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BittsAnalytics Features

Social Media Sentiment

We use machine learning to determine social media sentiment for each cryptocurrency so you can see when the investors are euphoric or gloomy. We have sentiment data since August 2017 giving you ability to assess both short-term and long-term sentiment trends.

Most shared news for each cryptocurrency

We determine the most shared news on social media for each cryptocurrency, from hundreds of thousands of social media posts each day. And plot these news on price charts so that you can see which news is impacting the price of cryptocurency. See example

Historical simulation

Do you know how much your current portfolio has gained or lost in recent period? You can enter your portfolio on our platform and obtain historical simulation of your current portfolio performance in the past*.

Social Media Mentions

We determine the number of mentions of each cryptocurrency on social media, so that you can see which coins are most talked about at the moment. With historical data since 2017, we provide you with both short-term and long-term insights.

Support and Resistance Levels

We use complex algorithms to compute support levels and resistance levels for prices. Support level is where the price is more likely to stop falling and makes a reversal back up, whereas the resistance level is where the price is more likely to stop rising and falls back down.

Crypto Talk

We determine words that social media users most often use in positive/negative posts about given cryptocurrency in last 24 hours. So you can see which recent developments/topics are viewed as positive or negative for each cryptocurrency.

*Past performance of cryptocurrencies may not be indicative of future results.

Premium Set of Crypto Analytics Tools

Our platform gives you cutting edge analytical tools that are needed for staying on top of the cryptocurrency markets.

Each day, we analyze millions of social media posts and market-moving news, calculating mentions and sentiment about individual coins in real-time to give you an edge over your competition.

Social media sentiment is computed using a machine learning model that we trained on millions of labelled tweets. Our machine learning model is adapted to financial domain, it is especially sensitive to words that convey sentiment in financial language - rising, falling, bear market, bull market, etc.

We also provide with several advanced tools for technical analysis. We use complex algorithms to detect support and resistance levels of cryptocurrencies and automatically identify, generate and plot trendlines on our charts.

We generate a large number of valuable alerts using our social media listening for crypto - when coins spike in terms of social media mentions or sentiment. We also generate a list of all coins that are currently breaking their trendline or have bounced off the trendline.

Our tools can you help evaluate which cryptocurrencies will survive in the future. On our platform you can enter your current portfolio and use our historical simulations to see how it performed in the past.

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Crypto Sentiment Analysis

Prices of certain assets are importantly driven by the sentiment and hype about them. By subscribing to BittsAnalytics you can easily access cryptocurrency sentiment data in real-time and in historical chart.

For calculation of social media sentiment, we use a machine learning model that was trained on millions of labelled tweets. Our machine learning model is adapted to financial domain, it is especially sensitive to words that convey sentiment in financial language - rising, falling, bear market, bull market, etc.

We provide you with Bitcoin Sentiment Index, Ethereum Sentiment Index and sentiment indices for all other cryptocurrencies.

All of our sentiment data is also available as API.

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Most shared news on chart

We analyse hundreds of thousands of social media posts each day for mentions of news to find most shared news on social media about each coin. We plot these news on price charts so you can more easily see which news is driving the price or how the news reacts to major price changes.

We also collect many of other news from hundreds of different sources and classify them for sentiment using our SVM machine learning model. This sentiment classified news is also available as part of our API.

Social Media Mentions

Prices of many assets are influenced by the hype and number of social media mentions about them. Often it is very worthwile to know which cryptocurrencies are the main talk of the crypto world or which are experiencing a sudden surge in interest. You can get this information in real-time on our platform.

We are calculating number of mentions for cryptocurrencies in social media to find surges in interest as well as deliver historical comparisons and analysis. BittsAnalytics can thus serve as a very effective crypto social media tracker of cryptocurrencies.

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Support and resistance levels

Our platform computes support and resistance levels for all assets that we cover. Support levels are price ranges where the price can potentially bounce back (when falling from above). Resistance levels are price areas where the price may fall down again (when rising from below) or bounce back again (when falling).

We also offer other technical analysis tools, including AI generated trendlines.

All of our technical analysis data is available as API.

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We use complex algorithms to determine trendlines for all assets we support and plot them automatically on price charts. We also provide you with tools to draw your own trendlines.

Based on trendlines detection, we generate trendlines alerts to notify you of any coins which are currently breaking their trendlines or have just bounced off the trendline recently.

Crypto Fear Index and Greed Index

Crypto like other investment markets is also susceptible to phases of greed and fear, resulting in large swings of prices.

To help with assessing the various phases of the cryptocurrency markets we have developed crypto fear and greed index for bitcoin and other crypto coins.

We have also implemented such indices for the total market.

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Cryptocurrency News

We are tracking thousands of news sources each day to find important and insightful news on cryptocurrencies in real-time. We categorize news per cryptocurrency so you can easily see all the important news about a given cryptocurrency published in real-time.

Each news is also tagged with sentiment, determined with AI models developed by our machine learning consulting, based on the text of the individual news. This gives you an additional way of searching for news and providing crypto news sentiment analysis about individual cryptocurrencies.

In addition to top market capitalization coins, we also cover hundreds of others, including Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Tether, Stellar, Cardano, Moneto, Dash, Tezos, Ontology, Maker, NEM and others.

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Portfolio Tracker

BittsAnalytics allows you to set up and track you own personalised portfolio. You can easily track the changes in portfolio value as well as individual cryptocurrencies of the portfolio.

To better understand the potential of your personalized portfolio we provide you with historical simulations.

Our Risk Management tools such as risk attribution will help you understand where are the main risks hidden in your portfolio. Risk metrics such as VaR and Maximum drawdown will help you understand possible losses in adverse scenarios. See demo of Crypto Portfolio Tracker.

Crypto Alerts

BittsAnalytics offers a wide range of different crypto alerts - from those based on social media mentions and social media sentiment to those based on technical analysis, e.g. coins that are currently breaking their trend lines.

Social media mentions surges often indicate the coins where there are significants events occurring with potential impact on their prices. We also offer Crypto Heat Map charts for quick visual overview of price changes on the market.

Social media discussions

To get a better understanding of what people talk about on social media regarding certain cryptocurrency, we compute the words most often used when mentioned with cryptocurrency.

We separate the words depending on whether they occurred in the sentiment positive or sentiment negative social media posts about the cryptocurrency. So you can see which words and topics are positively impacting the cryptocurrency and which have a negative impact.

Cryptocurrency API

Why BittsAnalytics?

BittsAnalytics is a high-quality platform which provides real-time, reliable and unique data REST APIs for the cryptocurrency market. We specialise in providing data sets with high impact on prices of digital assets: social media sentiment and social media mentions. Our APIs are used by many hedge funds and individual clients.

Cryptocurrency historical data API

We have been one of the early providers of crypto social media tracker. This allows us to offer our clients long historical ranges for our data, which is essential for building investment strategy models of high quality. We do not offer crypto API tiers based on number of ticker coins. With our plan you get data for all coins tracked.

Use cases

Use cases include systematic trading (a lot of our clients are hedge funds),market making, big data and data science products, portfolio value tracking.
Our data can also be used in other fields, e.g. for data visualization consulting services, coins with top mentions can be part of keyword, niche research tool, news with sentiment classification can also be reused in a keyword and niche research tool.

Data Delivery

Our social media cryptocurrency data is delivered to you on-demand using well-documented and simpleHTTP RESTful API in JSON format. You can use our data in various frameworks, including python, javascript, PHP, Microsoft Excel and on various operating systems, including Linux and Windows.

Access to data is granted upon purchase of our Advanced Plan, which provides you with your crypto api private key.

Free Crypto News API

We are one of crypto saas companies that also offers for free a cryptocurrency news API. We track in real-time the most important stories related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Tron and many other coins. Each news story is analysed by our machine learning models which determine sentiment polarity of texts.. This allows us to determine sentiment of news both on aggregate levels as well as for individual coins.

If you subscribe to one of our plans you obtain access to our news aggregator which contains Bitcoin news feed api, Ethereum news feed api and for other coins.

Dedicated Support

We are believers in customer satisfaction and will provide you with professional support with quick turnaround times.

Why cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, which allows solving many different customer pain points, from tracking and verifying ownership of assets to recording financial transactions, as part of DeFi (decentralized finance) area. More recently, blockchain has been powering the non-fungible tokens or NFT field.


Sentiment and other data points generated (per month)

100+ million

combinations of social media posts - cryptocurrencies analysed (per month)

Sentiment and Social Media Mentions of Cryptocurrencies

social media analytics data delayed by 24 hours, purchase plan for real-time access

Cryptocurrency Price 24hr %change Social Buzz Momentum Sentiment Momentum Marketcap (mil. USD) Technical Analysis Support/Resistance Levels News
Bitcoin Sentiment Index $54122.00 -0.9 69.7 -57.0 1020366.6 Technical Analysis Bitcoin Bitcoin Support / Resistance Is Bitcoin a good investment
Ethereum Sentiment Index $4036.15 -2.3 -13.0 -135.4 477536.1 Technical Analysis Ethereum Ethereum Support / Resistance Is Ethereum a good investment
Binance Coin Sentiment Index $577.49 -2.6 -33.1 45.0 97049.0 Technical Analysis Binance Coin Binance Coin Support / Resistance Is Binance Coin a good investment
Tether Sentiment Index $577.49 0.0 -86.7 -40.6 74088.2 Technical Analysis Tether Tether Support / Resistance Is Tether a good investment
Solana Sentiment Index $187.15 -5.4 -69.6 -2.3 56778.9 Technical Analysis Solana Solana Support / Resistance Is Solana a good investment
Cardano Sentiment Index $1.49 -4.5 -9.3 -75.8 47712.8 Technical Analysis Cardano Cardano Support / Resistance Is Cardano a good investment
Ripple Sentiment Index $0.911 -5.8 52.1 102.7 42846.9 Technical Analysis Ripple Ripple Support / Resistance Is Ripple a good investment
USD Coin Sentiment Index $1.000 0.0 -43.8 -15.2 38269.1 Technical Analysis USD Coin USD Coin Support / Resistance Is USD Coin a good investment
Polkadot Sentiment Index $33.06 -6.1 20.4 -195.2 35006.1 Technical Analysis Polkadot Polkadot Support / Resistance Is Polkadot a good investment
Dogecoin Sentiment Index $0.199 -4.1 36.6 -4.2 26340.2 Technical Analysis Dogecoin Dogecoin Support / Resistance Is Dogecoin a good investment
SHIBA INU Sentiment Index $0.0000379 -5.2 -62.5 -86.8 20720.7 Technical Analysis SHIBA INU SHIBA INU Support / Resistance Is SHIBA INU a good investment
Crypto.com Sentiment Index $0.726 2.4 -27.2 -99.4 18305.5 Technical Analysis Crypto.com Crypto.com Support / Resistance Is Crypto.com a good investment
Terra Sentiment Index $42.74 1.3 -24.1 10.8 16836.5 Technical Analysis Terra Terra Support / Resistance Is Terra a good investment
Wrapped Bitcoin Sentiment Index $54078.00 -1.0 104.1 -33.3 13680.8 Technical Analysis Wrapped Bitcoin Wrapped Bitcoin Support / Resistance Is Wrapped Bitcoin a good investment
Litecoin Sentiment Index $188.85 -5.0 -47.4 -45.7 13020.8 Technical Analysis Litecoin Litecoin Support / Resistance Is Litecoin a good investment
BinanceUSD Sentiment Index $188.85 0.0 22.0 -43.6 12966.6 Technical Analysis BinanceUSD BinanceUSD Support / Resistance Is BinanceUSD a good investment
Matic Network Sentiment Index $1.55 -9.9 9.0 -40.0 10636.5 Technical Analysis Matic Network Matic Network Support / Resistance Is Matic Network a good investment
Bitcoin Cash Sentiment Index $548.09 -3.7 83.2 -71.4 10355.1 Technical Analysis Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash Support / Resistance Is Bitcoin Cash a good investment
Algorand Sentiment Index $1.62 -3.0 1.0 -143.1 10143.3 Technical Analysis Algorand Algorand Support / Resistance Is Algorand a good investment
Dai Sentiment Index $1.62 0.0 -35.9 -41.8 8700.2 Technical Analysis Dai Dai Support / Resistance Is Dai a good investment
Uniswap Sentiment Index $18.90 -4.9 -7.3 28.0 8540.7 Technical Analysis Uniswap Uniswap Support / Resistance Is Uniswap a good investment
Elrond Sentiment Index $416.11 3.0 -0.1 42.7 8369.2 Technical Analysis Elrond Elrond Support / Resistance Is Elrond a good investment
Stellar Lumens Sentiment Index $0.313 -5.4 -56.2 -4.5 7615.3 Technical Analysis Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens Support / Resistance Is Stellar Lumens a good investment
VETVechain Sentiment Index $0.110 -6.0 4.9 41.4 7319.5 Technical Analysis VETVechain VETVechain Support / Resistance Is VETVechain a good investment
Cosmos Sentiment Index $25.46 -8.4 -28.5 -23.3 7196.4 Technical Analysis Cosmos Cosmos Support / Resistance Is Cosmos a good investment
Filecoin Sentiment Index $55.13 -3.5 -35.9 36.5 7072.4 Technical Analysis Filecoin Filecoin Support / Resistance Is Filecoin a good investment
FTX token Sentiment Index $47.11 -2.5 -25.8 25.4 6563.0 Technical Analysis FTX token FTX token Support / Resistance Is FTX token a good investment
Tron Sentiment Index $0.0903 -4.4 -70.6 14.5 6463.7 Technical Analysis Tron Tron Support / Resistance Is Tron a good investment
Theta Token Sentiment Index $6.28 -8.6 -6.8 83.8 6265.5 Technical Analysis Theta Token Theta Token Support / Resistance Is Theta Token a good investment
Ethereum Classic Sentiment Index $45.58 -3.4 56.2 26.1 5971.9 Technical Analysis Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic Support / Resistance Is Ethereum Classic a good investment
Decentraland Sentiment Index $4.38 -4.6 -33.5 -19.9 5782.6 Technical Analysis Decentraland Decentraland Support / Resistance Is Decentraland a good investment
OKB Sentiment Index $21.47 -9.9 5.6 76.7 5685.7 Technical Analysis OKB OKB Support / Resistance Is OKB a good investment
Hedera Sentiment Index $0.311 -7.7 -36.6 -41.9 5617.7 Technical Analysis Hedera Hedera Support / Resistance Is Hedera a good investment
Fantom Sentiment Index $1.99 -8.3 -16.6 12.3 5043.7 Technical Analysis Fantom Fantom Support / Resistance Is Fantom a good investment
The Graph Sentiment Index $0.960 -5.0 -97.1 98.2 4736.0 Technical Analysis The Graph The Graph Support / Resistance Is The Graph a good investment
NEAR Protocol Sentiment Index $7.87 -6.0 0.5 -20.4 4436.6 Technical Analysis NEAR Protocol NEAR Protocol Support / Resistance Is NEAR Protocol a good investment
Monero Sentiment Index $221.18 -3.5 -41.5 21.4 3982.2 Technical Analysis Monero Monero Support / Resistance Is Monero a good investment
Tezos Sentiment Index $4.44 -6.3 -1.8 67.3 3845.3 Technical Analysis Tezos Tezos Support / Resistance Is Tezos a good investment
EOS Sentiment Index $3.78 -3.6 -54.2 -7.6 3683.8 Technical Analysis EOS EOS Support / Resistance Is EOS a good investment
Loopring Sentiment Index $2.69 -9.4 -31.4 -10.8 3338.7 Technical Analysis Loopring Loopring Support / Resistance Is Loopring a good investment
UnusSEDLEO Sentiment Index $3.29 1.9 6.3 -166.3 3095.0 Technical Analysis UnusSEDLEO UnusSEDLEO Support / Resistance Is UnusSEDLEO a good investment
Enjin Coin Sentiment Index $3.32 -11.7 -47.4 -113.4 3091.0 Technical Analysis Enjin Coin Enjin Coin Support / Resistance Is Enjin Coin a good investment
PancakeSwap Sentiment Index $12.65 -2.7 -36.0 -47.0 3090.6 Technical Analysis PancakeSwap PancakeSwap Support / Resistance Is PancakeSwap a good investment
Aave Sentiment Index $225.35 -5.7 -31.6 32.4 3013.4 Technical Analysis Aave Aave Support / Resistance Is Aave a good investment
Kusama Sentiment Index $323.56 -2.0 -20.6 -179.0 2898.6 Technical Analysis Kusama Kusama Support / Resistance Is Kusama a good investment
Zcash Sentiment Index $230.58 -11.2 -43.3 -51.0 2737.9 Technical Analysis Zcash Zcash Support / Resistance Is Zcash a good investment
Bitcoin SV Sentiment Index $142.73 -3.1 1.4 -141.1 2695.6 Technical Analysis Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV Support / Resistance Is Bitcoin SV a good investment
Arweave Sentiment Index $53.45 -11.9 -56.1 -108.0 2673.0 Technical Analysis Arweave Arweave Support / Resistance Is Arweave a good investment
Quant Sentiment Index $197.95 -7.7 12.0 120.2 2657.4 Technical Analysis Quant Quant Support / Resistance Is Quant a good investment
Maker Sentiment Index $2940.33 -7.6 -80.1 -88.5 2645.2 Technical Analysis Maker Maker Support / Resistance Is Maker a good investment
Harmony Sentiment Index $0.245 -9.8 -49.1 -112.6 2642.8 Technical Analysis Harmony Harmony Support / Resistance Is Harmony a good investment
Unobtanium Sentiment Index $12779.63 9.6 -45.9 -112.2 2593.8 Technical Analysis Unobtanium Unobtanium Support / Resistance Is Unobtanium a good investment
NEO Sentiment Index $36.34 -4.7 -33.5 -136.1 2561.0 Technical Analysis NEO NEO Support / Resistance Is NEO a good investment
Basic Attention Token Sentiment Index $1.62 10.2 -11.7 -58.3 2396.7 Technical Analysis Basic Attention Token Basic Attention Token Support / Resistance Is Basic Attention Token a good investment
Chiliz Sentiment Index $0.416 -10.4 -62.3 35.5 2218.4 Technical Analysis Chiliz Chiliz Support / Resistance Is Chiliz a good investment
BitTorrent Sentiment Index $0.00305 -6.1 -52.5 41.3 2010.4 Technical Analysis BitTorrent BitTorrent Support / Resistance Is BitTorrent a good investment
Theta Fuel Sentiment Index $0.297 -5.7 -73.4 36.0 1886.2 Technical Analysis Theta Fuel Theta Fuel Support / Resistance Is Theta Fuel a good investment
Waves Sentiment Index $18.66 -7.2 -54.8 -44.8 1881.7 Technical Analysis Waves Waves Support / Resistance Is Waves a good investment
Dash Sentiment Index $175.51 -5.2 9.1 -15.0 1828.2 Technical Analysis Dash Dash Support / Resistance Is Dash a good investment
KuCoin Shares Sentiment Index $22.22 -4.6 -42.2 -35.4 1696.9 Technical Analysis KuCoin Shares KuCoin Shares Support / Resistance Is KuCoin Shares a good investment
Celsius Sentiment Index $3.97 1.0 19.2 108.8 1678.7 Technical Analysis Celsius Celsius Support / Resistance Is Celsius a good investment
Revain Sentiment Index $0.0197 -7.7 52.8 -115.0 1675.8 Technical Analysis Revain Revain Support / Resistance Is Revain a good investment
Compound Sentiment Index $262.13 -2.3 14.4 -3.2 1619.2 Technical Analysis Compound Compound Support / Resistance Is Compound a good investment
Celo Sentiment Index $4.66 -3.9 11.4 -7.2 1619.0 Technical Analysis Celo Celo Support / Resistance Is Celo a good investment
Huobi Token Sentiment Index $9.50 -0.2 -13.6 -112.3 1512.9 Technical Analysis Huobi Token Huobi Token Support / Resistance Is Huobi Token a good investment
NEM Sentiment Index $0.160 -4.4 -8.8 -95.6 1438.3 Technical Analysis NEM NEM Support / Resistance Is NEM a good investment
Qtum Sentiment Index $13.79 -5.2 73.4 -67.2 1430.2 Technical Analysis Qtum Qtum Support / Resistance Is Qtum a good investment
Synthetix Sentiment Index $7.33 -4.9 -51.8 64.2 1405.8 Technical Analysis Synthetix Synthetix Support / Resistance Is Synthetix a good investment
IoTeX Sentiment Index $0.148 -8.6 -25.2 2.3 1399.8 Technical Analysis IoTeX IoTeX Support / Resistance Is IoTeX a good investment
Decred Sentiment Index $101.47 5.5 56.0 191.3 1375.1 Technical Analysis Decred Decred Support / Resistance Is Decred a good investment
Nexo Sentiment Index $2.43 -2.0 14.4 58.9 1356.5 Technical Analysis Nexo Nexo Support / Resistance Is Nexo a good investment
Livepeer Sentiment Index $53.76 -12.5 -25.4 -155.2 1315.6 Technical Analysis Livepeer Livepeer Support / Resistance Is Livepeer a good investment
SushiSwap Sentiment Index $6.73 -6.5 -22.0 -103.9 1294.9 Technical Analysis SushiSwap SushiSwap Support / Resistance Is SushiSwap a good investment
Ankr Sentiment Index $0.159 -16.2 -50.0 -3.9 1294.5 Technical Analysis Ankr Ankr Support / Resistance Is Ankr a good investment
TrueUSD Sentiment Index $0.159 0.0 -2.8 -92.5 1293.3 Technical Analysis TrueUSD TrueUSD Support / Resistance Is TrueUSD a good investment
Siacoin Sentiment Index $0.0240 -13.5 -62.7 -27.2 1188.1 Technical Analysis Siacoin Siacoin Support / Resistance Is Siacoin a good investment
ZenCash Sentiment Index $99.55 -10.9 -33.8 -50.9 1172.0 Technical Analysis ZenCash ZenCash Support / Resistance Is ZenCash a good investment
WAX Sentiment Index $0.630 -9.6 8.2 28.8 1164.0 Technical Analysis WAX WAX Support / Resistance Is WAX a good investment
Audius Sentiment Index $2.26 -7.8 -27.3 -6.1 1127.2 Technical Analysis Audius Audius Support / Resistance Is Audius a good investment
ICON Sentiment Index $1.64 -6.8 -42.4 -54.4 1113.1 Technical Analysis ICON ICON Support / Resistance Is ICON a good investment
Ravencoin Sentiment Index $0.107 -0.8 -14.5 -114.3 1084.8 Technical Analysis Ravencoin Ravencoin Support / Resistance Is Ravencoin a good investment
OmiseGo Sentiment Index $7.71 -6.4 30.7 8.7 1078.1 Technical Analysis OmiseGo OmiseGo Support / Resistance Is OmiseGo a good investment
Zilliqa Sentiment Index $0.0824 -2.8 -8.5 15.1 1055.7 Technical Analysis Zilliqa Zilliqa Support / Resistance Is Zilliqa a good investment
yearn.finance Sentiment Index $28463.00 -3.1 -16.7 -12.6 1014.2 Technical Analysis yearn.finance yearn.finance Support / Resistance Is yearn.finance a good investment
Gatechain Token Sentiment Index $6.25 -1.1 -5.0 -52.7 981.1 Technical Analysis Gatechain Token Gatechain Token Support / Resistance Is Gatechain Token a good investment
Paxos Standard Token Sentiment Index $0.997 1.7 106.4 -0.8 942.4 Technical Analysis Paxos Standard Token Paxos Standard Token Support / Resistance Is Paxos Standard Token a good investment
0x Sentiment Index $1.11 -5.1 93.1 -26.7 939.9 Technical Analysis 0x 0x Support / Resistance Is 0x a good investment
renBTC Sentiment Index $54105.00 -0.8 66.6 -64.8 937.8 Technical Analysis renBTC renBTC Support / Resistance Is renBTC a good investment
Bitcoin Gold Sentiment Index $52.73 -2.8 46.1 -25.0 922.5 Technical Analysis Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Gold Support / Resistance Is Bitcoin Gold a good investment
NXM Sentiment Index $133.59 -2.6 96.4 -127.6 920.4 Technical Analysis NXM NXM Support / Resistance Is NXM a good investment
Secret Sentiment Index $5.95 -7.2 328.2 -19.2 915.4 Technical Analysis Secret Secret Support / Resistance Is Secret a good investment
Ren Sentiment Index $0.890 -2.5 -55.9 -35.9 890.0 Technical Analysis Ren Ren Support / Resistance Is Ren a good investment
Bancor Sentiment Index $3.77 -2.8 -14.5 -45.1 883.1 Technical Analysis Bancor Bancor Support / Resistance Is Bancor a good investment
UMA Sentiment Index $13.63 2.9 -28.6 -214.1 871.6 Technical Analysis UMA UMA Support / Resistance Is UMA a good investment
Nervos Network Sentiment Index $0.0302 -2.3 -26.1 40.3 864.5 Technical Analysis Nervos Network Nervos Network Support / Resistance Is Nervos Network a good investment
Velas Sentiment Index $0.385 -1.2 0.9 -71.8 852.5 Technical Analysis Velas Velas Support / Resistance Is Velas a good investment
Ontology Sentiment Index $0.964 -8.2 -25.5 -56.8 844.1 Technical Analysis Ontology Ontology Support / Resistance Is Ontology a good investment
IOStoken Sentiment Index $0.0366 -4.8 -33.9 -78.7 839.0 Technical Analysis IOStoken IOStoken Support / Resistance Is IOStoken a good investment

Social Media Sentiment and Mentions of NFT
(purchase plan for full access)

Bored Ape Yacht Club
Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs
Emblem Vault [Ethereum]
Kaiju Kingz
Boonji Project
Party Ape | Billionaire Club
Cool Cats NFT
Mutant Ape Yacht Club
The Doge Pound
Creature World NFT
Party Degenerates
CrypToadz by GREMPLIN
Frontier Game
Vox Collectibles
Neo Tokyo Identities
Metasaurs by Dr. DMT
loomlocknft (Wassies)
ASM AIFA Genesis
FLUF World
CyberKongz VX
The Yakuza Cats Society
Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro
888 inner circle
Bears Deluxe
The Humanoids
World of Women
Loot (for Adventurers)
Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult
The Meta Key
Damien Hirst - The Currency
The Superlative Secret Society
Lazy Lions
Eponym by ART AI
StrongBlock NFTs
Doge Pound Puppies
The Sandbox
Bored Ape Chemistry Club
Pudgy Penguins
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
The CryptoDads
Nifty League DEGENs
Neo Tokyo Part 2 Vault Cards
NFT Worlds (nftworlds.com)
Art Blocks Factory
Robotos Official
0N1 Force
Playing Arts Crypto Edition
Capsule House
Paladin Pandas
Bored Mummy Waking Up
Metaverse HQ
EllioTrades NFT Collection
Sappy Seals
Dapper Dinos NFT
The Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Cory Van Lew
Chill Frogs NFT
Adam Bomb Squad
Bored Ape Kennel Club
Kohi Kintsugi
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Our Other Platforms

Our company Alpha Quantum has developed a wide range of other platforms using machine learning and AI algorithms. We invite you to check them out:

  • - Product categorization API - supports Google product taxonomy and IAB classification, for both texts or webpages/URLs
  • - Product tagging solution - generates up to 100 descriptive tags for your products, allowing you to enrich your website and improve search experience of your customers
  • - Find products from 1+ million online shops - AI based, recommender solution to provide you with stores that sell a given ecommerce product
  • - Find similar stores and search stores by category - AI driven solution allows you to find all stores that sell similar products to a given online shop. Online shops can quickly find their competitors while suppliers can quickly discover shops that are similar to existing customers.
  • - Trending products - find search trends of products, by category. See which products are experiencing surge in interest and which stores sell them.

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BittsAnalytics is a leading analytics platform for cryptocurrencies, delivering social sentiment and other cryptocurrencies data since 2017.

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