Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Ethereum

Technical analysis and other news about ETH

NFT Artwork CryptoMother Signed By Vitalik Buterin To Be Auctioned In Time For Ethereum s London Hard Fork 2 h 27 min ago
CZ to Join Virtue Poker Game with Phil Ivey and Joe Lubin 2 h 40 min ago
Where to buy CO2 join the Collective for 130 gains 2 h 56 min ago
Enter the Multiverse where to buy AI as it surges 40 2 h 58 min ago
Where to buy Wall Street Games WSG charts 235 rally 3 h 0 min ago
XRP Cardano and Ethereum Price Analysis July 27 3 h 1 min ago
Goldman Sachs Bogus DeFi ETF Enrages Crypto Twitter 3 h 31 min ago
Goldman Sachs Filed For A DeFi ETF That Looks More Traditional 4 h 47 min ago
Monero Devs Disclose Major Bug In Privacy Algorithm Report 5 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin Recoils After Amazon Flatly Denies Cryptocurrency Support Speculation 5 h 33 min ago
Young Singaporeans are keen on crypto adoption Survey 5 h 36 min ago
Shopify Supports NFT Sales And It Started With Chicago Bulls 6 h 3 min ago
Intro to the 3rd Generation of BTC Bitcoin Latinum 6 h 16 min ago
Goldman Sachs just launched a DeFi fund with zero DeFi coins 6 h 31 min ago
CZ From Binance Accepts the Phil Ivey Virtue Poker Invitation Will You 6 h 37 min ago
Kirobo launches Atomic Safe Swap to eliminate the risk of human error for P2P exchange 6 h 44 min ago
Huge Bitcoin Outflows On Binance BTC To Break 40k Soon 7 h 30 min ago
India to use Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates 7 h 57 min ago
The Ethereum upgrade London coming in 9 days will be a hard fork and I found out what that means so you don t have to 8 h 6 min ago
Does Amazon accept to buy with Cryptocurrencies 8 h 16 min ago
dApp Store All Things PhoenixDAO 8 h 19 min ago
This Ethereum metric just hit a 5-year high 8 h 31 min ago
Finder s Experts Predict Ethereum Will Reach 4 5K This Year 18K in 2025 9 h 0 min ago
Ethereum Price Is Correcting Gains Eth Price Should Defend 2 3k Level to Prevent a Dive 9 h 1 min ago
This key resistance level can hinder Bitcoin from reaching ATHs 9 h 19 min ago
Scaleswap is Transforming the IDO Launchpad Ecosystem 9 h 45 min ago
Ethereum Price Analysis ETH Turns Positive Above 2K 10 h 2 min ago
One Year On Cardano Yet To Fulfil Founder s Prediction But We Are Getting There 11 h 4 min ago
TA Ethereum Trims Gains Why ETH Could Restart Its Rally 11 h 22 min ago
What bear market Crypto firms raised over 4 4 billion in Q2 2021 alone 11 h 31 min ago
Cardano s Hoskinson on the next two months Expect a lot of 13 h 31 min ago
How to create a Cryptocurrency Step-by-Step Guide 13 h 38 min ago
Amazon To Launch Its Native Token And Plan To Accept Bitcoin As Payment Method Along With Ethereum 13 h 46 min ago
Amazon To Accept Crypto Important Things You Need To Know 13 h 54 min ago
Tesla SpaceX Musk All Own Bitcoin Analysis 26 July 13 h 58 min ago
Blockchain the 100 most common questions 14 h 0 min ago
Ethereum News today 27 07 2021 14 h 11 min ago
What is the Best Way to Invest During a Cryptocurrency Bear Market 14 h 46 min ago
What is Ethereum 14 h 52 min ago
ETH 2 0 Exceeds 200k Validators Present Staking at 14 Billion in ETH 15 h 9 min ago
5 Top Cryptocurrency To Buy This Week July 2021 Week 4 15 h 35 min ago
IMF Economists Say Cryptoassets And CBDCs Are A Step Too Far 17 h 1 min ago
Tether USDT faces criminal probe in the US report says 17 h 30 min ago
Thorchain Trolled by Hacker After Two Successful Seven-Figure Exploits 17 h 30 min ago
Cardano ADA And Dogecoin DOGE Record Highest Gains As Crypto Market Surges 17 h 31 min ago
How Bumper Facilitates Asset Protection in Bear Markets 18 h 23 min ago
US Dept Of Justice Probes Tether Executives For Alleged Bank Fraud 19 h 18 min ago
Bitcoin Price Rallies from 30k on Amazon Short Squeeze ETH FTT THETA Jul 26 20 h 25 min ago
Ethereum Binance Coin Dogecoin Price Analysis 26 July 20 h 31 min ago
Ethereum cofounder to voice Stoner Cat in new NFT show starring Mila Kunis 20 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin s Bounce Signals Trend Reversal 21 h 1 min ago
Jeff Bezos Directs Amazon to Accept Bitcoin and Other Popular Cryptocurrencies Report 22 h 0 min ago
Testnet now live for new multi-chain layer-2 DEX zkLink 22 h 23 min ago
Tether Execs Reportedly Facing DOJ Probe For Bank Fraud 22 h 31 min ago
Where to buy MATIC 40 weekly gain for Polygon turns heads 23 h 11 min ago
Are NFTs Dead New Game Changing Trends 23 h 13 min ago
Where to buy VeChain VET explodes rallies 30 this week 23 h 14 min ago
Old DOGE new tricks where to buy Dogecoin as it bounces 12 23 h 16 min ago
ETH USD Eyeing 2500 Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 27 July 2021 ETH 23 h 16 min ago
Cardano Payments Reportedly Coming To World s Largest Online Retailer Amazon 23 h 17 min ago
Where to buy Ethereum ETH leads market recovery with 25 weekly gains 23 h 23 min ago
Over 800 Million Bitcoin Shorts Liquidated As Price Surges 12 In 24 Hours 23 h 30 min ago
Early crypto exchange boss says China remains 50 50 on outright Bitcoin ban 23 h 30 min ago
Hester Pierce Slams SEC For Slow BTC ETF Approval 23 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin Pops 15 To Break Fresh Highs In Wake Of Bullish Sentiment-Filled Week But Can It Overcome This Hurdle 23 h 43 min ago
Harvest Finance FARM Fetch ai 24 h 23 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for July 25 2021 24 h 27 min ago
Bitcoin price eyes 40k above 50 DMA for first time since May 25 h 45 min ago
Ethereum Hits 3-Week High as Digital Currencies Embark on Resurgence 26 h 33 min ago
This Week s DeFi Interest Rates Here s What s Yielding 26 h 35 min ago
A 1 000 Investment in Ethereum Five Years Ago Would Be Worth 195 000 Today 26 h 36 min ago
Here s what Ethereum ETH whales are upto 27 h 1 min ago
Santo Blockchain and French Artist Jerome Peschard Release Cutting Edge XR-NFT Series 27 h 30 min ago
Ethereum Price And Cardano Price Accelerate Their Pace Towards Their Targets 27 h 37 min ago
Editorial Amazon s Adoption of Bitcoin is a Game Changer 27 h 48 min ago
UK plans to replace cash with cryptocurrency but it s not what you think 27 h 55 min ago
ETH Holdings of Top 10 Ethereum Addresses Reach a New High 28 h 12 min ago
Dogecoin Last Week Dogefather Saga Continues DOGE On Coinbase Commerce And A New Lawsuit 29 h 1 min ago
How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency 29 h 9 min ago
Market Cap is not a measure of how much money is invested in a project and price is not a measure of true value Let s get deep 29 h 31 min ago
XRP Price Thrives to Maintain a Bullish Rally Ripple Labs Gains Upperhand in Lawsuit Against SEC 29 h 32 min ago
THETA price provides weekly gains of 38 ahead of upgrade 29 h 36 min ago
Ethereum Hit 3-Week High While Crypto Markets Rebounded 29 h 39 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum and XRP Bullish after Weekend Gains 29 h 53 min ago
Ethereum Price to Break Past the 2400 Mark Soon How High Will ETH Price Go 30 h 23 min ago
ARNO Begins Carbon Nanotubes Production as it Gets Closer to Token Listing 30 h 23 min ago
Amazon rumours lead to 1 billion in crypto shorts getting liquidated 30 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin Spikes 11 As Insider Reveals Amazon s Plans To Accept Bitcoin Payments By Year s End 30 h 50 min ago
The rise of layer 2 scaling solutions and cross-chain solutions on blockchain 31 h 5 min ago
Bears destroyed as 1 13 billion in crypto short positions liquidated 31 h 9 min ago
Kubernetes Clusters Used to Mine Monero by Attackers 31 h 30 min ago
12-Year-Old Boy Pockets Over 160K in ETH From Sale of His Weird Whales NFTs 32 h 0 min ago
Ethereum s price trajectory The long and short of it 32 h 30 min ago
Cardano Price Bounce-Off 1 Headed to 1 50 Morningstar Strategist Says ADA Could Go Mainstream 32 h 58 min ago
Tesla Q2-2021 Earnings Call to Shed Light on Its Bitcoin Holdings 33 h 1 min ago
Cardano ADA Dogecoin DOGE Chainlink LINK lead gains as crypto markets jump 33 h 31 min ago
Bitcoin Mild Volatility Lower than the Other Leading Cryptocurrencies in 2021 34 h 0 min ago
Analyst Jim Cramer Calls Ethereum the Pied Piper of Crypto but Won t Add to His Position 36 h 1 min ago
Ethereum Outflows from Exchanges Continue Increasing Amid a Roaming Supply Squeeze 36 h 16 min ago
What s the 10-year value proposition of Ethereum 37 h 30 min ago
Portfolio Strategist Expects Cardano to Become Mainstream Cryptocurrency Alongside Bitcoin and Ether 37 h 30 min ago
The Science Behind HODLing Moons 37 h 42 min ago
Ethereum Price Prediction ETH USD Revisits 2108 Support 37 h 54 min ago
Ethereum News today 26 07 2021 38 h 16 min ago
Crypto Market Forecast Week of July 26th 2021 38 h 31 min ago
In 10 days the Ethereum blockchain will undergo its 11th backward-incompatible upgrade also called a hard fork This hard fork dubbed London contains five Ethereum Improvement Proposals EIPs each featuring code changes aimed at optimizing and improving the worlds second largest crypto 39 h 51 min ago
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