Technical Analysis - Support and Resistance Levels for Ethereum

Technical analysis and other news about ETH

Is Mining Censorship A Serious Threat To Bitcoin 3 h 18 min ago
DeSo Announces Integration With MetaMask Unlocking Decentralized Social for Millions of Ether Users 3 h 40 min ago
Ethereum Name Service ENS Looks Strong Eyes 16 Reclaim 3 h 50 min ago
1 of the Reddit Collectible Avatar B E N O T A F R A I D just sold for 8 5 ETH - The largest Collectible Avatar sale to date 4 h 10 min ago
Uphold Review The Multi-Asset Exchange Wallet 4 h 19 min ago
Ethereum To Overtop Bitcoin Soon Claims Analyst While Updating Targets For XRP Other Altcoins 4 h 19 min ago
5 Tips for First-Time Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs 4 h 45 min ago
Poloniex Review One of The Oldest Cryptocurrency Exchanges 4 h 57 min ago
Investors Cash Out 5M From 7-Week Bull Run On Short Bitcoin 5 h 13 min ago
Cardano s Hoskinson Calls Out The Ethereum Crowd Says ADA Will Change The World 5 h 14 min ago
Crypto Lender of Last Resort FTX Still Has Enough Cash to Deploy in Industry Bailouts 5 h 31 min ago
Top Projects Building on Algorand in 2022 5 h 31 min ago
Uniswap Price Prediction Glorious 20 Week Better Days Ahead 5 h 36 min ago
Meco Limited Unveils New Solar-Powered Crypto Mining Operation 7 h 13 min ago
Statemind Audit Report Reveals No Critical Issues In Staking Solution Lido 7 h 43 min ago
Chronoly io CRNO Records 690 Gain as Oasis Network ROSE And Origin Protocol OGN Gain Slightly 8 h 43 min ago
Huobi Token HT Bitcoin Cash BCH Post Mixed Results Chronoly io CRNO Progresses For 5000 Growth 8 h 46 min ago
Auros Partners with Pyth Network to Provide Real-Time On-Chain Data 9 h 12 min ago
Bitcoin Ethereum Technical Analysis BTC Back Above 20 000 as Bulls Return to Crypto Markets 9 h 13 min ago
Solana Price Prediction How High will Solana Price reach in 2030 10 h 7 min ago
Micha l van de Poppe Predicts Abrupt Rally For Bitcoin Ethereum and Chainlink 10 h 10 min ago
Do Kwon Manhunt Intensifies Crypto Daily TV 27 09 2022 10 h 16 min ago
How Will the Price Be Affected If Demand for Shiba INU Dogecoin Rises in the Upcoming Months 10 h 18 min ago
Bitcoin above 20K AGAIN Is Bitcoin Price Bullish Today 10 h 25 min ago
US Stock Futures Jump 1 as Dow and S P 500 Hit Lows Below 2020 Levels 10 h 31 min ago
Cardano Founder And ETH Dev Get Into A Tussle of Word On Twitter 11 h 2 min ago
Researchers Suggest Reversible Transactions Could Minimize Risk Of Crypto Thefts 11 h 43 min ago
Bitcoin and Ethereum Surge by 5 Each in Last 24 Hours amid Recession Fears 11 h 56 min ago
Oryen Network ORY Fantom FTM And Polygon MATIC Are DeFi Cryptocurrencies With Favourable Futures 12 h 6 min ago
Arthur Hayes Questions PoS Ethereum s Decentralization Suggests Rising Price 12 h 15 min ago
Uniglo GLO Investing In NFTs Rumored To Be In Negotiations With Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC And Paxos PAXG 12 h 15 min ago
Hacker Steals 950 000 from Crypto Vanity Address as Exploits Continue 12 h 22 min ago
Where to Buy Klaytn KLAY Crypto Coin Complete Guide 12 h 36 min ago
Uniglo GLO Uniswap UNI And Fantom FTM Could Outshine Bitcoin BTC And Ethereum ETH 12 h 43 min ago
Game On 10 GameFi DAOs You Need to Know About in 2022 12 h 56 min ago
What are Ethereum s Prospects After the Merge 13 h 18 min ago
Token Mining Without the Power Headache The Minebase Way 13 h 56 min ago
Justin Sun Speaks at UDC TRON Ecosystem Leads the Way to Web 3 0 with Its User Base Expectedly Growing to Compete with Ethereum Next Year 14 h 6 min ago
ETH Vitalik Identifies the Next Two Big Priorities for Ethereum 14 h 38 min ago
Which Crypto Will Explode in 2023 Ethereum Classic ETC EthereumPoW ETHW or The Hideaways HDWY 14 h 40 min ago
2 Big Priorities for Ethereum After Successful Merge Says Vitalik Buterin 14 h 48 min ago
ETH Struggles To Break Past 1 300 Resistance Back To 1K 15 h 39 min ago
Presale Star Flasko FLSK Is Predicted To Perform Better Than TamaDoge TAMA And Big Eyes BIG 17 h 1 min ago
Ethereum Price Analysis Recovery Could Gather Pace Above 1 400 17 h 25 min ago
A more profitable and less nerve-wracking strategy than HODLing Step by step 18 h 24 min ago
TA Ethereum Price is Showing Early Signs of Fresh Rally But 1 400 is the Key 18 h 25 min ago
ETHPoW ETHW Price Prediction 21 h 52 min ago
Will Bitcoin BTC Explode in 2023 Will Ethereum Explode in 2023 The Hideaways Delivering Better Gains Than Both 22 h 58 min ago
Ethereum community split over reversible transactions proposal 24 h 13 min ago
LBRY s Jeremy Kauffman Says The SEC Is Out To Damage The Crypto Industry 24 h 18 min ago
Big Eyes BIG to Familiarize Crypto Enthusiasts with Established Platforms Including Solana SOL and FTX FTT and also Protect the Oceans 24 h 32 min ago
Cardano s Charles Hoskinson Ethereum Core Developers Beef It out on Twitter - BeInCrypto 24 h 34 min ago
Following the Merge Pando Asset AG Debuts Bitcoin and Ethereum ETP 24 h 37 min ago
MetaBlaze Brings Immersive Storytelling and Engaging Experiences to Web3 The Next Trend In Web3 Play to Earn Gaming 26 h 13 min ago
Bitcoin Active Addresses Stay Low A Hint That Demand Isn t There Yet 27 h 13 min ago
Ripple Court Case Hopes Spur XRP Rally XDC ZEC DOGE Sep 26 27 h 51 min ago
What is the Ethereum Merge and What Has It Brought Us 28 h 1 min ago
PRIMEZTOKEN Listed On LBank Exchange For Trading 28 h 4 min ago
MetaMask Integration Unlocks Decentralized Social for Millions of Ethereum Users 28 h 12 min ago
MetaMask Integration Unlocks Decentralized Social for Millions of Ethereum Users 28 h 13 min ago
MetaMask Integration Unlocks Decentralized Social for Millions of Ethereum Users 28 h 14 min ago
Take Crypto Gambling to a New Level With Polygon on 1xBit 28 h 22 min ago
BingX s New Copy-trading Subsidy Vouchers Will Allow Users To Recover Losses 28 h 40 min ago
Let s Go Electric 28 h 49 min ago
Despite Financial Times FUD Bitcoin Is Not Crypto 29 h 8 min ago
The Second drop of Reddit Avatars might not be a great investment you think it s going to be 29 h 11 min ago
Staked ETH Nears 14 Million As Ethereum Readies For Breakout 29 h 13 min ago
Analysts Think Bitcoin Is Going to Fall Even More 29 h 13 min ago
This Crypto Coin Might Explode 100x by 2023 After Its Initial Exchange Offering 29 h 58 min ago
Ethereum s Switch to POS Expected to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint by 99 95 30 h 11 min ago
Dusk Network prepares for upcoming EU crypto regulation MiCA 30 h 36 min ago
China Reports GPU Price Fall To All-Time Low Post Ethereum Merge 31 h 38 min ago
To be successful you must be crazy 31 h 39 min ago
Metaverse Sector Is Disrupted Is Metacryp Going To Become The New Metaverse Giant After The Sandbox And Decentraland 31 h 42 min ago
Big Eyes Coin Fantom Elrond Three Essential Crypto Assets 31 h 57 min ago
Chainlink Price Spikes Above 7 While Bitcoin Sinks Below 20 000 31 h 57 min ago
Cardano to Plunge Hard in the Start of October Analyst Maps Entry and Exit Levels For ADA Price 32 h 4 min ago
Flasko FLSK is flying high investors have begun purchasing presale tokens against Tron TRX and Solana SOL 32 h 28 min ago
Is Ethereum Price Approaching a Tight Range A Breakout Towards a Potential Direction is Imminent 32 h 33 min ago
Altcoins for 100x Gains Stellar XLM Fantom FTM and Chronoly io CRNO 32 h 43 min ago
Is Ethereum Now Obsolete Crypto Daily TV 26 09 2022 32 h 43 min ago
A Complete Guide to Pick Your Cryptocurrency Wallet 33 h 16 min ago
I have participated in 500 airdrops The results 33 h 37 min ago
Top 5 Play to Earn Crypto Gaming Coins of 2022 33 h 58 min ago
How to Trade Crypto on OKX 34 h 50 min ago
These Altcoins Have The Biggest Potential Beyond 2022 35 h 1 min ago
DeFi CeDeFi and How to Profit in the Midst of the Bear Market 35 h 5 min ago
Instacart Trimming Jobs to Cut Costs Ahead of Its IPO 35 h 11 min ago
Ironbeam Lets You Trade Bitcoin and Ether Nano Futures Contracts Commission Free 35 h 13 min ago
3 Best Margin Trading Platforms Right Now 35 h 17 min ago
Ethereum Sees 98 Decrease in ETH Issuance Following Merge 35 h 20 min ago
3 Best Decentralized Exchanges 35 h 25 min ago
Bitcoin BTC and Solana SOL Price Might See Short-Term Rally This Week 35 h 32 min ago
Top 3 DeFi Projects that can See the Light in 2023 35 h 36 min ago
Cardano ADA Flashing Buy Signals While Litecoin LTC Avalanche AVAX May go Long Soon 35 h 55 min ago
ETH TIME Explains Why the Ethereum Price Has Fallen Since the Merge Upgrade 36 h 1 min ago
Bitcoin To Crash Hard In December Any Hope Of Relief In 2023 36 h 2 min ago
JP Morgan Wary of Ethereum Network Post-Merge 36 h 27 min ago
Top 9 NFT and Crypto Airdrops For September 2022 36 h 36 min ago
CFO of Troubled Crypto Lender Voyager Digital Resigns 36 h 45 min ago
Ethereum Network s Transaction Prices has Declined The Block 37 h 43 min ago
This Week s USDT Interest Rates Best Yields for Tether Lending and Staking 38 h 13 min ago
Litecoin Price Watch Why Only 15 of LTC Holders Are Making Profit 38 h 38 min ago
Cardano Doesn t Need Cryptocurrency To Be Successful in Order To Succeed Says IOG CEO 38 h 42 min ago
Big Eyes Coin A Mix of Dogecoin and Stellar DeFi Solutions 38 h 43 min ago
Cardano Price Prediction How High can Cardano reach by 2030 38 h 44 min ago
The Solana Forecast for 2030 How high can SOL go in the next few years 39 h 46 min ago
Why Crypto Market is Plunging Today 40 h 6 min ago
Best 3 Currencies To Invest In Right Now Shiba Inu SHIB ApeCoin APE and Flasko FLSK 40 h 21 min ago
Can Flasko FLSK Big Dogs in Cryptocurrency Like Polkadot DOT and Solana SOL in terms of fast growth 40 h 58 min ago
TA Ethereum Price Needs To Clear 1 400 For Hopes of a Fresh Rally 41 h 5 min ago
Can Traders Expect Another Major Crypto Crash in Q4-2022 41 h 23 min ago
ApeCoin Up 4 Updates on Horizen Labs Staking Program Underpin APE 41 h 23 min ago
Graphics Card Prices Tank in China Weeks After Ethereum Merge 41 h 46 min ago
Stellar XLM on a Rise 7 Ongoing Network Developments in Play 42 h 6 min ago
WEF Launches Crypto Sustainability Coalition to Leverage Web3 Technologies in Climate Change Battle 42 h 13 min ago
SUMOTEX Presale Goes Live First Protocol To Spearhead USD 250 Mil Tvl Tokenisation Worth Of Real Estate Upon Ido 42 h 41 min ago
Singapore Bank DBS Unveils Self-Directed Crypto Trading 43 h 13 min ago
Ethereum Supply Slowed after the Merge Will It Drive Investment Narrative 43 h 43 min ago
A Bitcoiner s Guide To Proof-Of-Stake 45 h 13 min ago
This Week s DeFi Interest Rates Best Yields for Lending and Saving 46 h 12 min ago
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