Cryptocurrency API

BittsAnalytics is a high-quality platform which provides real-time, reliable and unique data APIs for the cryptocurrency market. We specialise in providing data sets with high impact on prices of digital assets. Each day we analyse over 10 million social media posts and generate number of social media mentions for individual cryptocurrencies, both in real-time and aggregated on daily basis. We additionally apply advanced machine learning algorithms to determine sentiment of each individual social media post. This allows us to determine average social media sentiment of each cryptocurrency both in real-time as well as on longer latencies. We use machine learning to automatically determine technical chart patterns, such as double top or double bottom, for the cryptocurrencies, on a daily basis. Chart patterns are accessible with API. The next set of highly valuable data is the price resistance and support levels, which have so far proved valuable for anticipating future price paths of digital assets. Another data set with high impact on prices are movements in blockchain addresses of top tokens accounts. We provide such blockchain analytics data via API. In summary, we provide our clients with the following sets of high-impact cryptocurrency APIs:

  • social media sentiment API
  • social media mentions API
  • technical analysis - chart patterns API
  • price resistance and support bands API
  • blockchain analytics API, in particular movements in rich lists of tokens
Our APIs are available as part of Advanced subcription. For other inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

Bittsbands API

For case studies of using BittsBands data read our blog, an example of application: BittsBands excellent predictor of price movements.

Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis API

Technical analysis API is a cryptocurrency strategy that works well in many cases, as an introduction please read our blog post about applying to Bitcoin: Double top pattern recognition worked greatly for the second time in a row flashing warning for Bitcoin at 9800 USD.

Mentions and Buzz on Social Media API

For a case study of applying cryptocurrency social media mentions analysis to cryptocurrencies, please read an example blog post about application to Ripple: Ripple up more than 100% since a spike in social media mentions.

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BittsAnalytics is an innovative data and analytics platform for cryptocurrencies from company Alpha Quantum.


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