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BittsAnalytics provides you with social media analytics, deep learned price resistance bands, tracking portfolios, alerts, sentiment and buzz analytics, advanced technical analysis, trading signals, charts and other tools for cryptocurrencies.

BittsAnalytics is trusted by many individual investors as well as many global hedge funds.

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A unique combination of advanced frameworks (machine learning, deep learning, NLP, etc.) applied on the Big Data of cryptocurrencies

BittsAnalytics is based on a wide set of software solutions developed by our company Alpha Quantum and used on billions USD of assets by large and regulated financial institutions.

These technologies were integrated into BittsAnalytics allowing us to offer our users a wide array of advanced features:

  • Personalized Portfolios     
  • Cryptocurrency Sentiment and Mentions Analytics        
  • Interactive Charting        
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms applied on pricing and news data       
  • Alerts based on pricing, volume and sentiment data         
  •  Portfolio Optimisation
  • Performance measurement
  •  Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis
  •  Digital Aisistant AiDA
  •  Risk Management

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Real-Time Social Media Analytics

We calculate number of mentions and sentiment of individual cryptocurrencies in social media. Sentiment is calculated with applying machine learning on posts in which invidual cryptocurrencies are mentioned. We also use machine learning to remove social media posts of low quality (spammy, promotional, etc.). This gives an unique insight of how much social media buzz is surrounding individual coins and what is the sentiment of social media posts written about individual coins. It represents one of the most powerful cryptocurrency analysis tools available for the crypto space.

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Prices of certain assets are importantly driven by the sentiment and hype about them. By subscribing to BittsAnalytics you can easily access sentiment data for almost any cryptocurrency in real-time and for the recent past. We also provide you with powerful analytical tools so you can easily get important insights from our sentiment data. For examples of how real-time sentiment can serve as trading signals (what we call "BittsSignals") please visit our blog posts about BittsSignals.

We are using machine learning to calculate sentiment of millions of social media posts and aggregate sentiment data on hourly and daily basis for individual cryptocurrencies.

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We have built a proprietary innovative system for assessing potential bands of resistance using deep learning applied on a vast amount of data we have at our disposal - pricing, trading, social media analytics and news data. Bittsbands analytics is integrated in our crypto analytics platform helping you analyze possible price movements in different bands. Bittsbands have proven excellent in analysing what may happen with future prices. For an introduction see e.g. our blog post about recent application on Bitcoin: BittsBands excellent predictor of price movements.

We are using deep learning on a vast and unique sets of data to assess potential bands of resistance in prices and help you in estimating possible price paths.

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Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis

We have built an advanced system for automated detection of chart patterns and integrated it in our platform. If you do not want to lose your time each day looking for new chart patterns on thousands of stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies but want to have it available each day automatically then BittsAnalytics platform is the right solution for you. For patterns we will also provide you with advanced statistics such as risk reward ratios. If interested in bitcoin technical analysis or for thousands of other coins then BittsAnalytics is the right solution for you.

We are using machine learning to automatically detect complex chart patterns. Subscribe to our platform and let us do the chart patterns searching for you.

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Mentions and Buzz on Social Media

Prices of many assets are influenced by the hype and number of social media mentions about them. Often it is very worthwile to know which stocks, ETF or cryptocurrencies are the main talk of the financial world or which are experiencing a sudden surge in interest. You can get this information with our BittsAnalytics.

We are calculating number of mentions for stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies in social media to find surges in interest as well as deliver historical comparisons and analysis. BittsAnalytics can thus serve as a very effective crypto social media tracker for stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

Tagclouds and Themes

With ever increasing number of cryptocurrrencies it is increasingly hard to keep track of what is going on with them. We are generating tagclouds and themes with similarity for cryptocurrencies to allow our users to keep up with their cryptocurrencies more easily. We generate tagclouds and similar topics on daily and also on hourly basis. For an example of using tagclouds and NLP analysis for better cryptocurrency trading, please read our blog post here.

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Interactive Charts

Get themes discussed with just a click on the chart

In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies one often sees a sudden surge in price or a large crash and would like to instantly know what are topics or themes that are currently discussed about this cryptocurrency without having to go on a time-consuming search of many posts in news or social media. Sometimes a fast access to such information can save you a lot of money. For examples of how you can interactively access tagclouds and themes please visit our blog posts on this topic.

BittsAnalytics users can do precisely that by just clicking on a point in price, crypto sentiment and other charts and instantly get themes discussed at just that hour or day for almost any important cryptocurrency.

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Sentiment and other data points generated (per month)

100+ million

combinations of social media posts - cryptocurrencies analysed (per month)

Analysis with Bitts Ranks

With thousands of stocks and digital assets and many data about them (returns, volatily, sentiment, trading volume among others) one sometimes wishes to have combined numbers to easily compare them. We have come up with such numbers, Bitts Ranks to accomplish just that and allow you easier crypto data analysis. They are based on combined Z-Score which really means that it is an average of how much each asset is above or below an average for each category such as returns, sentiment, dilution etc. We currently calculate three types of Bitts Ranks - for momentum, sentiment and buzz and plan to add additional ones e.g. fundamental.

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Performance measurement

BittsAnalytics provides its users with a diverse set of metrics and indicators for a better assessment of their portfolio performance. Performance is evaluated both on absolute and relative basis (with respect to our indices). Indicators include Sharpe ratio, Excess return, Sortino, Information ratio and many others. They allow you to examine in detail the performance of your Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy .

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Risk Management

Risk Management is the cornerstone of portfolio management and BittsAnalytics allows its users to sophistically measure and understand the risks in their portfolios. Risk is measured with volatility, Value at Risk (VaR), CVaR, Maximum drawdown, Downside deviation and many other metrics. Risk attribution is used for inferring risk contributions of individual cryptocurrencies to the portfolio total VaR, taking into account correlations and differing volatilities. For evaluation of influence that extreme scenarios can exert on portfolio value one can perform stress testing or Monte Carlo simulations.

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Digital Assistant AiDA

We are building an artificially intelligent digital assistant - AiDA for the world of cryptocurrencies. AiDA is currently providing users of BittsAnalytics with summarised reports of cryptocurrencies. It is continuosly learning using deep learning on a large amount of big data that we are analysing and generating. It can be used for various purposes, including as a cryptocurrency sentiment indicator, for a case study of Bitcoin, please read: Bitcoin Sentiment Indicator.

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Personalized Portfolios

BittsAnalytics allows you to set up and track you own personalised portfolio. Our analytics tools allow you to easily us track the changes in portfolio value as well as individual cryptocurrencies of the portfolio. To better understand the historical performance of your personalized portfolio both on absolute and relative basis we provide you with advanced Performance Measurement tools (indicators include Sharpe ratio, Excess return, Sortino, Information ratio and many others).

Our Risk Management tools such as risk attribution will help you understand where are the main risks hidden in your portfolio. Risk metrics such as VaR and Maximum drawdown will help you understand possible losses in adverse scenarios.

Portfolio Optimisation

We have developed enterprise software for portfolio optimisation based on Mean CVaR method. Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy such as Mean CVaR portfolio optimisation better captures fat tail events and is thus ideally suited for the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Software also includes a powerful multiperiod portfolio optimisation framework for backtesting, construction and running of quantitative strategies. It uses deep learning to search for optimal parameters and allows construction of constant volatility, CVaR strategies.

Dynamic allocation between cryptocurrencies displays remarkable outperformance in the last few years even against demanding benchmarks like Ether and achieves this with lower risk. See our blog post for more information.

Quantitative strategies based on Mean CVaR portfolio optimisation are available as part of Advanced Subscription.
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