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Have you ever wanted to know the sentiment of a particular crypto-currency community towards a particular token? Well, now you can! Just use the BittsAnalytics and scan any coin to get instant feedback about what others think about it. Our social listening for crypto gives you the sentiment about each individual coin, with historical charts of 4+ years to allow you a better perspective.

By BittsAnalytics

June, 2024

Social listening tells you what content is going viral in the crypto community. We display the latest and most interesting pieces of content to make it simpler for members of the cryptocurrency community to catch up with news, to find partners and allies in their social network, and to continue conversations with others that have or seek similar interests.

Social listening is an emerging online marketing strategy that allows for the monitoring of social media channels to find out what people are saying about your brand, businesses or coins. Unfortunately, this requires quite a lot of time and effort when done manually. Our web platform collects data regularly (each hour) and saves it in DB so that you can see which words are most frequently mentioned with positive or negative words about each coin that we cover. See here an example for Bitcoin, from our platform:

It's important to note that our service has been created specifically for those who are not acquainted with what social listening is, as it automates the whole process and delivers comprehensible results.

BittsAnalytics is a suite of social listening and analytics tools to enable you to listen in and detect activity in the social & mainstream media, and enable you to quantify this activity in a standardized and explorable manner.

Social listening is the process of mining social media for relevant insights on a particular subject. Most companies and users are not able to effectively monitor the volume of information available via social channels, e.g. we process over 1 million tweets each day that mentioned one of the cryptocurrencies. By using our AI powered technology, we are able to help users identify opportunities in crypto markets, based off of real-time conversations of targeted keywords and by computing average sentiment for each coins from posts about them.

Example of sentiment chart for Bitcoin:

We listen to everything (and anything) that's said in the Twittersphere. We're our own social media analytics team. We are working hard on building the world's most intuitive crypto intelligence platform. We are doing this by listening to social media. Listening for changes in community moods, price movements, patterns of conversation and social networks.

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BittsAnalytics allows you to find out what people are saying about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, check coins sentiments, market trends and even share some of your findings with your family and friends. We all know that Twitter, Reddit and other platforms provide great insights and data into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

However, capturing insights from these different sources can take a lot of time and be quite overwhelming. For crypto-enthusiasts this means spending less time engaging with the communities to learn more, and more time just trying to keep up with everything that is happening. Why not use our platform BittsAnalytics which has done all the work for you.

You can think of BittsAnalytics as a social-media listening dashboard, analytics & monitoring tool that tracks conversations between people talking about cryptocurrencies on Twitter.

Our history

We are one of the first creators of the 100% AUTOMATED software solution for social listening to Bitcoin and all other major cryptocurrency topics. We started our platform in 2017 and are one of the oldest social media listening tools for the crypto market.

How do we compute sentiment?

Our sentiment scoring is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence). It's accurate and it's lightning fast.

BittsAnalytics is a social listening, sentiment analysis and data mining artificial intelligence application. Linking data from many sources such as media publications and social networks helps us deliver insights to our clients.

Support for Altcoins

Easily track cryptocurrencies with BittsAnalytics, the Altcoin analytics engine. The engine provides data on actual growth of altcoins, keeps tabs on market fluctuations, and shows alerts when there are substantial opportunities for trades. BittsAnalytics is usable for both crypto-enthusiasts and people that are just curious what's shaking in the world of altcoins.

See alerts in action:

What is social media listening?

Social listening is the act of collecting, analyzing, and acting on conversations happening online about your brand or area of interest, like cryptocurrencies. It's a nuanced but powerful data source that provides tremendous insights into coin sentiment, fear and greed crypto index, real-time coin buzz, coins competitor intelligence, market trends, and market opportunities.

Day trading and cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular for day trading. Whales, market makers, and other traders are taking note of this trend and using data science platforms like ours BittsAnalytics that allow users to listen to key conversations in the social media world. With our machine learning algorithms, BittsAnalytics extracts data from millions of social-media posts each day to detect trends, sentiment analysis, find support and resistance levels, lift collectively the veil on what's really happening in the crypto world.

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About Us

BittsAnalytics is a leading analytics platform for cryptocurrencies, delivering social sentiment and other cryptocurrencies data since 2017. Homepage:

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