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This is fantastic and absolutely what I was looking for.  I'll be spreading the word as this platform is awesome.

Steven G.

I am really enjoying the platform and I think you are doing some really innovative stuff.


I will absolutely endorse you guys and let people in my chat as well as my followers know how awesome this platform is! I'm a big fan of how things are going thus far with the project.


Love it!


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We accept payments with Paypal or Bitcoin. You can cancel subscriptions at any time you want.


$19.95 US/month
Billed annually or $29 US month-to-month

Standard but powerful data and tools for cryptocurrency traders and investors. Allows you to keep track of cryptocurrencies and have better information than others.


$29.95 US/month
Billed annually or $49 US month-to-month

Premium cutting-edge data and tools for those who want more from trading and investing. Allows you to generate better ideas and insights for trading to be ahead of others.

Limited Anniversary Offer - Advanced 30% Off

Advanced (Includes Real-Time Social-Media Analytics)

$39.95 US/month
Billed annually or $99 US month-to-month

Our most advanced real-time data and tools for those who want absolutely the best from investing in cryptocurrencies. Allows you to generate better insights to be ahead of others and offers best Value for Money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all our plans are risk-free. We use paypal, which means paying is completely under your control. If you do not want to pay for our platform anymore, simply follow instructions: cancellation instructions and you will not be charged anymore.
Yes, monthly subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded even during the month. The already paid use will be taken into account in your upgrade payment or refunded in case of a downgrade.
Yes, you can change your plan from monthly to annual even during the month. The remaining unused monthly fee will be refunded upon payment of annual subscription.
If you subscribe to Advanced package, you obtain access to all of our APIs for free, at no additional charge.
Overview of past BittsAnalytics Market Timing and Trading signals

We offer our users of BittsAnalytics platform a wide array of unique Big Data about cryptocurrencies, advanced analytical tools as well as an overview of past market timing and trading signals generated from our platform. Our advanced data ranges from sentiment analysis of social media posts, numbers of social media mentions, proprietary deep learned price resistance bands, automatically detected technical chart patterns and many others. You can read more about our past market timing and trading ideas and signals below.

Market Timing Signals


Ripple up more than 100% since a spike in social media mentions


Electroneum up more than 100% since a sentiment signal from real-time analytics


Nano up more than 50% since surge in social media mentions on 11th September


Our Sentiment Market Indicator was flashing warning with Bitcoin at 9800 USD – correct for the fifth time in a row


Double top pattern recognition worked greatly for the second time in a row flashing warning for Bitcoin at 9800 USD


Our warning Sentiment Market Indicator was now correct for the fourth time in a row

Sentiment Signals


Over 170% cumulative return of Verge from sentiment and mentions analytics signals over the last ten days


Lisk had a sentiment surge on 30th January, next day up 50% during the day


Tron with sentiment reversal on 29th December is up around 270% since then .

Social Media Mentions Signals


Tron up 85% since social media surge on 18th March


Lunyr up more than 100% from 23rd to 24th February since social media mentions surge

BittsBands Signals


Our deep learned BittsBands have proven excellent for trading in recent Bitcoin price developments


50% return on Aelf with using our proprietary BittsBands

Technical Analysis Signals


Bancor up 25% after rebounding on bottom pattern


Aragon up 90% after rebounding on bottom pattern and our BittsBands

Mean CVaR Quant Strategies


Remarkable outperformance of Mean CVaR based dynamic allocation between cryptocurrencies

Comparison Signals


Ethereum outperformed Bitcoin by 40 percentage points since opening a gap in sentiment

See video of BittsAnalytics in use (selected features)

About Us

BittsAnalytics is an innovative data and analytics platform for stocks and cryptocurrencies built by a team of quants at company Alpha Quantum.
Website: www.alpha-quantum.com


Company Contacts

Alpha Quantum
Komenskega 40, 1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia (EU)

(+386)8 382 5276