Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Ethereum

Technical analysis and other news about ETH

Blockchain Could Fire Up Business Development and Growth 3 h 18 min ago
Tron s TRX now live on Ethereum via BitTorrent bridge boosting DeFi access 3 h 25 min ago
1k invested into the Top Ten Cryptos in January 2021 - Month 28 UP 95 4 h 4 min ago
Bringing Web3 To Everyone A Crypto Wallet As Your Gateway To Web3 4 h 4 min ago
Whales Are Taking Profits As Ethereum Hits 1 9k And Tradecurve Surges 25 4 h 11 min ago
Kakarot zkEVM secures backing from StarkWare Vitalik Buterin in pre-seed round 4 h 32 min ago
Alchemy Pay teams up with Mastercard for NFT Checkout 4 h 57 min ago
Top 3 Must-Have Cryptos To Buy Now For Your Portfolio June 2023 5 h 0 min ago
Solana SOL Price Might Drop 30 In Coming Days Analyst Maps Low Levels 5 h 30 min ago
Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Trying to Send a Message 5 h 45 min ago
How a frog-themed token shapes Ethereum gas fees in 2023 5 h 46 min ago
DPAT Raises Private Funding To Enhance Web3 0 Ecosystem 6 h 1 min ago
ETH Breaks 1900 Litecoin and HedgeUp Increase Holders and Trading Volume 6 h 11 min ago
OpenAI CTO s Twitter Account Hacked Used to Promote Fake OPENAI Crypto Airdrop 6 h 12 min ago
AI vs Bitcoin Novogratz s Warning Signals Massive Market Shake-Up 6 h 14 min ago
TRX now live on Ethereum via the BitTorrent Bridge 6 h 20 min ago
Crypto Price Analysis for June 2 ETH XRP ADA 6 h 30 min ago
Ripple Contemplates Going Public as SEC Lawsuit Edges Closer to Resolution 6 h 35 min ago
Crypto price predictions Sui Jasmy Avalanche AVAX 6 h 55 min ago
Hong Kong Stock Market Takes Lead in Asia-Pacific Market Rally 6 h 56 min ago
Coinbase Derivatives Exchange to Roll Out Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures Trading on June 5 6 h 58 min ago
Coinbase Derivatives Exchange unveils Bitcoin and Ethereum futures 7 h 44 min ago
Don t Miss the Train InQubeta QUBE Sets the Pace as Hedera and Litecoin Fall Behind 7 h 57 min ago
Bitcoin recaptures 27 000 following market reprieve CryptoSlate wMarket Update 8 h 14 min ago
DPAT Raises Private Funding To Enhance Web3 0 Ecosystem 8 h 50 min ago
AI Analytics Are Layer-2 Chains Like Polygon Still Needed After Ethereum Upgrade 8 h 52 min ago
ViaBTC Introduces Zero Fee Month Mine KAS To Earn Extra 4 In Revenue 9 h 17 min ago
Coinbase Introduces Bitcoin and Ether Futures for Institutional Investors on Derivatives Exchange 9 h 17 min ago
Stablecoin Issuer Circle to Launch USDC Natively on Arbitrum Next Week 9 h 46 min ago
Someone hacked secondary official Fortnite account with 2 million followers they put out a tweet promoting fake token telling Fortnite Twitter followers to send them ETH for fake presale And in the end they managed to make steal a whooping 0 07 ETH 139 9 h 54 min ago
Coinbase Derivatives Exchange Set to Launch Institutional Bitcoin BTC and Ether ETH Futures 11 h 1 min ago
The Revolutionary Potential of Blockchain in Banking Sector 11 h 9 min ago
US Senate Approves Debt Ceiling Raise Find Out Why Investors Are Going Wild 12 h 28 min ago
GameStop Partners with Telos Foundation to Support Web3 Gaming via Blockchain Technology 12 h 38 min ago
Arbitrum Set for a Boost with Circle s Native USDC Launch 12 h 58 min ago
The Ascending Trajectory of RON Setting the Pace for Years to Come 13 h 5 min ago
Why Crypto Market is Up Today Analyst Reveals Top Reasons 13 h 12 min ago
Pepe Coin Vs FLOKI Who Will Hit 5 in the Next 90 Days Potential Scenarios Unveiled 13 h 43 min ago
Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH Investment Products Lose AUM in May But Some Asset Managers Thrive 17 h 44 min ago
Today Crypto Influencer Ben ETH s 3rd project in a month was rug pulled within minutes of it launch Also today Crypto Influencer Ben ETH launches his 4th project in a month this time a 10k NFT project with a 1 ETH mint price 19 h 27 min ago
Ethereum ETH Supply on Exchanges Drops to Record Low 19 h 41 min ago
Regression to the Mean For BTC and ETH Using the MA 1000 - June 2023 Update 19 h 45 min ago
Microsoft Signs Multi-Billion Dollar Deal with Nvidia-Backed CoreWeave Former Ethereum Miner for AI Computing 20 h 40 min ago
Circle to launch USDC natively on Arbitrum 20 h 58 min ago
InQubeta QUBE XMR QNT These Cryptos Could Have You Rolling In It 21 h 57 min ago
Bitcoin Jesus says Ethereum is the front-runner for global crypto adoption 24 h 45 min ago
Circle to launch USDC natively on Arbitrum 26 h 5 min ago
Ethereum ETH Price on Cusp Of Major Breakout 27 h 8 min ago
3 Tokens Under 1 Expected to Change Lives Shiba Inu SHIB Cardano ADA and HedgeUp HDUP 27 h 12 min ago
Ethereum Developer Warns of Liquid Staking and Staking Cartel Threats 28 h 11 min ago
Cardano An in-depth look at its advantages an disadvantages 28 h 40 min ago
Daily CEX crypto trade volume sinks to lows last seen in 2020 29 h 12 min ago
Ethereum gas fee sinks close to 70 in under a month 29 h 36 min ago
First Digital Group Launches FDUSD Stablecoin amid Hong Kong s Regulation Move 29 h 57 min ago
Bitcoin Magazine Ventures launches Bitcoin Ecosystem Fund with Sora Ventures support 30 h 2 min ago
Ethereum Price Continues To Decline From 1 9K Is ETH Price Gaining Momentum For Recovery 30 h 7 min ago
As OpenAI s Founder Project Worldcoin Set to Raise 100m in Funding InQubeta QUBE Presale Demand Skyrockets 30 h 53 min ago
Crypto com Secures License from Monetary Authority of Singapore as Payment Institution 31 h 4 min ago
Tether USDT Hit New Market Cap ATH as Adoption Grows 31 h 18 min ago
Liquidity Crisis Hits Crypto Markets Hard Can Bitcoin Ethereum Recover 31 h 50 min ago
The Crypto-Mania in American Politics Reached a Peak That s Not Enough 32 h 1 min ago
Altcoins To Plunge Analyst Maps Short Positions For MATIC AAVE SOL TRX Price 32 h 2 min ago
Top Reasons Why XRP Price Is Flourishing Despite The SEC Lawsuit 32 h 12 min ago
Litecoin leads flat market as outflows persist CryptoSlate wMarket Update 32 h 13 min ago
Tether s USDT sets new all-time high in spite of regulatory concerns 32 h 24 min ago
Margex Copy Trading Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Trading for Both Novice and Pro Traders 32 h 45 min ago
Ethereum Name Service And Ethereum Classic Extremely Profitable With Avorak Trade Algo 32 h 55 min ago
Revolutionary Crowdfunding Platform For AI Startups InQubeta launches QUBE Presale 33 h 16 min ago
Unleashing Uniswap Hollywood X PEPE the Next Crypto Superstar 33 h 42 min ago
Crypto Bull Run Economist Alex Kr ger Predicts Bullish Outlook for Bitcoin and Ethereum 33 h 44 min ago
News Nuggets 1 June Revolut Hits 30M Users Crypto Trading on TP ICAP 33 h 52 min ago
Crypto com Unveils Payment Feature in US Offering Rewards and Wide Brand Selection 34 h 8 min ago
Real interest rates and inflation in crypto staking - APR is not telling the full truth 34 h 18 min ago
Germany s Deutsche Telekom set to become a Polygon validator 34 h 22 min ago
Crypto scams and exploits in May led to 60M loss CertiK 34 h 29 min ago
Web3 Project Magic Raises 52M in Strategic Funding Round Led by PayPal Ventures 34 h 30 min ago
Huobi on Frontline of Crypto Adoption in Hong Kong amid New Digital Assets Policy Implementation 35 h 14 min ago
Economist Alex Kr ger Foresees Bullish Future for Bitcoin and Ethereum 35 h 16 min ago
Google Cloud Partners With Polygon What This Means for Filecoin and TMS Network 36 h 36 min ago
Shiba Inu News Shibarium Puppynet Reaches 16 Million Wallet Addresses 15M Transactions and Counting 36 h 52 min ago
Sparklo Innovative Approach Revitalizes Volatile Market Defying Crypto Downfalls In Conflux And Ethereum 37 h 25 min ago
eToro vs Kraken Which Exchange Is Better for Crypto 37 h 37 min ago
The Orbiter Finance discord has been hacked Fake airdrop claim is up draining everybody s wallets who connect 37 h 51 min ago
TD Cowen Shuts Institutional Cryptocurrency Division 38 h 17 min ago
Crypto Influencer Receives 1 Million in ETH After Simply Asking Promising Nothing in Return 39 h 34 min ago
Bitcoin News Here s Why BTC Price Is Dropping Today 42 h 20 min ago
ETH Crypto Exchange KuCoin Burned Millions of Ethereum in Mysterious Event 43 h 30 min ago
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