardano Price Predicted to Hit 15 While ADA Price Is Still Under Bearish Pressure 47 h 14 min ago
Ethereum News today 17 10 2021 49 h 23 min ago
Shitcoin investing strategy for the born degenerates 51 h 54 min ago
Mark Cuban Won t Invest in Bitcoin ETF Prefers to Buy BTC Directly 51 h 58 min ago
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