SafePal vs Solana comparison

By BittsAnalytics

September, 2023

Symbol Price change (1d) Price change (1 week) Hourly sentiment Hourly sentiment change (1d) Hourly sentiment change (1 week) Hourly tweets volume change (24h difference) Trading volume change Volatility Price (USD) MarketCap (USD)
SFP -2.49 %-1.97 % 0.130.22 -0.55100 % -3.8 %4.61 0.582103245,494,633
SOL 0.56 %3.81 % 0.180.1 -0.1222.2 % -43.2 %2.73 19.628,092,171,550

SafePal vs Solana social media mentions comparison

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SafePal vs Solana social media sentiment

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Most frequent topics mentioned in positive posts about SafePal and Solana

An important part of better understanding the crypto market is knowing the themes and topics that are positively and negatively affecting the price of individual cryptocurrencies.

We are one of the few platforms that provide you with this detailed data on each cryptocurrency.

Here are the words that are most frequently found in positive sentiment social posts about SafePal in last period:

*, mods, used, ports, always, work, great, modules, all, trust, mecánico, but, safe, authenticity, approved, raffles, are, scams, keep, gut, you, something, your, details, question, price, try, possible, s, lot, new, i, good, make, past, managed, positive, got, network, side, long, m, they, years, say, never, still, time, copper, might,

Here are the words that are most frequently found in positive sentiment social posts about Solana in last period:

our, trade, crypto, live, community, new, best, join, buy, 🔥, started, win, today, trading, you, members, analyst, one, blockchain, earn, 🚀, projects, like, available, play, thank, this, long, start, learn, time, ready, staking, rewards, week, let, analysts, great, follow, analysis, ✨, much, matic, just, make, got, kraken, top, traders, cryptotraders,

Most frequent topics mentioned in negative posts about SafePal and Solana

Here are the words that are most frequently found in negative sentiment social posts about SafePal in last period:

the, like, ospf, sfp, port, get, want, use, this, one, switch, please, rules, also, using, lsdb, would, really, full, module, not, see, switches, que, server, send, seems, via, even, power, thought, think, copper, might, time, never, still, say, m, they, years, long, network, side, managed, past, got, make, positive, good,

Here are the words that are most frequently found in >negative sentiment social posts about Solana in last period:

the, nft, sol, solana, mint, eth, see, short, link, price, btc, drop, last, big, free, bid, first, around, hours, easy, public, market, what, update, next, get, nfts, auction, know, holders, discord, xrp, day, profit, s, group, send, collection, another, bad, think, editions, miss, reserve, volume, going, buying, bitcoin, ecosystem, gains,

The chart showing a wider group of words for SafePal :

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Bull and bear markets of SafePal

We define a bull market as appreciation of price by more than 30% and bear market a period when the prices fall by more than 30%.

SafePal has experienced 6 bull markets in the past, see chart below:


What is SafePal biggest bull run ?

SafePal biggest bull run started on Sep 29th, 2021 and ended on Oct 14th, 2021, lasting for 15 days..

During this time, the price of SafePal increased from 0.8194 USD to 2.5162 USD, resulting in a return of 207.1 %.

Average compounded daily increase of price during this period was 7.77% / day.

What is SafePal 2nd biggest bull run ?

SafePal 2nd biggest bull run started on Jun 27th, 2021 and ended on Aug 28th, 2021, lasting for 62 days.

During this time, the price of SafePal increased from 0.6308 USD to 1.7065 USD, resulting in a return of 170.5 %.

Average compounded daily increase of price during this period was 1.62% / day.

SafePal has experienced 5 bear markets in the past, see chart below:


What is SafePal most negative bear market ?

SafePal most negative bear market started on May 3rd, 2021 and ended on May 24th, 2021.

During this time, the price of SafePal decreased from 2.9032 USD to 0.8264 USD, resulting in a return of -71.5 %.

What is SafePal 2nd most negative bear market ?

SafePal 2nd most negative bear market started on Feb 10th, 2021 and ended on Mar 1st, 2021.

During this time, the price of SafePal decreased from 3.4568 USD to 1.4702 USD, resulting in a return of -57.5 %.

For more data like this, check out SafePal prices history available for download and SafePal rest API data in json.

SafePal search trends

One of indicators of interest in SafePal are the number of searches phrase "SafePal". Chart below shows search trends for phrase "SafePal" over the last 5 years, together with the price of the cryptocurrency.

Left click and drag to zoom in. Zoom out by clicking on Home button on toolbar (on the right).

Solana search trends

One of indicators of interest in Solana are the number of searches phrase "Solana". Chart below shows search trends for phrase "Solana" over the last 5 years.You can see it if you subscribe to one of our plans.

Left click and drag to zoom in. Zoom out by clicking on Home button on toolbar (on the right).

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Swipe vs Bitcoin Swipe vs Ethereum Swipe vs Ripple Swipe vs Binance coin Swipe vs Solana Swipe vs Cardano Swipe vs Polkadot Swipe vs Dogecoin vs Bitcoin vs Ethereum vs Ripple vs Binance coin vs Solana vs Cardano vs Polkadot vs Dogecoin

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