Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Ethereum

Technical analysis and other news about ETH

Russia s Sberbank Planning To Launch DeFi Platform On Ethereum 4 h 14 min ago
Shiba Inu Price Soars More Than 45 Here Is Why 4 h 19 min ago
Will There Be A Meme Coin Rally This Weekend SHIB And DOGE Prices Are On The Verge Of A Bullish Rally 5 h 37 min ago
The Future of 600 Million Robinhood Shares in Jeopardy as Emergent Fidelity Files for Bankruptcy 5 h 45 min ago
Bitcoin breaks resistance and heads higher what now And More in This Week s Crypto Update 6 h 7 min ago
LBank Exchange Will List ARIALAND ARIA on February 6 2023 7 h 6 min ago
FBI seizes 100K in NFTs and 86 5 ETH from scammer following ZachXBT investigation 10 h 0 min ago
Hackers Stole 3 8 Billion From Crypto Firms in 2022 Says Chainalysis 10 h 12 min ago
I DCA into the Reddit Index These are the Top 7 Crypto Subreddits - Month 6 14 h 6 min ago
Experts Predict Future Regulation of Crypto Exchanges by 2025 With Split Opinion on Similarity to Traditional Finance 14 h 42 min ago
Reddit is soon to release Super Bowl avatars which ones should you aim for 15 h 5 min ago
Sberbank Set to Launch Decentralized Finance Platform Based on Ethereum 16 h 11 min ago
Polkadot DOT Gains 6 In One Day As Market Sees Correction 17 h 11 min ago
The Moons bridge to Arbitrum Nova has been deprecated 4 77M Moons will be burned next week 17 h 56 min ago
Russia s Sberbank Works to Launch New DeFi Platform Using Ethereum 18 h 1 min ago
Ethereum Burning Reaches New High Is ETH Warming Up For Another Rally 18 h 12 min ago
Litecoin LTC Tallies Over 12 Increase In Last 7 Seven Days 19 h 12 min ago
Logan Paul s CryptoZoo Sued Over Rug-Pull 19 h 42 min ago
Chainlink LINK talks about flash loans Aave AAVE V3 market facilitates rETH reserve while Orbeon Protocol ORBN is likely to match Shiba Inu SHIB 19 h 57 min ago
1 BTC to 1 Million Cathie Wood Doubles Down On Decade-long Bitcoin Price Prediction 20 h 18 min ago
Shiba Inu Whale Withdraws 60 Million In SHIB From Binance Bullish 21 h 11 min ago
Ethereum Network s Rising Gas Fees in 2023 A Balancing Act of Growth and Cost 21 h 42 min ago
Polygon Beefs Up Layer 2 Position Gets The Edge In NFT Transactions Vs Ethereum 22 h 26 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum Technical Analysis BTC Falls From Recent High Ahead of US Non-Farm Payrolls 23 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin pauses but altcoins breakout looks encouraging 23 h 17 min ago
Crypto com removing several tokens from Earn and revising rates again 23 h 25 min ago
Ethereum Bearish Signal Profit-Taking Hits Highest Level Since Feb 2021 23 h 26 min ago
MasterCard NFT Lead Quits Sells Resignation Letter As NFT 24 h 12 min ago
BTC Reaches Highest Level Since August Crypto Daily TV 3 2 2023 24 h 42 min ago
OpenSea Launches New NFT Minting Toolkit 25 h 12 min ago
What is a DEX Screener Recommended Tools 25 h 26 min ago
Finnish firm launches fully-backed and regulated Euro stablecoin 25 h 41 min ago
Addressable Raises 7 5 Million to Help Web3 Marketers Reach Their Audiences 25 h 42 min ago
Mastercard NFT Product Lead Quits Says He Felt Neglected 26 h 50 min ago
eBay Opens Multiple NFT Roles amid Its Expansion into Web3 Space 26 h 54 min ago
Finnish Firm Membrane Finance Launches EU-regulated EUROe Stablecoin 26 h 58 min ago
New Bull Bitcoin Tops 24 000 After Fed Announcement 27 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Surged 40 Since January Started 27 h 8 min ago
Bitcoin Price To Enter A New Bull Market If BTC Trades Above This Level 27 h 13 min ago
68B Tether USDT Market Was Controlled by Four Individuals as of 2018 WSJ Report 27 h 16 min ago
Finnish Fintech Unveils EU-Regulated EUROe Stablecoin 27 h 41 min ago
Snowfall Protocol SNW Presale Set To Sell Out As Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH Prices Signal Increased Market Enthusiasm 28 h 3 min ago
Optimism Announces Major Bedrock Update To Enhance Performance 28 h 42 min ago
Canada s Largest Longest Running Crypto Conference the Blockchain Futurist Conference Returns for a Fifth Year 29 h 22 min ago
Top Crypto News Today-Altcoin Market Closer to a Breakout Will BTC Rally be Sluggish 29 h 26 min ago
Who regrets not buying BTC and other alts when BTC was at 16 000 30 h 29 min ago
DOT Price Polkadot Prediction Break Above 6 80 Could Spark Fresh Rally 31 h 35 min ago
Ethereum Price Looks Ready For Another Leg Higher Over 1 700 32 h 44 min ago
Ethereum Price Analysis ETH Price To Have a Bullish Ride Soon Here Are The Levels To Watch 34 h 10 min ago
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